Passive versus Active Index Investments in Earning Higher Returns

According to a documentary by Tim Armour on 27th February 2017, Warren Buffett’s decision to invest in an S&P 500 passive index fund is better than investing in mediocre and expensive funds. This is because the passive fund low cost and simple investment that can be held for a long time.

According to his annual shareholder letter, Mr. Buffett explained that his approach was that of bottom-up investing, that Americans needed to adopt for retirement. This was from experience based of fund on his many years of investing.

Tim Armour adds on Mr. Buffett’s argument that many mutual funds provide poor long-term returns due to high management fees and excessive trading involved. Another reason for the poor returns is the risk of volatility and opportunity cost of investing in passive index investments.

According to Tim, the actively managed funds are doing badly in the market, but there are, however, sometimes when this is exceptional. A client investing in active funds can be wealthier after some time as compared to the one who invested in a passive fund for the same time. There is, however, a way to tell which fund between the two can outperform. The investor should choose the fund with low expenses and high manager ownership. The investing time should be long to get good returns.

Timothy Armour further posited that, as many young Americans are retiring at a tender age and getting worried about how to save for their golden years after retirement, there is need to do further research to find out on how investors can earn higher returns for their future.

About Tim Armour

Tim Armour works at the Capital Research and Management Company as the Chairman, Principal Executive Officer, and the Director. He assumed this position in the year 2015. He is also the Equity Portfolio Manager at Capital Group Companies.

Previously, Tim Armour worked at Capital as an Equity Investment Analyst. Armour joined Capital in 1993 where he worked under the associate’s program. Mr. Armour has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College in Los Angeles. Tim has been an investor for over 32 years.


Human rights are fundamental rights one gets when he/she deserves immediate she conceives. They are entitled to these rights no matter your sex, age, place of residence and nationality. All this right is interrelated, interdependent, indivisible. By this, it means the betterment of one right facilitates the progress of the other right. It is the work of a state to protect the rights of her people regardless of their economic, ethnic or political opinions.

Because of this, organizations have come up to act as watchdogs and custodians of these rights. We have more than a thousand organizations that ensure people follow the fundamental rights. An example of an organization that deals with the civil and human right is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization founded by Lacey and Jim. The sheriff had ordered their arrest because they had written a story in the Phoenix News times about how the sheriff’s allies assaulted the constitutions. More alarming was the fact that the subpoenas had demanded the identities of people who read the article online, this was an act of impunity and breaching of human rights. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

So severe were the two (Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin) that they dedicated the compensation money ($3.75 million) they got from suing the state.

The money is used to fund the groups that advocate for the civil, human and migrant rights throughout the state of Arizona. Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin spent their career asserting and defending the first amendment act.

Another organization that has the rights of the people as their primary objective is the International Organization for Migration also known as IOM. The IOM is a leading international organization for migration and its partners with several NGOs to ensure the everyone gets justice and rights.

IMO partners with the international community to encourage economic development through migration.

It advances the understanding of migration issues and also upheld the human dignity and well-being of the migrants. Cooperation with NGOs occurs in different contexts which reflect the different relationship. IOM may collaborate on various matters as partners or just complement each other’s activity.

This organization has strategic focus which includes:

  1. Providing reliable and cost effective services to people who require international migration assistance.
  1. Promotes support international debate and dialogue on migrations.
  1. To undertake programs that facilitate the voluntary return of displaced person and migrants.
  1. To assist states in the development and delivery of the program to migrants.
  1. Mass information through research and implementing public information and campaigns through mass media.
  1. Technical cooperation on migrations, they provide NGOs with technical support to enhance civil society role and contribution to the immigration issues.
  1. The human rights of migrants: IOM ensures that they conduct seminars and information to increase awareness of the human rights of the migrants.

Over 60 NGOs currently are partnering with this organization. IOM encourages NGOs to participate in its council to create awareness and increase participation in migration policy dialogue.

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Equities First Holdings Relocates Its Melbourne Offices To A Larger Space

Equities First Holdings, a global alternative lender, has experienced constant growth and success in Australia. To accommodate the increasing number of clients and staff, the company has relocated its Melbourne offices in Australia to a central location in the city. The strategic location will be easily accessible by clients and business associates. The new address for the new office is Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd., Level 2, 287, Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Their telephone number is +61 3 8688 7191. The company will maintain its presence in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in Australia.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings offers businesses and high net-worth individuals’ with stock-based loans to provide them with capital for strategic investment, business expansion, and other purposes. The company’s headquarters are based in Indianapolis, USA. They have offices in the UK, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. Equities First Holdings offer non-purpose loans at attractive terms through their secure and transparent processes. Their unique approach to non-purpose liquidity has attracted more borrowers, who are charged lower fees compared to traditional lenders. They are highly experienced in offering alternative finance solutions, financial services, and capital allocation services.

