End Citizens United Will Never Stop Working to End Special Interest Money in Politics

The Supreme Court decision of Citizens United has created jeopardy in the democracy of the United States. Citizens United was a decision by the supreme court that permitted money going into campaigns to become untraceable amounts. It allowed for corporations to be protected as if they are individual citizen’s with a right to freedom of speech. The freedom of speech that they are given is to donate as much money as they want. This money toward campaigns then influences the voting decisions of politicians. This makes candidates bought off. This creates disillusionment amongst citizens who are seeing big money buying votes in their government. This decision has made a growing number of American citizens to lose faith in the system and to desire change. The End Citizens United organization was founded in 2008 by some citizens who want to see change.

End Citizens United was founded to bring more attention to the issue of big money in politics and the various ways it has warped decisions that could improve the lives of the American people. End Citizens United has collected grassroots level donations from average Americans. They do not accept donations from individuals that are outrageous amounts. ECU gives the donation money they collect to candidates who have taken a vow to not accept any special interest money. A list of the candidates that the organization supports is listed on their website. They also only give campaign donation money to candidates who want to reverse the decision of Citizens United.

To support End Citizens United, every citizen can donate a contribution on their website. In addition to collecting contributions on their website, the organization also has a web store. Proceeds from the sales on their web store go to the campaign donations too. The store carries tshirts, buttons, magnets, coffee mugs, and hoodies.

Learn More: endcitizensunited.org/about/