QNET to Move All Its Production Bases to India

Qnet is set to consolidate all its manufacturing in India. Based in Hong Kong, the online marketing company has manufacturing bases spread across several countries in the world. According to QNET’s Director, Corporate Affairs Zaheer Merchant, the company is already setting up manufacturing facilities in India. This is despite the fact that they have been facing some challenges in the country. Indeed, some of the company’s products were already been manufactured in India. This includes watches and the energy drink Nutriplus.

QNET produces 30 different brands of products. The products, belonging to 9 different categories, aim at enhancing lives and promoting a healthy lifestyle for the customers. The company also offers services like online courses and vacation packages. Some years back, QNET changed its production strategy. The new adopted strategy aims at producing products that add value to the lives of the customers. This shift has enabled the company to produce products in education, water filtration, weight management and air purification.

Since its inception, the company has grown immensely, and now has presence in more than 100 countries. From South East Asia, the company has expanded to North Africa, East and West Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East and, just recently, to Russia and Europe.

According to Merchant, the investment climate in India has its own fair share of challenges. While many other multinational companies would like to set up base in the country, they are cautious. The problem, of course, lies in the country’s regulatory policy. Direct selling is an emerging industry, and there needs to be clear policies to regulate such industries. If this changes, the environment will be much safer and friendly to foreign companies.

Merchant is convinced that the solution to the problem lies in developing proper legislation. The company already has a legal structure in place, is complying with all the regulations set by the Indian Government and has been paying the duties and taxes required. However, QNET is still been subjected to unnecessary legal hurdles that are brought about by baseless claims. If a clear legislation was already in place, the authorities would be able to see that QNET operates legally and transparently.

Moving all the production bases to India is a smart move. It will give QNET an 8% to 12% cost benefit. The company also has something for Indians. Any Indian with something unique to offer to the market will be given a sale platform for their product.

Nobilis Was There For Us When My Daughter Broke Her Arm.

A few years ago my daughter decided it wise to walk down the stairs with her dress up heals on. It was nine o’clock at night and she was thinking that she was being cute. She was about seven years old at the time. She came downstairs in the dress up heals that were no more than about an inch high. She tripped and fell down three stairs. She landed on her arm. She was crying in such pain that we went straight to the emergency room. She had broken her arm in many places. Because of this she needed surgery. That is when our awesome doctor recommended that we go to Nobilis as they specialized in orthopedic surgery.

We called and scheduled an appointment. They were absolutely amazing with our daughter. They took such wonderful care of her every step of the way. It was an ordeal that really scared us. For there is nothing worse in this world than seeing your own child in such awful pain. They did however do an amazing job with her. They worked hard to make sure that everything she needed was taken care of. It was really one of the greatest experiences although one of the scariest. After surgery she had to go through physical therapy and they even coordinated that portion. It was a blessing because I had no idea where to go or what to do and that was all taken care of.

Nobilis Health specializes in a little bit of everything but one of the big things is they are great at making sure whatever any patient needs, is taken care of and then so. There are all kinds of great things that Nobilis does. They take care of pain management, they make things so easy for all clients. They make it their priority to see that everything is taken care of. They also make sure that when they are figuring out how to manage a persons pain, they take into consideration how to go about it without causing any kind of addiction to the medication. They also are always researching the latest techniques in the field of orthopedic surgery.

This requires the team of doctors which get together to discuss the patients care and if they have read research on the latest method of treatment they bring it up, discuss it and if it makes sense for the particular case they present it to the rest of the team and make suggestions in order for the best treatment possible to be considered. This means that as the client my daughter was always in the top spot as far as the considerations to which they were making. There was nothing greater than taking care of each and every patient.

Eric Pulier Turns Service Mesh into Millions

Born and raised in the small town of Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric Pulier was destined for great things. By the time he was in fourth grade, he already has a beaming interest in computers and started his own computer company when he got to high school. There wasn’t anything that seemed to be able to stop this technical guru. Once he graduated from high school, he attended the very prestigious college known as Harvard University. Though he was an English and American literature student, that wouldn’t stop his love for computers and what they could do for the future.

