How Jason Hope Approaches Work as an Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast based out of Arizona. Born and raised in Arizona, Hope went on to attend Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. After attending ASU, Hope went on to attend the W.P. Carey School of Business in order to acquire his MBA. With a focus on mobile communication and technology, Hope has been setting himself up as a futurist and tech-trendsetter for the better part of the past several years. Jason Hope has been rising to some level of acclaim over this period of time for his work touting a revolutionary new concept called the Internet of Things. Hope is as open and charismatic as successful entrepreneurs tend to be and as such he had plenty of advice for newcomers to the industry.

To start off with, Hope has always believed in the fundamental growth of the world of mobile technology. Hope has seen the rise in mobile tech over the past decade and he doesn’t think that it is anywhere near close to coming to a stopping point. Hope says, “And while no longer new, mobile technology still has room for growth and improvement.” This was the underlying belief that guided Hope to founding his first large company — Jawa. Jawa is a ‘mobile communications company’ which has since exploded into an umbrella that covers several different other areas. Jawa is now the hub by which Hope reaches out to expand his entrepreneurial empire, choosing to work with young entrepreneurs via a grant program.

As an entrepreneur, Hope knows that there are many pitfalls that people can fall into right out of the gate. That is why it is so important to approach the work with a proper sense of self and a proper appreciation for the act of feeling doubtful about your work. Hope says, “As an entrepreneur, you always have a healthy sense of doubt, it’s what keeps you on your toes and forces you to think ahead.” Hope goes on to say that he doesn’t let his doubt curtail his ambitions and that he often uses it as a challenge to overcome saying, “I use it to fuel my passion for change.”

Most recently, Jason Hope has become a loud voice in the world of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a term that describes the growing prevalence of smart technology throughout the world. Hope believes it to be the most important segment of the tech industry.

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