Matt Badiali Portrays Expertise in the Industry

     Matt Badiali possesses an outstanding attribute that has earned him a reputation in the segment. His character is comprised of sociability elements as Matt can interact with almost anyone in his operations. His profession has propelled Matt Badiali’s exposure in many countries including Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Turkey, Iraq, and Singapore among others. Matt Badiali’s specialty is in the mining industry, and has overtime visited different oil wells as well as mines in the course of his speculations. Additionally, Matt Badiali has interacted with prominent executives in this sector, focusing on essential aspects and analysis of every geologic data. According to Matt Badiali, visiting cites and seeing the development assures him of successful placement of investments. Due to this factor, Matt Badiali loves checking on drilling crews in the determination of the drilling companies’ future achievements.

Matt Badiali’s success trajectory at Banyan Hill is attributed to his educational and professional experience. Matt Badiali attended the University of Penn State where he graduated with an Earth Science B.S. He advanced his studies at the University of Florida Atlantic where he earned his masters. After successful completion of studies, Matt Badiali commenced his career at a drilling organization. Later, he joined an environmental firm serving as its consultant. Throughout his professional navigation, Matt Badiali has been considered as a skilled agriculturist and energy personnel. With his presence on the ground, Matt is presented with various opportunities from citing the latest technological trends to the discovery of useful information in the industry. Recently, Mr. Badiali shared detailed information with multiple executives of prestigious enterprises including Rick Rule of Sprott U.S Holdings and Ross Beaty.

Besides enhancing his skills and knowledge, Matt Badiali is passionate about equipping students with the relevant information. As such, Matt Badiali has taught geology at North Carolina University and The University of Duke. Additionally, Matt has participated in numerous global conferences where he has presented his research findings. Besides exhibiting at conventions, Matt Badiali understands that not everyone gains from his conference talks. He postulates that many individuals are likely to learn from reading. This factor has thus compelled Matt Badiali to publish his books focusing on essential topics. Matt Badiali has spent more than a decade in writing and studying great natural resource investments for other publishers. His presence in the sector has impacted both the local and international markets. Under Matt’s guidance, the industry turned an investment worth $1000 into $13,300 in a single transaction.

Rick Smith Leading Securus Technologies to Success in the Crowded Correctional Sphere

The correctional sphere is one of the most competitive sectors and is crowded with many different companies trying to gain the most significant market share of this booming correctional industry. Many products and services are specific to the penitentiary sphere that the correctional firms manufacture and provide and one of the most important of these services are the inmate communication services. It is these services that help the inmates stay in contact with their family and relatives and gives them the sense of purpose and well-being during their stay in prison. Previously, visiting in isolation in prison used to be difficult as there was no technology available that would help the prisoners contact their loved ones on a usual basis, but now thanks to inmate communication services, it is very much possible.

One of the inmate communication firms that has achieved an excellent reputation in the sector is Securus Technologies, headed by Rick Smith, who is the firm’s current Chief Executive Officer. Under the guidance of Rick Smith, Securus Technologies has been able to achieve new heights of success and has been awarded the highest rating for quality, ethics, and performance by the Better Business Bureau. Securus Technologies has also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service under the leadership of Rick Smith. The reason why Rick Smith has been able to manage the company so well is due to his previous experience in the field of telecommunications. Before joining Securus Technologies, Rick Smith served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Eschelon Telecom, which is one of the highly respected telecommunication firms in the United States.

Rick Smith is a highly qualified individual and has completed MBA from Rochester University and graduation from the New York University. One of the primary focuses of Rick Smith upon joining Securus Technologies has been innovation as he firmly believes that only the companies that can innovate and transform the sector by introducing new and useful products would sustain in the business. Rick Smith has ensured that Securus Technologies continues to invest heavily in research and development and as per the reports; the company has spent over $600 million in the past few years. Rick Smith also gives due importance to the customer service offered by the company and has overhauled many of the old policies to introduce a new and innovative system to ensure quick and efficient customer service.

At the moment, the products and services of Securus Technologies are being used by over 3,450 correctional agencies in Canada, United States, and in the District of Columbia. Securus Technologies aims to become one of the most influential companies in the penitentiary sphere with the aim to transform and modernize the correctional sector completely.