During his Harvard days, he wrote for the school newspaper called “The Harvard Crimson.” He also decided to broaden his horizons and tools some additional classes at the close by school MIT. In 1988, he graduated with honors and Magna Cum Laude. By 1991, he moved to Los Angeles to start his career in a city that could not only appreciate his talent, but was on the cutting edge of computer development.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, he founded “People Doing Things.” This company was there to help with health care and education. It allowed the use of technology to further these fields. In 1994, he opened “Digital Evolution.” By 1998 the company merged with US Interactive LLC. Star Bright World is another one of his notable achievements. This social network is for children that are terminally ill. Here, they have a safe place to chat and blog while meeting people in similar situations to theirs.

His prime achievement is co-founding Service Mesh Incorporated. In 2013, this company was purchased by Computer Science Corporation. By using Service Mesh’s current platform, CSC can catalogue enterprise applications. CEO Mike Lawrie is happy about the transfer and sees the only place to go is up from here. While the transition had some bumps along the way, the combined portfolio of services is a win-win for all their customers.

The reason the CSC purchased this company is their desire to see substantial growth. By reinvesting in strategic areas, they can reorganize and reach beyond their current boundaries. In order for the company to grow, they need to be able to address many aspects of the cloud. They need to deploy their hybrid cloud environments and they must have proper cloud governance within their organizations. They also signed an agreement with AT&T to offer cloud solutions to their customers globally.

Though Pulier has been a big part of this transaction, his philanthropic ways have him pulled in many directions. His passion is working with those who are in the health care field, as it is closest to his heart. The children social media chat site was just the start of the great things he’s done for his humanitarian efforts.

A Closer Look at Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a financial expert and owner of Trucept Incorporated. His background is in business leadership and here is information on him. Bonar also has a technical background and he earned a bachelors degree in technology engineering from James Watt Technical College. After this he received a masters in mechanical engineering from Stafford University. One of his earliest jobs was with IBM as a procurement manager and then he became the director of engineering for QMS. As for Bonar’s work in the financial sector, his main areas of expertise are mergers and acquisitions.

What Is Trucept Inc All About?

Brian Bonar’s company Truecept Inc. is all about helping small businesses operate smoothly and it involves any things. Trucept assists company managers with handling and establishing payroll, and they give advice on proper human resource management and the creation of employee benefits. In addition to this, Trucept also gives staffing services to their clients so that companies will have a steady stream of qualified new employees. Assistance with taxation is also provided by Trucept.

Brian Bonar’s SWOT Approach to Business Management

Another good quality of Brian Bonar is that he follows the SWOT technique for keeping businesses strong and they are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Each company possesses strengths that will improve the company but they will also need to work their weaknesses to keep the companies from going under. The opportunities that a company have should be emphasized heavily and any threats should be addressed immediately.

Administrative Services in the Future

The majority of Truecept’s services deal with human resources planning but Brian Bonar feel that it is time to expand the company and provide administrative services and this makes a good compleent to what this company offers. Bonar does not know when it will take off but it will be soon.

Bonar Emphasizes Importance of Personnel Management

What makes Bonar’s career so successful is that he focuses on the importance of personnel management. He mentioned in several interviews that if the personnel would receive training in the understanding of financial services and human resource planning, more companies’ human resource departments would succeed and retain current employees.

Honors Brian Bonar Received

According to a recent article from PR Newswire, Brian Bonar received honors from the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. Brian Bonar’s achievement speaks to the 30 years he had in the technology and business sectors, and he has a PhD along with affiliation with the American Finance Association. In conclusion, Brian Bonar is an exceptional finance executive who is passionate about helping companies reach their potential. Bonar’s expertise and pleasant personality will serve him well in years to come.


Computer science cooperation is an American multinational cooperation known to provide information technology services (IT) to both the industries and the government. It also provides system design application software, web and application hosting among other services. The headquarters are located in Falls Church, Virginia. The CSC operates with a large number of employees from all over the world and in different locations.

