Chris Linkas Discussed Advantages of Investing Early

Preparing for your financial future is always a big job that requires a lot of careful consideration. When you are looking to improve your finances, one of the best things that you could do would be to take advice from financial experts. One person that has continued to provide great financial advice is Chris Linkas. Chris Linkas is a finance professional that has more than 15 years of investment experience. In this time he has worked in a wide range of different divisions for several different major investment banks and corporate finance firms.

Chris Linkas also recently provided advice to younger professionals, which includes encouraging them to start investing when they are still in their 20s (Discogs). His advice pointed out several unique benefits that come when you are in your 20s and do invest regularly.

One of the main advantages of starting to invest when you are in your 20s is that you can take advantage of compound interest. Compound interest can have a major impact on your total savings by the time you reach retirements says Chris. Those that wait even ten years to start saving for the future will have to save far more to catch up with their peers by retirement. The sooner you start saving the more you will be able to take advantage of compound interest.

Another advantage of investing when you are in your 20s is that you will be able to take more risks mentioned by Chris. One of the best ways to make a big return on a stock is to invest in companies that provide a lot of growth potential. While these stocks can provide you with great returns and rewards, they also come with a lot of risk. Because of this, older investors often are not able to invest in these stocks due to the higher level of risks.

Finally, starting to invest when you are in your 20s is a good idea because it will set good habits based on Chris. If you are able to set good habits when you are young and in your 20s, it will likely set you up for years to come in the future.


Adam Milstein Is Seeking Relief For Jewish People In America

Adam Milstein is a business owner in America. He was originally born in Israel, but he came to America to go to college and never left. One of the reasons why he loves America is because of the safety of the Jewish people. Adam had to worry about suicide bombers every time he walked out of his home in Israel. Sadly, he thinks the thinking of radical Islam is starting to make its way to America.

In an article written by Adam Milstein and published by Jewish News Syndicate, he describes oppression stories he received from Jews living in America. The story that shocked him the most was about a Jew who wanted to march in an LGBT parade. The parade was supposed to focus on freedom of religion, speech, and sexual orientation. The Jewish man wanting to march was asked to leave due to the Star of David appearing on his clothing. This gentleman tried to fight the system, but no one wanted to hear his voice. Adam Milstein has promised to be the voice of this individual.

Adam Milstein also described receiving news stories put out by several American universities that condemned Israel and the Jewish people. He believes Jewish people cannot feel safe in American colleges, or in America in general, until something is done about the current oppression. Adam wants Jews coming to America to feel more than welcome. Presently, he feels Jews coming to America will feel like they are back in an area of the Middle East where they are hated.

Adam is an active writer Jewish News Syndicate. He is also a long-time member of the Israeli-American Council. He has a beautiful family and resides in California. In addition to having a few traditional businesses, Adam has one of the largest real estate businesses in America and the world.

British Investor and Expert Graham Edwards

In recent years, the company Telereal Trillium has stood out as a premier private property management firm. Under current CEO Graham Edwards, the central England company hopes to not only maintain its high status, but to build on it (Grahamtelereal).

Since its inception in 2001 which began with a 30-year partnership with British Telecom, Telereal has quickly expanded its property business within the United Kingdom. In 2009, the company acquired Trillium from Land Securities Group.

Gradually it has grown to become the giant it is today.

Financial estimates have the company’s portfolio at over six billion pounds. Annual revenues generated usually top over a billion pounds. The total space of the estimated 8,000 properties the firm manages would be over 86 million square feet. Among its contracts are a job centre for the Department for Works and Pensions. Among its clients are Barclays, the Birmingham City Council, and Virgin Media (

Edwards has been the CEO of the company the entire time and has overseen its rise to the top of UK’s private property market. The company has reached into a variety of markets whether it is government buildings or smaller residential ones.

Edwards cut his teeth in the property management sector first at Merrill Lynch Investment Management where he was a fund manager and then as the chief investment officer at Talisman Global Asset Management. He also was a student at Cambridge University where he studied economics.