EFH celebrated 15 years of success in June, 2017. The company, which was founded by Al Christy, Jr., celebrated its milestone of completing over 700 transactions. In the last four years, they have delivered close to $1 billion to customers. Christy founded Equities First Holdings on the foundation of vigorous research on market trends and used his own money to test the feasibility of the idea of stock-based lending. He attributes the company’s success to discipline, integrity, and patience. The corporation has expanded its operations to eight markets. This success is as a result of Christy’s knowledge about market performance. The company has succeeded in expanding its operations owing to their investment model that appreciates natural and organic market cycles.

Dr.Imran Haque the Internist Committed to Helping Asheboro Residents Live Healthy Lives

Times are changing and so are people’s habits. The fast-paced economy has seen lots of people pick up unhealthy living styles just for the mere purpose of convenience. Unfortunately, this has resulted to the many chronic lifestyle diseases that are currently witnessed in the society. However, not all is lost. Thanks to the able services of internist like Dr.Imran Haque we have today, we can prevent certain body complications from occurring.


An internist is a general doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of both chronic and acute medical complications affecting the adult population. Ideally, the internists are the primary physician at the entry point of any medical diagnosis. Their services include treating a broad range of body illness that includes the common cold, flu, heart disease and diabetics.


Dr.Imran Haque is one internist who has been committed to improving the living conditions of residents of Asheboro and its surroundings for more than 15 years. During these years of practice, Dr. Imran has built himself a reputation in diabetes management, weight management services, laser hair, physical exams, Venus body contouring, and 360 resurfacing. Thanks to his excellent services, Dr.Imran Haque has always been the preferred physician even when it comes to referral services.


In addition to his vast medical experience, Dr. Imran is highly educated. He undertook his undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina. Upon graduation, he was enrolled for Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia Internal Roanoke-Salem Program where he graduated with honors in 1998. He later joined Carilion Health System where he underwent his hospital residency training.


Currently, Dr.Imran Haque is licensed to offer his internal medicine services in North Carolina, which he does through the Horizon Internal Medicine services where he is the primary internist. In addition to Horizon Internal Hospital, he is also an affiliate physician at High Point Regional Hospital, Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital, Randolph Hospital, and Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital. This is not all, Dr. Imran Haque also extends his services and cooperation to other physicians in the industry thus making his services one of the most trusted in the profession.


When talking about Dr.Imran Haque and how he has been instrumental in bettering the life of the citizens of Asherobo, we cannot fail to touch on his personality. Dr.Imran Haque is not only a trained physician but also one with a heart for the job, and this is evident on a number of factors. First is his caring nature that is evidenced by the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award. Note, this award is always given to physicians who treat their patients with utmost care. The second fact that proves Dr.Imran Haque’s passion for the job is his openness to multiple insurance covers. Unlike other physicians, Dr.Imran does not discriminate while offering his services based on insurance. Finally, Dr.Imran is well versed in a number of languages including English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu. Thanks to this understanding of multiple dialects, Dr.Imran Haque is able to attend to many patients regardless of their origin.



Securus Technologies Strides Under The CEO, Rick Smith

The number one provider of criminal and civil justice technology services, Securus Technologies, announced the addition of new senior sales executives recently. They will be given tasks that will lead to the development of an advanced high technology firm that makes sales using software. There will be an expansion of the regions in which the company has dominated selling their 800 additional products.

CEO of the firm, Richard A. Smith, said that over the last three years they had invested over 600 million dollars that were used for the acquisition and improvement of many safety and security products. This money was pumped in over the last three years. With that production increase and quality increase, well trained and experienced sales executives will be required. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Senior Vice President, John Bell hired by Rick Smith was termed as a transformational leader who has had a successful career in places that he has led. He has developed the best sales strategies and employees well over 35 years in his career. This was clearly shown when he was at the technology giant IBM and the other firms that he went to.

Mr. Bell’s education and degree are from Holy Cross, and his postgraduate degrees are from Wharton School of business and the Kellogg School of Management. He has led in IBM, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and much more. At Securus, Bell is going to be all into sales. He will lead the team that is involved in sales.

The person who is the Sales Vice President, Josh Conklin will be reporting to Bell and will continue with his duties and roles. They will work hand-in-hand together to do the right job that Josh had started even better. They will have to achieve the goals that the company will have set. Making the clients, correctional and law enforcement facilities, understand the products that the company offers will be fundamental. It will add an advantage, and the customers will give them all the contracts. Rick Smith added that whatever they have come up with recently is highly sophisticated, safe and secure and will offer the company that will buy high productivity in their investigations.

