How Desiree Perez is Pushing Tidal to the Top

Nowadays music streaming industry is the order of the day. It is becoming a major part of life. Whether you are a young person or old person, you can take advantage of the technology because there are many sites today streaming music. All you need is a just internet connection, computer or even a smartphone and you are set to go. The best thing with music streaming is that is easy to use, and anyone anywhere can use it for entertainment. The business has made people millions because it generates income. Tidal is one company that is dedicated to connecting music lovers with artists. It is owned by Jay-Z who is a well-known rapper.


There are big names in the industry such as Spotify, iTunes, and Apple. That is the reason why a new company will face challenges until it works its way to achieving competitive advantage over the giant companies. Tidal began from a humble background, and it faced the difficulties any business would face. Competition is high, and the company had to struggle with a series of leaders stepping down from the leadership positions. Despite the difficulties facing the company, Jay-Z still managed to keep the business going, and as of now, there are new developments that will take the company to the top.  Source:


From a post on, Jay-Z now came up with someone who many people would not think. It is no other than Desiree Perez who has been a businesswoman for over decades. Perez is powerful in that position and she will make it happen, and there is a vast improvement, and Perez is working to ensure that Tidal succeeds. Remember that Perez has led successful projects and she is the mastermind behind the success of Beyoncé tour.

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Tidal has also seen success with the album’s release by Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. Desiree Perez , as she is popularly known, knows to connect music lovers with artists. Music streaming needs such people who can be able to convince customers to love the music. From the new development, one can conclude that Tidal is headed for success and there are great deals on the way for the company. Desiree is all the company needs to succeed.


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The Greyhound Diaries: The forgotten Lives of the Americans

The Greyhound Diaries was a master project that lasted over a decade, involving more than 100,000 miles traveling spree via the American wide-range operating buses ‘Greyhound.’ The travel involved gathering stories, songs, pictures as well as memories and life experiences of most of the Americans that were traveling by the Greyhound buses. Greyhound was drawn from the 1930 WPA-era projects that tried to get an inner image of how the American society was struggling to cope during the crisis times spawned by severe economic depression. Doug Levitt, the brainchild behind the project, talks of how a larger population of America is still struggling to make a living.


The Diary generally tries to demystify the widely held opinion about the American society. With the travel covering over 2,200 destinations across America, Doug Levitt finds out defining aspects of the tiny towns that are not majorly covered in the mainstream Media. Focusing on concepts like the great depression of 2008, Levitt admits that people were disillusioned to believe on the mild effect of the recession to Americans. Places like Washington were somehow recession-proof, yet some experienced the full debilitating effect of the depression. The recession was caused by subprime (mortgage) crisis, yet there was an untold story of sub-subprime crisis across America. Some Americans were caught in an awkward situation that they couldn’t even imagine being able to buy a home.


The Diary summarizes the sidelined institutional issues in America, and how the societies tend to cope with struggling life. The project has resulted to numerous songs, stories, one-man shows, published writings, photo exhibits as well as web series being produced to elaborate the real experience of Americans.


About Doug Levitt

Levitt is a man of noble status who had to lower his ego to establish what a common American goes through. Born to a former Washington D.C. city council-member and mayor candidate, Levitt earned his master’s in International Relations at the London School of Economics. He later became the London-based correspondent for several news outlets including CNN, Fox News, and The WSJ among others. He later switched career from foreign correspondent to singer-songwriter where he has released several records.

The Copa Star Hospital: Setting The Bar High For Hospitals In Brazil

With the steep competition arising in the medical field, doctors and hospitals are constantly trying to find ways to appeal to their customers more and provide them with all that they would want from a good healthcare provider. The Copa Star Hospital is one who holds one of the highest standards in the health sector in Brazil. The hospital time and again has proved its excellence in every department and has made a name for itself regarding providing quality health services to its patients. The Copa Star Hospital stands as an icon of excellence which other hospitals can only hope to achieve someday. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The Copa Star Hospital has taken the idea of luxury five-star service and coupled it with the best medical facilities to provide their patients with a truly good experience. Merging those two, The Copa Star Hospital has managed to give the people of Rio a marvel, regarding architecture and medicine. Centrally located in the city, The Copa Star Hospital is the number one center for health care in Rio.