Historical Background

It was founded in April 1959 in Los Angeles by Roy Nutt and Fletcher R. Jones. Initially, the CSC were providing programming tools like complier and assembling software. Earlier in the 60s CSC provided software writing services to major computer manufacturers like Honeywell and got their first contracts for the US public sector with NASA alongside others. In 1963, CSC had grown and had become one of the largest software companies in the USA thus becoming the first software company to be listed on the American Stock Exchange. In 1968, they had developed father and were listed on the New York Stock Exchange and had expanded its operations to Spain, Italy, and Netherlands among others. Later on in the 70s and 80s, CSC continued to expand their market globally winning large contracts for the finance and defense industry. The company`s headquarter since its beginnings in 1959 had been in California but in March 2008 it was relocated from El Segundo to Annandale, Virginia CSC became a Fortune 500 company and was ranked 162 in the 2012 rankings. On may 2015 CSC announced plans to split the public sector business from its commercial and international business later on August 31, it was announced that CSC Government services would merge with SRA worldwide to form a new company by the end of November

CSC employs about 90000 employees in 70 countries worldwide and ranks among the leading IT service providers in the world. Geographically, CSC has major operations throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company operates in three broad sectors;

· North American Public Sector (NPS): They are among the major IT providers for the U.S federal government (since 1961).They provide to the United States Department of Defense, law enforcement, and intelligent agencies. In 2012, US federal contracts accounted for 36% of their total revenue.


CSC was awarded the 8th position in software magazine`s software 500 ranking of the world`s largest software and service providers.
Among the people who worked hard to enable CSC achieve their success was Erick Pulier. Erick Pulier is a technology enthusiast who understands the importance and the need of proper information technology. He has been the vice president and general manager of cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation. He is an American entrepreneur based in Los Angeles California. He is both an author and a public speaker. In the past years he has been able to have great achievements in the world of information technology, he has been able to establish about 15 companies most of which he is the founder. Besides that, he has invested in charitable organizations and capital funds like Trident Capital. He is popularly known for investing in startups that operates around technology and media.His experience in the IT sector has resulted in good performance in the companies that he managed in the past.

What You Need To Know About Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is a Florida-based personal injury lawyer whose law enforcement profession kicked off at a tender age of about twenty years. He has had a successful career in law enforcement where he started his very first job with the New Chicago, Indiana Police Department and Fire Department. He has also worked with the County Sheriff’s Office based in Orlando Florida where he worked for ten years and was later promoted to the post of a Sheriff Detective. Since then, Attorney Dan Newlin has handled several police cases ranging from auto theft cases to narcotics enforcement. He was later delegated to work in the fugitive department as an investigator, and it was a success as quite so many fugitives who were a threat to the residents were arrested.

Attorney Dan Newlin has been presented with many awards while working as a fugitive investigator due to outstanding performance! This is because he performed his duties wholeheartedly unlike most attorneys, he worked beyond the required acumen that led to the United States Marshalls Office acknowledging his exceptional performance. Attorney Dan Newlin graduated from the Florida State College of Law in the year 2000 thereby becoming licensed and approved to practice law in both Chicago and Illinois. For that reason, for outstanding results in your case, consulting the attorney will come in handy for anyone looking for such help!

Interesting to note is that Attorney Dan Newlin has had a lot of achievements in his career. For starters, his humble beginnings in his once small firm and today is one of the best law firms in Illinois and Florida. The attorney’s law firm has 18 attorneys who are highly experienced who offer quality services to people in dire need of their services. He also has employed more than 75 employees who are highly skilled and offer assistance when needed.

Attorney Dan Newlin has won many cases for both injury and accident victims and, as a result, claimed back over 150 Million Dollars. He and his group of lawyers concentrate on matters relating to auto accidents, personal injury, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents and truck accidents. They also deal with cases relating to medical negligence, wrongful death, all injury cases as well representing people who have been wrongly charged with lawbreaking offences.