Under the leadership of the two gentlemen, Josh and John, the company will make the sales department evolve and present the products to the consumers in a more efficient way.

Securus normally has positive emails and letters, a trait that the CEO likes using. Rick believes that with this positivity, the information will be relayed with hope and make incarceration safe without harm of neighbors or self. There will be a smooth transition without people getting hurt. Working with the company as a client will enable the correctional facility to be organized and safe. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Timothy Armour Career Path and Investor Advice

Warren Buffett put up $1 million for charity to get enhanced investment returns than some hedge fund managers. The investment is an S&P 500 passive index fund and the bet will be decided this year. In a recent annual shareholder letter, Mr. Buffett imparted his thoughts on investing.


Timothy Armour weighed in and agreed that too many run of the mill and expensive funds that aren’t to the investors benefit. He said Americans need to save more for retirement, investing and staying invested. Consumers should be cautious of product labels since mutual funds have an average or poor returns in the long run. Though, volatility risks and costs of passive index investments are either underrated or unidentified. Armour said it isn’t about passive or active; it’s about the excellent long-term return with a low cost. He said it isn’t possible to know what investments will perform. After exhaustive research of thousands of mutual funds for decades Armour said he found two ways to filter them. It starts with a low expense, but high manager ownership with fund managers that invest a lot of their own money. Then it will result in a group of managers that are constant in outpacing benchmark indexes. He says there is nothing random in doing better than the market average and more information click here.


Timothy Armour the now chairman of Capital Group companies and executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company Inc. earned a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College in economics. He began his career at Capital as a participant in the Associates Program in 1983. Where earlier he was an equity investment analyst for the company and covered global telecommunications and U.S. service companies and Armour on Facebook.


Armour has 34 years of investment experience and is based in Los Angeles. In 1994 he became the senior vice president at The American Funds. He commented on the market and the presidential election in an interview. Armour said some asset managers are still doubtful if the election of Mr. Trump will honestly end the “new normal” that was the sluggish economic growth. He believes this is real, he said that the bottom has been seen and has signaled it’s big and real and learn more about Timothy.


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Wengie Vlogs Huge Haul From Marc Jacobs And Topshop

The beauty blogger Wengie is one of the hottest names on YouTube. Since she is so popular around the world, Wengie often gets packages from big companies. In one recent vlog entitled “HUGE Haul!!,” Wengie shows her viewers one of the biggest packages she has ever received in her vlogging career.


This massive package came from the company Marc Jacobs. When Wengie opens the huge black box, she reveals a ton of eyeliners. Wengie says she doesn’t even know what she will do with half of these colored eyeliners.


Wengie says these “eye crayons” are supposed to be waterproof. So, Wengie decides to try one out on her hand. After she draws a line on the back on her left hand, she tries to wipe it out by rubbing against it with her right hand. Amazingly, the black line doesn’t smudge at all.


After testing this eye crayon out, Wengie says she highly recommends it to anyone looking for a great eyeliner that doesn’t smudge easily. She said the worst that happened to the streak of eyeliner on her hand was that it faded ever so slightly.


A few moments later, Wengie asks her fans if they want to see more unboxing videos on her vlog channel. Although Wengie gets a great deal of parcels in the mail, she often doesn’t take the time to vlog them. However, if her fans really want to see more unboxing videos, then she will definitely put a few more on YouTube.


Wengie then talks about a sale that was going on at the retailer Topshop. She shows her viewers some rose-gold rings she purchased at the store for $24. Next, Wengie shows off a gold bracelet she purchased on sale for only $8.


Wengie also bought a couple of pairs of jeans at Topshop that were on sale. The jeans were around $40 each. She says that she really likes how Topshop’s jeans are extremely comfortable and well-designed for short people like herself.


At the end of the video, Wengie shows off a brand new Nespresso coffee machine. She then tries one of the coffee pods to close out the video.


Sujit Choudhry Explains Why Comparative Constitutional Law Is So Important

Sujit Choudhry is a scholar of comparative constitutional law. He is also the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions which consists of an international network of constitutional experts who write papers that give options to policy makers who are designing and/or proposing changes to a constitution. He has said that a center like this was needed because much of the information about constitutional advice is either incomplete or doesn’t even exist.

Both of Sujit Choudhry’s parents were professors which played a big role in him becoming one as well. He now holds law degrees in three nations; the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. His international background has given him unique insight into the differences of legal and cultural differences between countries.

