The Sustained Success of Fortress Investment Group and Its Involvement With Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Any company that remains relevant after many years of operation will doubtless attract many features, media attention and interviews. Companies that succeed have to share their wisdom, ideas, trade secrets and just about any productive tip through these media portals. In the case with the success of Fortress Investment Group, it is through the feature articles from Patch and New York Post that most of their historical highlights are being given the due attention they deserve. Fortress Investment Group is already an established brand. Its reputation for being an outstanding asset manager that spans its operations in private equity, Post-IPO and Late Stage Venture have shaped are rarely disputed.

In the Patch article, it is found that Fortress Investment Group has done enough credible work in its pipeline to be regarded as a force of innovation. In fact, Fortress Investment Group is a trendsetter in innovation. The Patch article also affirms how Fortress has still up to now retained its reputation of being a diversified investment management company that handles an ominous $43 billion under its assets. These assets are from over 1,750 investors coming from the private equity, permanent capital and hedge funds sectors. Fortress is able to serve such clients mainly because of the “strong risk-adjusted returns” strategy that it offers to its investors over the long-term. Fortress right now is given so much trust by its investors that it currently has over 900 people to run its operations. Its headquarters is in New York.

In the New York Post feature, it is revealed that the latest activity of Fortress under the guidance of its shareholder, SoftBank, is to gather about $400 million as a funding to sue companies that are accused of various intellectual property infringement cases. The article also added that Softbank, led by Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son, bought Fortress for $3.3 billion but its principals would still be working for Fortress independently. The partnership between Fortress and SoftBank has proven to generate profitable outcomes that both generate more jobs for the society, and increase the capital resources of companies that need the assistance for expansion.