Though he has plenty of investment experience, Edwards has tried to build upon customer-friendly principles at Telereal Trillium. As a result, the company seeks to provide honest answers to its clients in a very complicated industry. Under Edwards’ stewardship, Telereal Trillium has used many different partnerships to spur financial growth within its properties, making the company among the largest privately owned ones in all of the United Kingdom.

Edwards is also an active philanthropist who also sits on numerous of boards such as British Friends of the Hebrew University, One Voice Europe, and the Portland Trust.


NewsWatch TV Review of Contour Design’s Ultimate Workstation

NewsWatch TV reviewed an ergonomic workstation, called the Ultimate Workstation, made by Contour Design. The balance keyboard and signature roller mouse red are designed to provide comfort and stability when working on a computer. The Marketing Manager, Bret Hudson, credited NewsWatch TV with a dramatic spike in sales. The increased sales are a direct response to the high quality video produced and then played in almost every U.S. Market. Over 95 million households watched the video leaving 697,924 online impressions.

NewsWatch TV is a 30 minute show which airs Mondays at 7am on more than 60 broadcast stations including some independently syndicated local stations, AMC Network and all Ion Television affiliates. The show also has a wide presence on social media websites and blogs. Each edition airs in more than 200 markets.

NewsWatch TV began in 1990 focusing on financial issues as a monthly program. During the 90s, it worked to expand the scope of the show to become more of a news magazine. Now, the weekly show has won multiple awards in the entertainment industry. It received the Silver Telly Award in 2016 which honors excellence in video and television. It received the national Videographer Award in 2017 which is a third party evaluator of creative work. In 2017, it also received a Gold and Platinum Marcom Award which honors excellence in marketing and communication.

The award winning television show features consumer, medical and government news. It also features various reviews and celebrity interviews. The show is co-hosted by Andrew Tropeano, Michelle Ison, and Chris Vaughn so it is not only informational but also entertaining.

Louis Chenevert’s Career in the Aerospace Industry

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian-based businessman who has always had a significant impact on all the companies or business enterprises that he has laid a hand on. He has now partly retired and spends most of his time working at Goldman Sachs as their exclusive advisor. He has also taken on spending time with his immediate family and pursuing other ventures which are of personal nature. However, many people are curious about what Chenevert was doing before quitting his job in the aerospace industry. It is quite simple. Chenevert was transforming the way business conducted in the industry especially in the field of production. Chenevert left a significant impact in the aviation industry and a change in the way things are done. Chenevert has had a rather straightforward life history.

He started his working career at general motors after obtaining a degree in production management from HEC Montreal. While working for the automobile giant, he was extremely productive which enabled him to climb the corporate ladder in the company a bit quickly. After just a few years at general motors, he was promoted to become the company’s production manager. Chenevert would later secure a job as the corporation’s Production General Manager. The job description of his new appointment was the production oversight on a much larger scale within the auto manufacturing company. Chenevert worked as GM’s production general manager for 14 years.

As he continued to offer his skills and expertise at General Motors, an opportunity to work for Pratt & Whitney presented itself. Pratt & Whitney is a manufacturer of jet engines and other aircraft parts and at the time, needed a complete overhaul in its management team. Chenevert moved from General Motors and started working for Pratt & Whitney in 1993 in their branch in Canada. At the time he went to Pratt & Whitney, the company was not doing very well. However, due to Chenevert’s expertise, hard work and insights, the company was able to improve its business and process efficiency with a short period. Within six years under the stewardship of Louis Chenevert, Pratt & Whitney was able to expand their market share significantly. Due to his efforts in steering the company back to profitability, he was elected the president of Pratt & Whitney.

Whitney Wolfe Announcing the Launch of Professional Networking Platform within Bumble Named Bumble Bizz

     There are just so many dating apps out there that it is difficult to comprehend which one to use and which one to avoid. One of the latest market entrants in the dating business is Bumble, which is co-founded by Whitney Wolfe, who is also one of the co-founders of Tinder. She is the brains behind Bumble, which has been revolutionizing how the dating world operates. In Bumble, only women can message male members first, and it is what has created a wave of change in the dating business. Whitney Wolfe said that such a move was much awaited in the industry as more and more women are reporting abuse and bullying on this open-ended dating and networking platforms. By allowing only female members to contact the male members first, one can be sure that it initiates the relationship on the right note.

