Securus Technologies is a Wonderful Communications Platform For Inmates, Their Visitor(s), and Law Enforcement Agencies

Securus Technologies has made communicating easier for inmates and visitors. Traditionally, visitors would be required to visit inmates at their locations in jail; however, with Securus Technologies, visitors no longer have to travel to the correctional facility inmates are incarcerated in. It is a wonderful program that is bringing inmates and their friends, relatives, and/or significant others closer to one another without requiring them to undergo what has often been considered as processes that can be hassles.


If you would like to utilize the Securus Technologies platform, please do not hesitate to contact the program’s customer service representatives, as they will be more than happy to assist you in signing up for the program, as well as to have it installed on your computer. If you aren’t quite sure about whether the program is being offered at your particular correctional facility, please visit the website to see whether it is currently incorporated into your correctional facility’s communications system.


It is important to note that Securus Technologies is offering a wonderful opportunity of crime prevention, as the conversations that take place between the inmates and their visitor(s) can be utilized in courts for investigative purposes should it be necessary. It is a program that isn’t necessarily outright targeting inmates and their conversations; however, if criminal matters are spoken about in them with their visitor(s), then a criminal case could potentially be opened. If you are not necessarily sure about what exactly this program offers you, then please do not hesitate to read through the details that are available on the website. There are many different types of information available on it, all of which can be considered as being quite valuable for anyone who may be wishing to utilize it for their communicative purposes.


Securus Technologies: Keeping Communities Safe

Securus Technologies is an industry leader in the field of civil and criminal justice system technological solutions. One of the important areas in which Securus Technologies is involved in developing technologies that are designed to enhance the safety of correctional facilities and the community in general is in its Video Visitation program.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation technology allows the families and friends of incarcerated individuals the ability to visit using digital solutions. Families and friends can connect with incarcerated loved ones through a mechanism that does not require an in-person presence.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation is more than merely a different type of video communication program, like Skype. Rather, Securus Technologies Video Visitation is technology that incorporates not only a meaningful communication portal, but also systems that address registration, security, and other issues crucial to the effective and secure administration of a correctional institution.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation also enhances the security of correctional facilities by lessening opportunities for the smuggling of contraband, including drugs and mobile devices, into a correctional facility. This type of illicit conduct can be found occurring during the course of in-person visitation, in some cases.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation also aids in making the general public safer. Multiple research studies report that an offender is less likely to reoffend after release from incarceration if he or she is able to maintain a meaningful connection with loved ones while in prison or jail. Oftentimes, this type of connection is best maintained through visitation opportunities.


With Securus Technologies Video Visitation, families and friends have more ready and frequent access to an incarcerated person than is available through more traditional means of visitation. Therefore, the addition of Video Visitation to a correctional facilities programming can play an invaluable role in aiding to lower the recidivism rate among individuals who have served time incarcerated.


The Miracle of Video Visitation

Securus Technologies has just come out with an idea that I believe will revolutionize correctional institutions as far as effectiveness and quality for inmates. Video visitation is a system that will allow inmates to be in contact with their families virtually, as if they were face to face, so that they can experience the big moments in their life from inside the institution. Considering that vast majority of criminals are not violent criminals, their ability to have interaction with the important people in their life should not be taken away, since the criminal does not pose a threat to those people. Family has always been a very important part of my life, personally. I just do not see the humanity in forcefully disconnecting people from their family. With that in mind, I do not see any reason video visitation should be looked at as anything less than a miracle. The inmates already lose so many of their civil rights and opportunities when they obtain a criminal record. Economically speaking, they have no one to fall back on except for their family, if they are lucky. Therefore, disconnecting them from their family is just another way of digging an even deeper hole, which they will never truly escape from. As far as effectiveness, video visitation provides the inmates with constant incentive to get out and stay out: their family. With video visitation, the correctional institutions would seem a lot more humane and effective.