Learn how to be a Brazilian Attorney like Ricardo Tosto

Brazilian Attorney Ricardo Tosto is one of the best in the nation. He is a distinguished lawyer that has done a lot of good for the nation and its legal system. Before Ricardo Tosto could become the decorated lawyer that he is known to be; he had to learn his trade. The following information will explain the steps that it takes to become a Brazilian lawyer.

In order for a person to become a lawyer in Brazil they first must attend college and then law school. A Bacharel em Direito is the entry level degree that a person will need to practice law in Brazil. Most students can obtain one of these degrees within 7 years. If they take a fast track program they can probably get their law degree in 5 but many students take at least 7 years to accomplish this goal.

If you ask Ricardo Tosto if the coursework for becoming a lawyer is easy; he will tell you that it is not. Learning Brazilian law is very complex because the system is not easy to master. A person will have to know how Brazil’s legal system and how it is formed. They will also have to know how it works.

The Brazilian Federal Constitution is the basis of the nation’s legal system. This complex government document is not just a bunch of rules and regulations. Attorneys like Ricardo Tosto can testify to how complex and challenging that it is. The Federal Constitution is actually a living document that can change and grow as needed. The fact is that a person wanting to become a lawyer must really understand how it works.

Once they graduate from a law school they will be ready for the bar exam. The bar exam will test their knowledge of Brazil’s law system. Individuals like Ricardo Tosto who pass the exam, will be ready to work in the field. If they fail, they will have to retake the exam until they pass before they can practice law. Becoming a lawyer in Brazil is hard work and time consuming but the rewards for this career are great.

Private Company Talos Energy Selected To Drill Sureste Basin

The Sureste Basin may be home to as much as 500 million barrels worth of oil, but we just don’t yet know. The reason being because private companies have not been allowed to drill there for almost 80 years. They have been excluded because the government of Mexico nationalized the oil and gas industry a very long time ago. They permitted only their own state-run company to do any drilling or oil business in that area. It is something that has frustrated the industry for a long time, but now things are changing.

In 2015 the people of Mexico voted to allow private companies to get a shot at drilling in the Gulf Of Mexico. Following that vote, there was a bidding process in which private companies competed with one another for the opportunity to drill there. Talos Energy was among the three companies that won the right to do so.

Talos Energy partnered with Sierra Oil and Gas as well as Premier Oil to get a drill going down in the Sureste Basin. Talos itself owns 35% of the drill while Sierra has 40% and Premier the remaining 25%. This means that all three partners have a very big vested interest in this project working out well for them.

Talos Energy is an independently owned oil company looking to make a big splash with this project. The company is definitely position for more growth in the future, and this could be the first step towards those goals. They look for unique opportunities like this in order to make money. They have worked on plenty of projects in the Gulf before and want to see this one work out as well.

The employees of Talos will tell you that it is a great place to work. They have seen how the corporate culture rewards them, and they have seen how the company has plenty of room for growth and advancement. It is an exciting place to work and those who do their jobs well are frequently rewarded for those efforts. Therefore, it is a good thing this was the type of company selected to work on such a sensitive and important project.

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The New Technology And Positive Care Of The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are also referred to as CTCA. NantHealth, Allscripts and CTCA have combined to create a technological solution to help in the process of treating cancer. The solution is an integrated program that provides information on cancer treatment without causing interruptions to the treating physician. The program is called NantOS and includes the data of oncologists from all over the nation. Thanks to Clinical Pathways the program has the ability to present all options regarding treatments.

The program has been designed to take patients into consideration. Oncologists can choose from available research, treatments, therapies and regimens. These options are patient specific and include comparisons of the average cost of specific treatment programs and available options. The program com bines supportive therapies for patients and clinical approaches based on current evidence. Doctors have access to response rates, guidelines, toxicity and adverse reactions to drugs at the touch of a button. The platform makes it easier for medical teams and patients to discuss and compare options for treatment. The clinical data expedites approvals from patients insurance carriers.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have their headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. They are a national network and maintain five hospitals. CTCA specializes in the treatment of adults with cancer. They use an approach that is integrated and combines genomic testing advancements, radiation, precision cancer treatment, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery. Their therapies are supportive to their patients and based on evidence. CTCA provides both emotional and physical support for patients, works to enhance their quality of life and helps in the management of side effects.