Bumble is a dating app that is loved by the people these days, and more and more people are joining the revolution started by Bumble. The fact that only women can contact men first is something that did meet with some critical remarks initially, but now people have come to terms with why Whitney Wolfe introduced such a feature. It is this fundamental principle of Bumble that has helped in markedly lowering the cases of abuse and bullying online on Bumble. As an entrepreneur, Whitney Wolfe is always able to think one step ahead and utilize the Bumble’s social dating platform for more than just dating. It is for this very reason, Whitney Wolfe recently announced the launch of Bumble BFF and in the subsequent year, Bumble Bizz.

Bumble BFF is a part of Bumble app that can be used by the members to find friends. There are many people out there who are lonely and can do with some socializing. Bumble BFF would help people meet new people and make friends. Similarly, Bumble Bizz is used by the members to expand their business and professional networking platform with ease. The Bumble Bizz helps people find other members in the same industry within the same demography so that the members can even meet up if they decide to go ahead with their professional partnership. Whitney Wolfe believes that while Bumble Bizz may look similar to Linkedin in many ways, it is entirely different as a professional networking tool. Whitney Wolfe says that the primary difference between Bumble Bizz and Linkedin is that the former is more casual and easy going in nature.

I demand that immigrants are treated fairly

I am a very big advocate for rounding out your character. I highly respect the philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle and Socrates who taught us what is known as virtue ethics. Virtue ethics states that you can change the way you are as a person by practicing certain habits until they are formed in you. One of the most long sought after virtues is the virtue of courage.

Courage is the capability of doing what is right even when you feel afraid. You may fear how people will push against you, the current dictates that you skills how concerning the evils you see in the world. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two men who are filled with great courage. Their courage allows them to fight against the racists and bigots who want to harm the Hispanic community.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin consistently speak out against these racist tendencies through their various media publications. The owners of the Village Voice Media they have used Phoenix News Times and the Front Page Confidential to make America more aware of the inhumane crimes Americans commit against the Hispanic community on a daily basis.

One story that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin revealed to the public was how Sheriff Joe Arpaio was guilty of corrupting the Maricopa County Police Department. They showed strong evidence that he had laundered money, systematically taught the police officers to racially profile, and awarded them a financial bonuses if they brought in an illegal immigrant. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

They also showed how he was responsible for the death of a child. A woman who was eight months pregnant had been detained and placed in one of his prison.

During her time there she complained of abdominal pain and how she no longer felt the baby moving. Soon she found herself going into premature labor. Rather than taking her to go see an OB/GYN they train to the bad forced to deliver the baby. In the process, the baby died.

They also showed evidence that the security guards working underneath Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have been responsible for the murders of many Hispanic men inside the jail. The Maricopa County jail system has an extremely higher rate of suicide when compared the prisons all around the country.

Many investigators who have surveyed the bodies of his Hispanic man have concluded that the suicides could not have been done alone and required assistance. However, the times of death coincided with times the only the security guards would have had access to these men.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio went up against Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin for speaking about these things. He illegally arrested them and violated their freedom of speech by demanding they shut down all of their newspapers because of what they were all saying about him.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, in retaliation, sued the Maricopa County, started the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, and used this to advocate for immigration reform, Hispanic rights, and the freedom of speech.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Jason Hope’s Interest in Research and Technology

He is from Arizona; born, raised and still lives here. Jason Hope is a successful investor, entrepreneur and futurist. In college, Jason studied and majored in finance. However, his life did not take any path related to finance. Jason realized that he is passionate about technology. This is where his concentration has always been since then.

Jason is not just interested in any kind of technology. He concentrated on areas that entail helping others. One of his projects is anti-aging research. Jason is working had to support this research. He would like people to have solutions of dealing with aging. Aging is possible without enduring the negative effect associated with it.

With the aim of achieving these objectives, Jason is stakeholder of SENS Research. It is the one behind the anti-aging studies. The institute is working to establish drugs that will be used to mitigate aging. The foundation also hosts conferences that involve other speakers. By coming together and sharing knowledge, the institute is able to move forward with its research.