When a patient steps into The Copa Star Hospital, they can see around them the splendor of a luxury hotel, complete with all its facilities. The hospital is furnished with elegant design and gives the patients a feeling of being at one of the best healthcare facilities. The Copa Star Hospital has taken the idea of giving patients a conducive environment to a whole new level by providing them with luxury suites for their stay at the hospital. The entire hospital is designed to be visually calming and aesthetically pleasing to the patients coming to the hospitals to seek medical help.

When at The Copa Star Hospital, patients are assured of the best quality and standards for patient care. The Copa Star Hospital ensures that all its admitted patients receive round the clock attention and care to help them and assist them in whatever way they can. The Copa Star Hospital only employs the best medical professionals and doctors to provide their patients with the best care. The hospital knows how easy it is to lose focus of what matters, and therefore ensures that the doctors give their undivided attention and expertise while treating their patients. The hospital has also established itself as a leading center for cardiological surgery and neurological diagnosis.

The hospital also has equipped some luxury facilities which are otherwise unheard of in hospitals. The Copa Star Hospital realized that when in a hospital, patients still want to have access to good food that they like. The Copa Star Hospital has a wide variety of food options to choose from. Also, the hospital is also equipped with a five-star hotel which serves patients the best of cuisines.

Desiree Perez and her contribution to growth of Tidal

Desiree Perez is not new to the entertainment industry; she owns her own business and knows how to finalize deals that are more profitable for the artist and the business. She is a member of the influential Hova circle and portrays high management skills. Desiree Perez and her husband run Roc Nation sports. And for a long time she has been under the wings of Roc Nations contracts.


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Desiree Perez is a tough negotiator and her own boss. Desiree managed to negotiate for Rihanna Samsung deal and Beyoncé Formation stadium tour. She is not only behind the brains of Roc Nation’s label operations, publishing and management but also Tidal business. The brand has worked with Rihanna, T.I., Beyoncé and Kanye West.


The management of Tidal has changed a lot recently causing the company to stagger as executives have stepped down but the founder Jay-z will not see one of his investments go down. Jay-z brought in Desiree Perez, and are working together to see Tidal successful through new membership.  Check this on

The two have been close associate for close to 20 years. Upon her appointment, Perez has made it clear that music streaming service is planning to be around a very long time. The curiosity from music fans is Desiree’s push to keep the customers interested and creating a pool of more music fans. Have a peek on this site.


Jay-z and Desiree have worked together to finalize some multi-million dollar contracts. She is the person behind those deals and that why more people are signing up for Tidal. Their main concern is the Tidal app and promoting some features like ‘Tidal Discovery’ a curated list of new releases, ‘Tidal Rising’- emerging artist and ‘TIDAL X’-exclusive live performance. The streaming service has been concentrated more on young music consumers and corporate buyers to beat their rivals Apple Music and Spotify. Tidal focuses on new music rather than the existing ones.


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AXA Advisors and Mr. Vincent Parascandola

AXA Advisors – a worldwide enterprise which provides insurance to businesses, individuals and families. It has its headquarters located in Paris, France. AXA Advisers help you secure a plan for tomorrow so you can sustain peacefully today.


The foundation of the company was laid in the year 1859, when Mr. Henry Hydes decided to start his own firm with the name of Equitable Life Assurance Society of America. In the year 1870, the headquarters were established being the 1st building to be equipped with amenities like steam elevators and was the tallest corporate building of that era. In a time where women had no rights, Equitable Life Assurance practiced woman equality by appointing its first woman agency manager – Miss Ray Wilner in the year 1881. By 1972, equitable Life Assurance had set a stronghold in the market with its investment oriented insurance policies. In the year 1992, Equitable was overtaken by Global AXA with a billion Dollar investment. In the year 2015, AXA celebrated being the leading insurance brand in the world for 7 consecutive years.


AXA is a multinational company with offices established throughout The UK, The USA, Canada, The Gulf and Middle East, Mexico, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Philanthropic activities:

AXA Heart in Action: AXA (Atout Coeur) is its social and artistic initiative which is functional in every continent and all AXA offices around the world. It pledges to develop and implement the commitments of the company towards the advancement of the corporate citizens.

AXA Research Fund: It was established in 2008 with a kick start capital of 100 million Euros to provide support for research on prevention of the risks threatening the human life, society and environment.

Vincent Parascandola:

Mr. Vincent Parascandola has been associated with AXA Group for over a decade and is the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC. His responsibilities include growth & development of over 225 financial professionals and recruiting of experienced financial personnel, overall sales growth by improving productivity and maintaining appropriate profit margins

He has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. He began his career in 1987 as an agent at Prudential and was awarded the National Rookie of the Rear. Subsequently he joined Mony Life Insutrance where he chaired a variety of regional management positions.