For the best legal representation for your case today, Attorney Dan Newlin and his law firm will provide plaintiffs with that and so much more! With the right attorney, there are high chances of winning the case. The attorney is just a phone away!

Brian Bonar: Building Value To Companies

Successful finance executives understand what motives and crafts anticipations geared to enable an individual do what they are good at. Marcus Buckingham once documented in his book, “The One Thing You Need to Know” that in the thoughts of excellent managers, persistent unpleasing performance is not essentially a matter of weakness but rather a matter of miscasting. Prosperous finance executives especially CEOs have it at the back of their minds what rhymes with their organizations. Most CEOs seem to posses an intuitive sense of what defines a unique corporation and leverage the expertise to craft milestones that bring out the best out of the company. The outcome is a productive, strategically operating venture that puts in mind that energy, passion, and focus are key.

Long term success for a company comes as a result of some traits exhibited by financial executives. This distinguishes an excellent company from a typical one that is trying to keep afloat. Quality management to such executives does not matter a lot but rather the endeavors to create long-term success. For Brian Bonar, a well-known financial executive this has always been his primary objective as well as an anthem. Bonar is one of those CEOs who understand the customers needs and works with due diligence to keep up with the company’s vision. Bonar has made history in the finance world, and his professional achievements and academic accomplishments are one to be reckoned. Not to mention that these earned him the Cambridge, Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in 2000 in Finance. With 30 years of experience in the finance world, Mr. Bonar has had a toll in his career and his determination, passion for what he undertook and more so hard work have made him the successful finance executive he is today. Any company run by Mr. Bonar has received due respect and principal changes in their operations.
Brian Bonar is the chairman and chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation, a San Diego, California-based company that offers several professional services pertaining to human resources to businesses. He is also the CEO of ITEC (Imaging Technologies Corporation), a leading producer of color management software and service organization for digital imaging hardware. Prior to these, Bonar served for numerous companies where he portrayed strong work ethics and served as a driving force to propelling the companies to success.

During the initial stages of his career, Bonar worked with IBM, U.K. Ltd. for almost 17 years where he was astute in the roles he undertook. He later worked with companies such as QMS, Inc., Rastek Corporation, Adaptec, Inc., Bezier Systems, Inc., among others. Prior to working at ITEC, Bonar served as the CEO, CFO, president, secretary, director and treasurer of TRUCEPT INC.

Eric Pulier’s Lucrative Use of Technology in Computer Sciences Corporation to Make the World a Better Place

Computer Sciences Corporation is a cosmopolitan company that gives technological information such as providing their regulars with information focusing on emerging technology such as cloud, large data and mobility within commercial structures. It also provides services for professionals such as consultations that help associations innovate, undergo a transformation and create sustainable competition. It is also the 8th largest software company in the world as far as service provision is concerned. Computer Sciences Corporation has had significant achievements since its establishment in 1959.

Ever wondered why Computer Sciences Corporation has been a key name in the Technological world since 1959. Well, the foremost, the hardworking people who have contributed to its success. The man behind the massive success of Computer Sciences Corporation is Eric Pulier. Computer Sciences Corporation has been able to evolve since the times when mainframes were a singular product to when computing became so popular in the business world. Through this process, they have adopted the changes in technology and incorporated it into the company. One prime objective of Computer Sciences Corporation is to stay at the vanguard of new technologies. The success of Computer Sciences Corporation is not only based on technology but also the relationship of the workers and the CEO Eric Pulier.

Eric Pulier is the founder of Service Mesh that was bought by Computer Sciences Corporation. He formed the company to assimilate emerging technologies involving education and health. It is lucid that he is interested in using technology for making business changes. In addition to that he also carried out the functions of the General Manager and vice president of Cloud. He aimed at creation and provision of solutions to enable associations to improve their productivity and lessen the cost.
Eric Pulier is the founder of Desk ton. He has featured in many sophisticated public speaking conferences majorly on technology around the world. He has also made donations to a range of Non-profit organizations; he was the key donor to Ace Foundations where he made multi million dollar contribution. Mr. Pulier is a crucial member of the Global Initiative founded by Bill Clinton.