CTCA has patients from all over the world at hospitals located in Chicago, Tulsa, Atlanta, Phoenix and Philadelphia. They are ranked highly in the United States for their consistent quality of care and their patients experiences. Their patients and families are encouraged to remain active regarding decisions pertinent to their treatment.

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Let Honey Birdette Arouse You

Honey Birdette is a lingerie brand like no other. It is growing rapidly in popularity and is bringing super sexy back to lingerie. Honey Birdette has just launched its e-commerce site for their US customers after having a 374% increase in US online sales alone. The new site has been designed to give their customers a better shopping experience with more selection, faster shipping, easier returns and free delivery on orders over $50.

Honey Birdette is planning to expand its UK retail portfolio from three store to 40 by the end of 2018 and is expanding into the UK. Honey Birdette opened its first store outside of Australia in London’s Covent Garden last year and have grown substantially since then. Honey Birdette now has boutiques in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City. They are planning on 10 additional store locations in London including at Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, and Westfield Stratford. Honey Birdette is expecting to expand to as many as 40 stores by the end of next year. Honey Birdette has 55 stores in Australia and is keeping an eye on Europe for further expansion of its sensual boutiques.

Honey Birdette was born when a couple of good friends decided that the current lingerie market was drastically lacking when it came to selection so they decided to take matters into their own hands and change that.

Honey Birdette is all about empowering women and making then feel not only comfortable but super sexy in their bodies. Their boutiques have collections for everyone and you can even sip champagne as you shop. They have S&M items, lacy lingerie, and adult toys for the bedroom. You will find something for every mood, desire, and mood and you will find what you need to rekindle any relationship. Honey Birdette will arouse you.

How the CTCA Has Improved Care with the Eviti Platform

Cancer can be life-threatening, but now the CTCA and Eviti platform are fighting back. Those who are currently being treated at CTCA will also notice the difference in how they approach fighting cancer and improving patient recovery with a more evidence-based treatment plan. This database that has been tracking clinical workflow is now the best outlet for those who want to cut back on time and unnecessary cancer treatment if it isn’t needed.

Clinical Pathways, the name of this database is innovative and now it is an integral part of all treatment for each patient that comes to CTCA for help. A custom approach is just what the doctor ordered and has a clinical support decision solution as well. The data on cancer care and the outcomes of patients is an encouragement going forward, and it offers the latest cancer research available. This includes conventional treatments and those complimentary therapies that work best together for the treatment of specific cancers.

Protocols can be printed up in a curated list at the click of a button for doctors and patients, and most of all it is essential that the patient and doctor work together to play a more active role in their cancer treatment and recovery plan. This database can provide supported clinical data, real-time functionality, custom treatment regimens, comparisons between treatment options and computer order entry with the tap of the screen.

The CTCA is a network of five hospitals all geared for the treatment of cancer with both conventional and holistic approaches. All plans are focused on precision treatment through radiation, surgery, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and other therapies that are deemed as a credible option for treating cancer. CTCA believes that treating the whole patient is the best approach, treating them physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well.

Dr.Imran Haque the Internist Committed to Helping Asheboro Residents Live Healthy Lives

Times are changing and so are people’s habits. The fast-paced economy has seen lots of people pick up unhealthy living styles just for the mere purpose of convenience. Unfortunately, this has resulted to the many chronic lifestyle diseases that are currently witnessed in the society. However, not all is lost. Thanks to the able services of internist like Dr.Imran Haque we have today, we can prevent certain body complications from occurring.


An internist is a general doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of both chronic and acute medical complications affecting the adult population. Ideally, the internists are the primary physician at the entry point of any medical diagnosis. Their services include treating a broad range of body illness that includes the common cold, flu, heart disease and diabetics.


Dr.Imran Haque is one internist who has been committed to improving the living conditions of residents of Asheboro and its surroundings for more than 15 years. During these years of practice, Dr. Imran has built himself a reputation in diabetes management, weight management services, laser hair, physical exams, Venus body contouring, and 360 resurfacing. Thanks to his excellent services, Dr.Imran Haque has always been the preferred physician even when it comes to referral services.