Mr. Parascandola over the years has won multiple management awards including the GAMA’s Career Development Award and MAster Agency Award. He is known for his leadership and public speaking skills. HE is an esteemed member of GAMA and ex- president of Florida chapter. HE also chair’s the LIMRA’s Field Officer’s committee.

Mr. Parascandola is an Alumni of the prestigious Pace University where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree. He recently gave a motivational commencement speech to the graduating batch of 2014.


Sam Tabar: The Master Of Capital Strategy

Mr. Sam Tabar is a New York- based attorney and capital strategist. He is COO of FullCycle Energy Fund, an organization that deals with converting waste to fuel. He is also the CFO of Awearable Apparel, a company that develops technological inventions.

Sam studied at Oxford University, graduating with an LLB degree in 2000. He later proceeded to pursue his master’s degree at Columbia Law School, where he was the Columbia Business Law Review’s chief editor.


Mr. Tabar’s career can be dated back to 2001 when he started working with Skadden Law Firm. In 2004, he got a job at Sparx group (PMA), a Tokyo-based management company, where his primary responsibility was to manage hedge funds. He then rose up the rank to become the Managing Director & Co-head of Business Development for the company.

In 2011, he left PMA to join Merrill Lynch, the wealth management section of the Bank of America. Here, he was tasked with the responsibility of introducing the firm’s hedge fund clients to institutional investors.

A year later, he joined Adenval, LLC as a capital strategy. This position helped him realize his potential as a capital strategist. While still working at Adenval, LLC, Sam launched and started managing his private practice.

Advice to ambitious entrepreneurs

In an interview with PR Newswire, Sam advised casual investors who engage in commodity trading to take caution. He noted that the risk involved in that kind of investment is tremendously high. Sam Tabar argued that for one to benefit from commodity investment, thorough research is mandatory. Learn more about more Sam Tabar:

He further noted that a smart investor must be in a position to absorb short-term losses, which are very common. Sam Tabar advised those who aspire to become future investors to start investing immediately. He argued that procrastination hinders talented individuals from realizing their aspirations.

Solving social problems

Besides his business career, Sam Tabar has invested in SheThinx, a company that helps women in America and Africa. The company designs fashionable and comfortable underwear that can be used by women during their menses.

Sam Tabar has also contributed to philanthropy by funding AFRIpads, an organization that provides reusable sanitary pads to the needy women in Africa.

Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is a leading source of alternative finance. The company targets the rich individuals and small enterprises that are in need of fast money to take care of their daily needs in business and strategy. For the company, nothing gives them more honor that to become a high-end solution to business and strategy. For this reason, its services and solutions for loan have been adopted on a massive scale. No one can deny that we are not in the middle of the harsh economic crisis. As a matter of fact, the increasing prices of commodities and cost of living are a clear indication that the economy is in a bad state. The situation has also worsened the exit of Britain from the European Union.

Equities First Holdings has also seen more traction in the intake of stock-based loans in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For you to get better business during this time, you must seek alternative sources of loans. For this reason, the stock-based loans have been adopted on a massive scale. The services of Equities First Holdings have also been adopted in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For you to secure fast working capital during this season, you must issue your stocks for evaluation. When they are evaluated, you can get an amount between 50 percent and 60 percent of the value of assets. For this reason, you will get a better development capability to state better business in this arena.

The use of stocks as collateral to secure loans is one of the most innovative ways of evading the harsh effects of the economy. During this time, you might want to develop fast working capital using the stocks. For this reason, the loans are characterized by the low-interest rates to help you mitigate the effects of the loan.

Betsy Devos: The Right Pick.

I first heard about Betsy Devos as Donald Trumps pick as secretary for Education. Devos seemed like a fine upstanding woman, with a humble but solid career in public service. I did not understand the amount of backlash she was getting simply because she had been picked to be education secretary by a president who was in a battle with the media.

The attacks against Devos seemed to be part of a tactic by the media to bring down anyone associated with Donald Trump, by any means necessary. So I decided to look into Betsy Devos myself, ignoring the negative bias and spin articles that seemed designed to make me hate a woman I had never met. What I found amazed me. Betsy Devos has had a much longer career in both politics and philanthropy. It is a shame that her name is only coming into public light in lieu of her pick ad Donald Trumps Secretary of Education. Betsy Devos is a woman that deserves to be known for much more than being nominated for a job position by a president that’s currently in a battle with the media.