Jason Hope donated about $50,000 to support the research. Apart from anti-aging research, SENS also looks in degenerative illnesses. It is also working hard to offer possible solution for some of the illnesses. This project is also important to Jason because it will help many people eventually.

Jason Hope has always been a successful individual because of paying attention to the future. He always thinks about the future because that is how to remain in business. It is also how one prepares for what to expect. Jason Hope’s approach is looking at the present and using it to predict the future. Internet of Things, for example, has Jason’s attention. He can see great potential in how this technology will benefit people in the near future.

Many financial analysts and advisors have agreed that investing in such technology. It will have good returns, opportunities for further growth and general sustainability. Internet of Things is about connectivity and making life easier for the people. It is definitely a good place to look into for future reasons. While thinking about the future, Jason is also interested in politics because they are interlinked with business.

A favorable political climate is suitable for business. Jason Hope has made it his responsibility to monitor the political and legal environment. He is an advocate of good political atmosphere and favorable legislation that encourages the business environment. Other entrepreneurs also join in to promote the right atmosphere that will make businesses thrive.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page:

Dr. Jennifer Walden Has A Number Of Specialties

Those who are looking for a doctor who will know just what to do to meet their specific needs may find what they need through Dr. Jennifer Walden. This woman is someone who has the knowledge to handle a number of issues. She specializes in a number of different treatments and surgeries and she knows how to handle the work that comes before her.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is prepared to handle botox, cheek implants, and collagen injections. Those who are seeking out someone who can handle any one of those treatments can find the help that they need through her. Dr. Jennifer Walden knows how to take on the needs of those who would like to change the look of their chin or their lips. She can help transform the face of those who are unhappy with the way that they look.

Those who would like to find one doctor who can take on many different issues that they are facing and help them end up with the appearance that they want can lean on Dr. Jennifer Walden. This doctor is someone who can treat a patient for one thing at one point in time and then know how to handle another need that they have later in life. She is someone who is prepared to deal with all kinds of issues with her patients. The training and the experience that Dr. Jennifer Walden has allow her to help all kinds of people and to bring them past all kinds of issues. click here


Rick Shinto: The Visionary Leader Who Defined the Success of InnovaCare Health

Dr. Rick Shinto is a highly acclaimed healthcare entrepreneur in the United States with thoughts to help the people in the society by advancing healthcare accessibility. He is the CEO of the renowned healthcare servicing firm, InnovaCare Health Solutions. Interestingly, Dr. Shinto is deeply focused on the growth mission of the healthcare service provider and adds highly qualified professionals to the boards of InnovaCare Health at regular intervals of time. Due to that reason, he added three more executives in early 2017, including Penelope Kokkinides, to the executive board of the company that is known for providing highest quality managed care as well as care delivery.

Interestingly, Shinto comes with nearly 20 years of clinical and entrepreneurial experience in the healthcare industry, and that helped him to understand the issues when combining both and the practical solutions for that. While coming to the contributions of Dr. Rick Shinto at InnovaCare Health, he expanded the presence of the firm to other markets on a mission to bring holistic managed care solutions to more people. Dr. Shinto thinks that while he is expanding the services to new areas, it would also help the existing customers to access diverse solutions at more competitive rates along with making improvements in the total service.

Interestingly, Dr. Shinto began his career by working in Southern California as a pulmonologist. Apart from the practice and entrepreneurial ventures, he has also written numerous articles on healthcare issues and clinical medicine. Dr. Shinto collaborated with MMM Healthcare, NAMM California, and Aveta Inc as the CEO of the companies before joining InnovaCare Health. Before Joining NAMM California, he collaborated with Medical Pathways Management Company as its Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer. In the initial years of his healthcare management career, Dr. Shinto collaborated with MedPartners as its Corporate Vice President with responsibilities of Medical Management. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Dr. Shinto also worked with Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical Officer during those days. The highest class service in the healthcare service industry helped him to win many industrial awards. In 2012, Dr. Shinto was chosen as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur for that year under Service category. In 2014, he was recognized by the Western University of Health Sciences with their Access to Caring Award. Both the awards were given to him for his works in advancing the healthcare accessibility. Dr. Shinto earned his medical graduation from the reputed State University of New York before starting his medical career. Check out

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