In addition to his vast medical experience, Dr. Imran is highly educated. He undertook his undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina. Upon graduation, he was enrolled for Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia Internal Roanoke-Salem Program where he graduated with honors in 1998. He later joined Carilion Health System where he underwent his hospital residency training.


Currently, Dr.Imran Haque is licensed to offer his internal medicine services in North Carolina, which he does through the Horizon Internal Medicine services where he is the primary internist. In addition to Horizon Internal Hospital, he is also an affiliate physician at High Point Regional Hospital, Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital, Randolph Hospital, and Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital. This is not all, Dr. Imran Haque also extends his services and cooperation to other physicians in the industry thus making his services one of the most trusted in the profession.


When talking about Dr.Imran Haque and how he has been instrumental in bettering the life of the citizens of Asherobo, we cannot fail to touch on his personality. Dr.Imran Haque is not only a trained physician but also one with a heart for the job, and this is evident on a number of factors. First is his caring nature that is evidenced by the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award. Note, this award is always given to physicians who treat their patients with utmost care. The second fact that proves Dr.Imran Haque’s passion for the job is his openness to multiple insurance covers. Unlike other physicians, Dr.Imran does not discriminate while offering his services based on insurance. Finally, Dr.Imran is well versed in a number of languages including English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu. Thanks to this understanding of multiple dialects, Dr.Imran Haque is able to attend to many patients regardless of their origin.



Cancer Treatment Centers of America: A Place of Hope & Healing:

Cancer was once one of the most dreaded diseases that a person could have. Today, cancer may still cause great fear and panic however treatment options have greatly improved over the years. Treatment for cancer is now more effective and it can certainly prolong ones life and even cure a person in some cases.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America provide a great deal of hope as well as comfort for a person diagnosed with Cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has an staff of excellent physicians, trained nurses, social workers and other staff members that can assist the patient in their journey when trying to beat the disease.

The Physicians will recommend the best treatment options and monitor the patients progress from start to finish. In addition, the caring staff of nurses will provide the best possible care to the patient. The staff can provide great emotional support to the cancer patient which is so very important when trying to battle a difficult disease.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses the latest technology and treatment options available. Chemotherapy as well as radiation treatments have been greatly improved over the years. The Physicians will explain every aspect of the patients treatment and they will chart the patients progress throughout the entire course of treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have the patients best interest at heart. Patients will be made as comfortable as possible and the staff members are willing to consider any requests or concerns that the patient may have.

When someone is dealing with Cancer it can be difficult not only on the person diagnosed but also the family members. Therefore, you can be assured that the trained staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America will provide not only the best medical care and treatment but also emotional support to patients and their families.

*Importance of Strong Emotional Support:

Just knowing that someone cares can help a person better cope with their cancer diagnosis. Providing hope, emotional support as well as excellent and advanced treatment is what sets Cancer Treatment Centers of America aside from other hospitals and treatment facilities. The staff does really care about each and every patient that walks through that door.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has five locations within the United States. The center uses an CTCA integrative treatment model which treats Cancers with surgery, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiation. In addition, Cancer Treatment Centers of America use the best possible methods when treating any side effects associated with Cancer treatment. Nausea and vomiting can be easily controlled with appropriate medications.

The center offers various activities and classes to help patients stay as active as possible during their treatment cycle. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is certainly in a class by itself. The web site can be viewed at www.cancercenter.com.

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Harvard Basketball and Yanni Hufnagel

The resurgence of Harvard University’s college basketball program has been nothing short of a revelation. Many opinions as to what led to this rejuvenation at Harvard have been posited, but not nearly enough credit has been given to Yanni Hufnagel. Yanni Hufnagel is the current assistant basketball coach for the Nevada Wolfpack under head coach Eric Musselman. He has also served as the assistant basketball coach at Harvard and at the University of California. He is known around college basketball to be one of the best recruiters, hauling in five start recruits on multiple occasions for non college basketball powerhouses. He seems poised to be a head coach somewhere soon at a young age in his thirties. Hufnagel was also at Harvard during the time Jeremy Lin led Harvard to the Ivy League championship.