Famous America’s CEO Anthony Petrello’s Career Path

Antony Petrello is one man who is believed to have worked tirelessly to meet his life’s goals and is also believed to have been one of the most humble and dedicated CEOs in the America’s history. Very few people may realize the efforts he has applied towards helping maintain the name of American in the category of the leading economic giant in the world. Despite many challenges at the beginning, he happens to be the leading CEO of the biggest oil company and gas drilling company across the globe known as Nabors Industries. Success has always been his portion has entered into America’s books of history as having been one of the most successful and well-compensated CEOs the country has ever had. He believes in teamwork and dedication, and they have worked closely towards making their dreams a reality. His influence has been exhibited everywhere the company because of his cohesiveness and great management skills.

Anthony Petrello is in no doubt a great scholar who did not find success but rather worked hard for it. He was born by very humble parents who struggled to ensure that their son achieves his dreams. He attended a public school and did not enjoy the privileges of private tutors. At his hometown, he used to be respected a lot because of the prowess he had while solving certain mathematical issues and his journey has been awesome. After finishing high school, Yale University noted his great performance and especially mathematics and was awarded a scholarship to study there. He had achieved a lot in his mathematics categories. His brilliance was noted while at Yale by the famous mathematician and author, Prof Serge Lang who started mentoring him. They started working on complex mathematical proofs and theorems that very few could handle. He went on and even pursued a masters degree.

Anthony at some point in his career surprised so many people when he decided to abandon mathematics. People thought that it was a blunder, but he decided to enroll at the Havard Law School for a bachelors degree in law. Petrello after over 20 years in school married and life moved on, but people were still wondering why he switched his career. He started looking for many jobs but landed at one of the largest law firms in the USA before he had joined Nabors. He was not selective until he got the job of a Chairman and CEO.

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Desiree Perez

As Jay-Z’s groundbreaking deal with Live Nation, reportedly worth $150 million, is nearing its end, reports suggest that the hip-hop mogul has begun reaching out to several industry titans in reference to taking a stake in the recorded music sector of his own Roc Nation imprint. The original deal is what is known as a 360 deal, and was signed in 2008. At the conclusion of the deal in 2018, Jay-Z or his partners at Live Nation could decide to sell their portion of the interest to the other party. While Live Nation is wholly interested in continuing their touring deal with Jay-Z, which has proved to be very lucrative for both parties, they have decided to remove themselves from the recorded music sector.

Live Nation’s decision to back out of this portion of the deal is, according to reputable sources, due to the fact that they are no longer in the business of investing in recorded music. In the original deal, Live Nation had bought into the rights of artists who are under the Roc Nation imprint. The Roc Nation roster currently includes superstars such as Rihanna, Meek Mill, Fat Joe, Shakira, and Jay-Z himself. According to the source who leaked the information regarding the end of the recorded music deal between Live Nation and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, the touring powerhouse would like to extend their relationship with Jay-Z for years to come.

Desiree “Dez” Perez is one of Jay-Z’s closest business associates, having been intimately involved with his business dealings for the better part of 20 years. She currently holds an executive position at Roc Nation and is a part of the tight-knit group commonly referred to as his circle of influence. She has been recognized as a tough negotiator and was recently involved with a major deal involving Rihanna and Samsung. and Follow him

Drew Madden: The Healthcare IT Superstar

Drew Madden is a managing partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners in Middleton, Wisconsin. He has been in this position since July 2017. In this position, he is responsible for business development, recruiting, and client relationships. He maintains clients’ relationships with Epic internationally and throughout the US.

Madden’s Other Work Experience

With more than a decade of experience in optimizing, advising, implementing, and managing EMR projects, he is effectively making a significant difference at his company. Madden began his career working for four years at Cerner Corporation in the implementation of solutions of inpatient clinical. In 2005, he started working for Healthia Consulting, which was acquired in 2007 by Ingenix Consulting. In this position, he worked there for four years before getting promoted to a Business Development position.

His other past experience includes the following:

Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc.- President

  • Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc.- President- from June 2011 to April 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin. He was responsible for recruiting, business development, and consulting operations.

Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc.- Executive Vice President

  • Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc.- Executive Vice President- he held this position from December 2010 to June 2011.

Ingenix Consulting- Regional Sales Director

  • Ingenix Consulting- Regional Sales Director- from December 2009 to December 2010 in this position, he was responsible for business sales and development of GE, Allscripts, and Epic consulting practices within the Midwest.