It’s comprehensible that Eric Pulier is not using technology for just the sake or even for his selfish reasons but for helping people. Through the use of technology, he has made Computer Sciences Corporation to be on the lead in technological industries. Pulier has ascertained that the company is exactly as he wants it to bring latest opportunities in technology on the planet, earth. Erick Pulier’s success has mainly come as a result of his determination, hard work and the passion that he has on technological matters.

Igor Cornelsen’s Advice Should Be Followed By First Time Investors

One man who has served as the inspiration for many, and who has helped many to succeed as they have made investments for the first time, is Igor Cornelsen. He is a man who has been very dedicated to his work and getting the job done right from day one. He is a man who cares greatly about all that he doing and the advice that he is handing out. He wanted to make sure that he could give good advice to those who are first starting out with making investments, and he spent a long time learning all that he could about the stock market to do that. Now when Igor Cornelsen gives advice people are quick to listen. They are glad to have someone who is so knowledgeable on the subject speaking to them and telling them what they should be doing.

One piece of advice that Igor Cornelsen on linkedin has given to everyone who is investing for the first time is to take their money and to divide it between a few companies. By doing that they will have something to fall back on if one of the companies fails them. It is important that no first time investor get too caught up in things and hope on one company alone, and everyone should take Igor Cornelsen’s advice in this.

When one man knows more than most about any given subject it is smart to take any advice that he has to offer on it. It’s smart for those who are making investments for the first time to be looking to Igor Cornelsen and doing the kinds of things that he tells them to do. By following his advice they will have a much greater chance at having success in their investments than if they did things on their own.

Beneful for the Dog Who Adopted Me

I always thought that I had everything that I needed in my little townhouse. It was large enough for entertaining, yet small enough to keep neat without a lot of effort. I have a short commute to my job and am fairly close to stores and entertainment. Everything was going great and I thought that I had everything that I needed from Beneful. The thoughts of having a pet never occurred to me.

Then one day, it happened. I went outside to water my flower garden and found a visitor admiring my petunias. As a matter of fact, he was doing a little watering himself. Before I could protest, this little black dog was running about my feet and barking like he knew me. I knew that some of my neighbors had pets; however, this dog did not look familiar to me. I tried to gingerly shoo him away, but he thought it was just a game.

After I put up my gardening tools and went in the house, I looked out the kitchen window where I was washing out my coffee cup. Sure enough, the four-footed visitor was frolicking happily in my garden as he was stomping down my Shasta daisies. I opened the window to tell him to go away and he just barked with glee to see me.

He was asleep on my porch when I got home from work. I hoped he would have gone home to his owners by now. He was yapping and running around my feet while I was trying to carry groceries into the house. Before I could stop him, he ran in the house and made himself comfortable on my new leather couch. He was licking me as I picked him up and set him outside. He impatiently barked when I closed the front door.

That evening, the dog took a break from digging in my roses to watch me do some weeding. Every time I stooped to pick a weed, he jumped over to lick me. He was happy that I was with him and I was enjoying his company in spite of myself. I tried to ignore the sight of some of my tulip bulbs that were dug up and lying along the walk.

I took a picture of him and made some fliers to try to find his owner. He needed to eat, so I asked a neighbor what she fed her dog. She said that she and her pet preferred Purina’s Beneful. It has hearty protein like chicken, beef, and lamb. Instead of junky fillers, Beneful has fresh vegetables like carrots and peas. I bought a small bag of Beneful and the little guy loved it.

That was three months ago and no one came to claim the dog. I got so used to having him around that I eventually let him in the house. Since he had adopted me, I decided to give him a name. I named him Hobo, because I found him wondering around the neighborhood. The vet gave him a clean bill of health and Hobo and I are pretty good friends. From day one, Hobo has thrived on Purina Beneful and continues to do so. Now if I could only keep him out of my flower garden, things would be perfect.