Jewish boys from Scarsdale don’t often get involved in the sports arena, but for Yanni Hufnagel things were different. Yanni Hufnagel called games in high school for his local town’s public-access television station. In college at Cornell, he was also a manager for the basketball team and interned for the Nets of the NBA. His first job in the college ranks was as a graduate assistant for Oklahoma under Coach Jeff Capel. During that time he helped NBA superstar Blake Griffin refine his game and go on to be the top draft pick in the NBA draft. In 2009 famed Harvard basketball coach Tommy Amaker hired him away as a volunteer assistant coach. Yanni’s most important responsibilities are recruiting where you have to be a great salesman, selling the player on the school.


Yanni Hufnagel is the son of Jewish German immigrants who were big sports fans themselves. Hufnagel has also coached Maccabee USA’s youth team during the Maccabiah Games. Yanni is connected to many Jewish communities around the country including Boston.


Drawing Life From Her Fans, Wengie: Draw My Life, Video Recap

In under ten minutes, Wengie reveals all, gulp! According to fans, it’s long overdue, so she conquers the intimidation factor of smearing her whole life on a white board to be broadcast at


Wengie Draw My Life begins with a manipulative toddler who only eats ice cream and plays with clouds, who has Grandpa right where she wants him.


Displaced from China where she’s been living with Nanny and Grands, she arrives in Melbourne, a kid who doesn’t even know her own parents. In fact, she runs screaming when they first meet. Thankfully Grandfather turns the manipulation on her with a pack of Smarties.


She talks about shyness growing up, and how she never talked. She says her not talking was all her teachers could talk about at their parent-teacher conferences year after year.


Even harder to believe, she calls herself a tom boy. She makes her own toys, and is obsessed with robots, anime, Transformers, and Ninja Turtles.


Because her dad tries so hard to socialize her when she is little she develops a complex and over-compensates to make friends in high school. She mentions a crush on a boy she meets in the process.


Dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, she lands an accounting scholarship. That doesn’t work out because it excludes her creativity.


She walks away from four years as a poorly performing accountant to relish nearly overnight success as a social media consultant. Then, she branches out to publish her own fashion and beauty blog.


It gets her noticed in Singapore. She flies over to demonstrate her look. Then, she launches her youtube channel.


Between work, her blog, and the videos she posts, she loses manageability in her home and social life. She confesses the truth of winding up on national TV because her hoarding has become a concern to everyone, but the show cleans up her apartment and gives her a fresh start.


After that, she attributes her ability to continue with all the work that she does to the fans, now over a million, who she calls family, along with her husband, Matt.


Learn more about Wengie:


Businessman Brian Bonar

Working in the field of business requires people to demonstrate many kinds of stills. Someone who intends to go into this field needs to be able to show others all kinds of leadership qualities. A person may need to be able to supervise a large group of people for a few weeks and then take the next few weeks and train dozens of people in another country they have never visited before. The potential business person will also often need to show their ability to stay in touch with current trends and work to help the company rise to provide products and services that will be in line with expectations that consumers around the world have in today’s society.

Businessman Brian Bonar has done just that. Bonar is a native of the United Kingdom where his skills in the field of business have been widely hailed. Under his leadership, many companies have benefited from his insights into the marketplace. He has held many important roles in important businesses in various nations including that of the United Kingdom and the United States. His work has included ventures in finances, accounting, sales and the management of employees as well as the use of modern technology to help improve customer service and make businesses more efficient and responsive.

Bonar earned multiple degrees from a prestigious university in the United Kingdom. His studies focused on all aspects of the business field, enabling him to get both a broad overview of the field as well as learn a great deal about certain specific fields. He earned a bachelor’s degree as well as a doctorate in the field, allowing him to do highly respected research on various aspects of the business world and achieve a certain level of insight into how it is possible to turn any business around provided the business owners hire the best possible managers to help them.

Since completing his education, Bonar has worked in various companies across the world. The positions that he has held include jobs as a Vice President as well as work as the chairperson of the board of highly respected company. He has worked for multiple companies including Rastek Corporation and QMS, Inc. For over seventeen years he worked for IBM where his assistance was invaluable in providing the company with the kind of leadership necessary for expansion into new markets all across the globe. Since that time, Bonar has also worked in various company positions. At present, he has assumed leadership of the Dalrada Financial Company where his talents have helped him provide the company with the skills necessary to meet the needs of their employees and their customers at the same time.