Waiakea Executives Discusses Benefits of Volcanic Water

The executives from Waiakea, a prominent producer of volcanic water from Hawaii, have recently discussed the benefits of volcanic water and how the consumption of this beneficial water can help to create sustainable water practices in the United States.

The executives stated that the primary goal of the the Waiakea water company was to increase the health of the global population by creating water that is beneficial to the human body as opposed to the fluoride laced water that is produced by public water facilities and pumped into millions of American homes on a daily basis.

Executives from Waiakea water stated that the volcanic water that is produced by Waiakea spring, the company’s water developer, is beneficial because of its alkaline properties, high mineral content, and bacteria destroying properties.

Alkaline Properties

Waiakea water executives stated that consumers name the water’s alkaline properties as the main reasons that they purchase volcanic water. The alkaline nature of the Hawaiian volcanoes from which the water is harvested creates a pure water that reduces acidity in the human body.

As modern medical research advances, even mainstream researchers have discovered the connection between acidic human bodies and the rates of cancer. By adapting a more alkaline diet, including the consumption of alkaline water and alkaline fruits and vegetables, humans can drastically reduce their rates of cancer and other debilitating, diet-related illnesses.

High Mineral Content

Waiakea water executives also discussed the beneficial nature of the mineral content in volcanic water. Because the water is harvested from mineral-rich volcanic ash, volcanic water is full of minerals that the standard american diet rarely ever provides.

According to Forbes, by consuming Waiakea’s water, Americans can successfully implement vital nutrients and minerals that are ordinarily only found in organic, ground-growing vegetables. The use of volcanic water can therefore drastically increase the overall health of adults who consume it frequently.

Bacteria Destroying Properties

Waiakea also provides volcanic water that contains many bacteria destroying properties. These properties have been tested by the several natural sustenance organizations. The results of this testing have shown that volcanic water is able to significantly reduce the occurrence of certain illnesses.

Bacterial infections are often experienced by individuals who consume the standard american diet and can be virtually eliminated through an increase in the intake of volcanic water. According to Noob Prenuer, Waiakea water executives have expressed an interest in creating educational literature in an effort to make the general public aware of the many benefits of consuming volcanic water.