It has been Sujit Choudhry‘s contention that liberal democratic constitutionalism is under the greatest pressure it has seen in over 70 years. He says that the current political breakdown that is happening in the United States is what has also happened in other constitutional democracies over the last number of years. Choudhry says that we need to learn from these other countries successes and failures if there’s any hope for the US to get back on the right path of liberty and constitutional law.  Check on to read an article of an interview with Sujit.

Sujit Choudhry is currently working at the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law. According to, he is a professor of law who holds the I. Michael Heyman chair. He has also taught comparative constitutional law at the New York University School of Law and the University of Toronto. He started his legal career in Canada when he served as a law clerk for the Supreme Court of Canada.

Additional article to read here.

It was in 2012 that Sujit Choudhry established the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Under his leadership, the organization has expanded to include 50 constitutional experts in 25 different countries. He has served in an advisory capacity to policy makers in several countries who were building new constitutions such as Libya, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Jordan. He has also written several books about comparative constitutional law which are used in universities across the United States. Refer to for related article.

Why Chris Burch Knows More Than Just Fashion

Chris Burch, the founder of Tory Burch and other retail brands is now regarded as the owner of the finest resort in the world. Burch decided to build a five-star resort on a remote Indonesian Island after taking a peek at a beach hostel that was less than desirable. This five-star resort is now deemed as the finest resort in the world, putting Burch on the map yet again for a wise investment. As an entrepreneur, Burch is always seeking another opportunity where he can best get a return on his investment.

Burch didn’t take the leap alone, but joined hands with a well-known hotelier, James McBride for the transaction. The island of Sumba is where the resort is located, purchased by Burch and McBride in 2012. The hostel they purchased rang in at a price tag of $30 million dollars for renovations and the property. The two men re-opened it as a five-star resort, under the name of Nihiwatu in 2015. It didn’t take long for the resort to get the vote as the “best in the world”, getting that vote in 2016 by the Travel+Leisure Magazine. Check for additional reading.

Business Jet Traveler did an interview with Burch in 2015, in which he shared the sentiment that he purchased the resort for his children. Burch sees his investment as a way to preserve something, leaving it better than he found it. He talked about the natural beauty of the location, and how it is easy to jump in and create something more because of how beautiful it truly is there. Burch also commented that the resort turned into something greater than he had anticipated.  For the full interview, hit on

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital a company that he founded with the intent to invest in businesses to help them get started as well as give them the opportunity for expansion. Read more here. As an entrepreneur, Burch also has a knack for building brands, and helping them excel to another level. As of March 2013, Burch’s net worth was totaling $1 billion dollars, and has six children with his wife Tory, with whom he started fashion brand Tory Burch, LLC.  Check

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Jose Borghi – One of the Leading Advertising Gurus in Brazil

Jose Borghi is the man behind some of the unique and thought-provoking ads in Brazil, including the highly famous “The Mammals of Parmalat” ad, which he created for the wildlife conservation. Jose Borghi is one of those advertising professionals who give meaning to the ads he creates and thinks completely out of the box to ensure that the message of the ad campaign reaches out to the target audience and generates results. Jose Borghi holds bachelor’s in marketing from Pontifical Catholic University, which has helped him understand the technical aspects of marketing and advertising business.

Jose Borghi decided from his childhood itself that he would be an advertising professional as he felt in love with some of the award-winning ads Jose saw when he was young. The award-winning ads that his sister took him to watch at a theater had a tremendous impact on him and convinced him that he is born to be a marketing professional.

After completing his studies, Jose Borghi joined Standard Ogilvy, which is the top advertising firm in the world, where he learned a lot about the advertising world. After working for Standard Ogilvy for some time, he joined many other companies like Leo Burnett, Talent, FCB, DM9DDB, and others, where he got further exposure to the advertising space in Brazil, and also developed a vast network in the advertising world of Brazil.

However, after working for so any ad agencies, Jose finally decided to start his ad agency, and it is what gave birth to Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence. He started the firm with the help of other advertising professional, Erh Ray, with whom Jose Borghi has worked with for a long time and his Youtube.

However, even though Borghi Erh Advertising firm was doing well, Jose Borghi decided to merge the company with Mullen, and the business later merged with Lowe after a couple of years. The company is now known as Mullen Lowe, and Jose Borghi holds the position of co-CEO with the enterprise. Jose Borghi has helped bring some of the big accounts for the company, which has considerably helped increase the revenue of the firm. Jose Borghi has won many awards, including at Cannes, New York Film Festival, One Show, Abril Awards and more information click here.