Betsy Devos has had a long life in politics. She once served 16 consecutive two year terms as a local delegate for Michigan, her home state. After a long and illustrious career as a republican delegate, Betsy choose 1996 to run for the position Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party which she held for 4 years. In 2003 she ran again and this time won unopposed. Not satisfied with local politics Betsy Devos decided to try her hand at the national stage by contributing to George Bushes 2004 presidential run. She was a hit with the republican party and even had President Bush show up at her home for a republican fundraiser. After Bush was elected, she spent two years as the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee and was looked upon by the administration for help with many projects. The DeVos family has had a long and illustrious history in Republican politics, mostly as donors but Betsy decided to change all that by getting involved in grassroots politics first at the local level and then at a national level.

So it’s no wonder that in 2016 when presidential nominee Donald Trump was looking for somebody trustworthy to run the nations education system, he chose Betsy Devos. Donald Trumps bull in a china shop attack on the republican party left a lot of life long republicans feeling bitter and resentful. So when he choose Betsy for Secretary it was because he knew she was someone who could put aside party affiliations and do what was best for the people of this country.

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Eric Lefkofsky Is Doing Things Right

Eric Lefkofsky is an individual who thrives on innovation and knowledge. Lefkofsky went to law school, but his real passion was for entrepreneurship. Lefkofsky started his own company when he was very young, and he was able to start many other successful companies after that. Some of Lefkofsky most well known companies include the following: Uptake, Groupon, and Tempus. Apart from those companies, he has been a partner in many other companies. Lefkofsky has a true knack for business, he knows what it takes to be able to create a successful companies, and he is choosy when it comes to his partners.  Check


Eric Lefkofsky, together with his wife Liz Lefkofsky, formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Lefkofsky has a net worth of over 1 billion dollars. Even though he is a man of wealth, Lefkofsky is an individual who is humble, and he truly believes in community. Eric Lefkofsky wants to help people to have lives that are more enriching. He is involved in many different foundations, and he also does a lot of local volunteering. Lefkofsky has worked a lot in medical technology, so he has a huge passion for medicine. Lefkofsky works with many hospitals in the Chicago area, and his goal is to help patients and families in need with hospital care. According to,  Lefkofsky also is dedicated to helping people get personalized care when it comes to their treatment.


Lefkofsky wants all people to have the opportunity to have education and to appreciate the arts. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife decided that they wanted to get involved in charity. They wanted to do more than just give to charity, they wanted to be able to give directly through their. Eric and Liz Lefkofsky decided to create their own fund in order to contribute to the things that touched their hearts the most. Eric Lefkofsky is truly a unique person; he is dedicated to his community, humanity, and to his businesses.

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The Lung Institute: Effective Treatments for Lung Conditions

The Lung Institute is dedicated to offering patients suffering from lung disease with effective methods to address different pulmonary conditions. The ultimate goal of the Lung Institute is to improve the lives of people afflicted with lung issues through these treatment regimens.

The Lung Institute is considered to be an innovative leader in the field of regenerative medicine related to pulmonary conditions. Specifically, Lung Institute provides cutting edge stem cell therapies to aid in the care and treatment lung disease and pulmonary conditions of different types.

Examples of illnesses, conditions, and diseases treated by the Lung Institute include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease. These are all ailments that afflict a considerable segment of the population. Indeed, they represent some of the most common types of lung conditions people suffer from in this day and age. View the complete list on

One of the key benefits associated with treatments provided by the Lung Institute is found in the lower level of negative side effects. A stark reality of more traditional treatments for lung conditions of different types are the negative side effects.

The stem cell treatment provided through the Lung Institute involves a minimally invasive procedure. According to PR Web, the process is designed to not only ease existing symptoms but also to advance progression of different types of lung conditions. This also contrasts with some traditional treatments in that at best these other methodologies work to ease symptoms in some cases. They do very little to halt or inhibit progression.

The Lung Institute maintains clinics across the United States. As a result, a person in need of treatment can select a facility close to his or her home. Medical experts agree that a patient is best served being able to access medical care and treatment at a location in the closest possible proximity to his or her home.

The Lung Institute is overseen my physicians with specialization in pulmonary conditions, diseases and ailments. This is the case at all Lung Institute clinics in the United States. For more info, visit the Lung Institute’s website.