Healthia Consulting/Ingenix Consulting- Senior Epic Consultant

  • Healthia Consulting/Ingenix Consulting- Senior Epic Consultant- he held this position from January 2006 to December 2010. He implemented inpatient applications for Epic in various hospital systems in the Midwest. He also achieved certification in Inpatient Medication Orders, Willow (EpicRx), Clinical Documentation, and Inpatient Procedure Orders.

With his education accolades, Madden earned a B.S.E. degree from the University of Iowa College of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and a focus in Medical Systems .

Right Attitude is the Key to Sell Market America Products

Market America VP for Sales, Jim Winkler thinks that right attitude is vital in the sales of its products. The positive attitude willingness to improve their approach to customers can bring excellent results in the business of UnFranchise partners of the firm. Winkler thinks that right attitude and the knowledge can convey the message the clearly to the customers. He added that without those, it is highly difficult to generate results. People should be ready to analyze and ensure right business traits to improve their UnFranchise business.

Winkler further points out that UnFranchise business partners should follow the Market America’s news and features. The best option is JR Ridinger’s blog site, and Better Business Bureau is another option with an A+ rating for Market America. With an excellent range of Market America Products, the company is showing remarkable growth in the past few years. Winkler also said that while successful people are trying to do more, failed individuals hang on limited things. According to him, “attitude comes and plays before money.” People should set their mind to be ready to work and do not think about making excuses. Winkler remembers that he was working 60 hours a week in the initial years determined to accomplish.

People are not born with success, but they have to work and capture it. While he was more of an introvert, Winkler learned the required business skills by making efforts. Listening to the Market America audio recordings is an excellent choice as it offers tons of invaluable information. A call with the senior business partner once in a week is another option as it ensures excellent relationship and provides an extra boost to the business knowledge. People can prepare for the call and take notes while attending the call. Winkler also thinks that attending conference calls and participating meetings are essential to connect with the community of Market America.

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Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Roberto Santiago is a prominent Brazilian real estate entrepreneur. He was born 59 years ago in the Brazilian city of Joao Pessoa. He attended University Center of Joao Pessoa for a degree in Business Administration.




At a young age, Santiago started a company that made packaging cartoons for other businesses. At the same time, he worked as a blogger encouraging investors to come to Brazil. After some time, he joined film production. He then became an investor in the real estate sector.


Roberto Santiago Starts Manaira Mall


In 1987, Santiago bought a land and started the construction of Manaira Mall. The mall was completed and opened after two years. Manaira Mall was a product of the idea to have sales, leisure, and entertainment center in one building. The facility is 75 thousand square meters, making it the largest shopping mall in Parabaia State.


Manaira Mall is one of the most popular malls in Brazil. Its location at the heart of Joao Pessoa has played an important role in enhancing its popularity. Most people like the place because it provides a one-stop shop for products like goods, clothes, and general shopping and also entertainment. The mall is accessible to those looking for a place for shopping and entertainment.


Services Available at Manaira Mall


In 2009, Domus Hall, an air-conditioned space located at the mall’s roof was opened. The hall has a capacity of about 10,000 people and has enough space for concerts, fairs, and exhibitions among others. Besides, the hall is fitted with the latest sound equipment and acoustics ideal for shows and theatrical productions.


The mall also has a movie theater where one can watch the latest shows or go to the gaming area. One can buy fast food or any meal at the various restaurants like Capital Steakhouse at the food court. A fitness center has a gym fitted with all the necessary exercise facilities.


There is almost everything for everyone at Manaira Shopping Mall. One can buy furniture of any type. There is clothing for men, women, and children. One can buy expensive watches, rings, and other jewelry from the mall too. There are also other places for books and sports gear among other items. Banking services are also available. There are also students from Higher Education of Paraiba.


In May 2017, and tremendous growth in the Brazilian shopping center was announced by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce). One of the highest gainers in the industry was Manaira Shopping Mall. The sector experienced growth despite the country experiencing hard economic times.


Other Investments


Mangabeira Shopping Mall is another product of Roberto Santiago and his friend Alberto Vanderley. The mall is located in Joao Pessoa and was officially opened in November 2014. Besides, it is ranked second in Paraiba after Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall has various stores for major brands.


How Jason Hope Approaches Work as an Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast based out of Arizona. Born and raised in Arizona, Hope went on to attend Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. After attending ASU, Hope went on to attend the W.P. Carey School of Business in order to acquire his MBA. With a focus on mobile communication and technology, Hope has been setting himself up as a futurist and tech-trendsetter for the better part of the past several years. Jason Hope has been rising to some level of acclaim over this period of time for his work touting a revolutionary new concept called the Internet of Things. Hope is as open and charismatic as successful entrepreneurs tend to be and as such he had plenty of advice for newcomers to the industry.

To start off with, Hope has always believed in the fundamental growth of the world of mobile technology. Hope has seen the rise in mobile tech over the past decade and he doesn’t think that it is anywhere near close to coming to a stopping point. Hope says, “And while no longer new, mobile technology still has room for growth and improvement.” This was the underlying belief that guided Hope to founding his first large company — Jawa. Jawa is a ‘mobile communications company’ which has since exploded into an umbrella that covers several different other areas. Jawa is now the hub by which Hope reaches out to expand his entrepreneurial empire, choosing to work with young entrepreneurs via a grant program.

As an entrepreneur, Hope knows that there are many pitfalls that people can fall into right out of the gate. That is why it is so important to approach the work with a proper sense of self and a proper appreciation for the act of feeling doubtful about your work. Hope says, “As an entrepreneur, you always have a healthy sense of doubt, it’s what keeps you on your toes and forces you to think ahead.” Hope goes on to say that he doesn’t let his doubt curtail his ambitions and that he often uses it as a challenge to overcome saying, “I use it to fuel my passion for change.”

Most recently, Jason Hope has become a loud voice in the world of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a term that describes the growing prevalence of smart technology throughout the world. Hope believes it to be the most important segment of the tech industry.

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Why RSED Is The Best Charter Ever

Virtually all parents want their children to be enrolled in the market’s best schools. However, most of them are not wealthy enough to buy their way into private schools that only the top few percent can get in to.

Rocketship Education was founded to help low-income families enroll their children as students in quality elementary schools where they did not have to worry about how they could or couldn’t pay bills just so they could keep going there.

Students that have trouble learning are assigned to home classrooms in general, full-size lectures, rather than being paired or grouped with others with learning problems. This makes them more ready for future education and doing as well as other students in a class that might not have any problems learning.

Everybody that is associated with Rocketship Education knows that it is highly important for kids to be happy that they get the opportunity to be enrolled at one of the best learning facilities for grades kindergarten through fifth in America.

Parents are as involved as they could possibly want to be, as they are asked to join admins along on interviews with new teachers. Doing this helps screen and weed out applicants that might not be the best material for instructors.

Parents also need to found their own schools – it’s not as difficult as it sounds – like Preston Smith was a major player in, back in 2004. L.U.C.H.A. Elementary School was created the Fall semester of 2004. Preston Smith stayed there for three years as a Principal before resigning to have his shot at creating a system of schools that would take root around the United States.

Rocketship Education is one of the best charter schools because they have personalized education for students on a personal basis, helping them master concepts and bust down barriers with devices that students actually like to use and can get confused with top-notch, entertaining video games.

How Dr. Mark McKenna Developed As An Entrepreneur

As a medical doctor licensed to perform medicine and surgery in both Florida and Georgia, Dr. Mark McKenna has a wealth of experience in the medical industry. He grew up in New Orleans, Lousiana and earned his medical degree at the Tulane University Medical School. When he launched his professional career in New Orleans as a doctor he also opened a real estate developing company in that city. This real estate company, McKenna Venture Investments, was quite successful and grew both organically and by buying other companies including Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title.

Dr. McKenna’s leadership at McKenna Venture Investments eventually led to his company employing more than 50 people. His company offered a variety of real estate services such as closings and financing. However, his business was dramatically affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Just like most of New Orleans, his business interests in the city were for the most part destroyed. He helped to rebuild the city by dedicating Dr. McKenna’s company to building homes for those of low to moderate income.

Two years later Dr. McKenna moved in order to practice medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. He launched another company in Atlanta, ShapeMed. This company was successful at offering wellness and aesthetic services such as laser hair removal. He sold the company to another firm in the industry in 2016 which he joined for a brief time. Wanting to operate his own company again, Dr. McKenna launched OVME which offers elective healthcare services.

Om 2013, Dr. McKenna was featured on the first episode of a new medical-oriented tv show, Doctorpreneur. This show features doctors who were also entrepreneurs in the industry. He discussed launching Shapemed during his conversation on the show and describe his business philosophy.

At OVME, Dr. McKenna offers a variety of aesthetic medical services. This includes things such as Botox injections and laser hair removal. He also offers weight counseling and shows people how to eat a healthy, balanced diet that feature a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats. His eventual goal is to expand OVME into a national chain.

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