Aesthetic Plastic Surgery by Dr. Jennifer Walden

Being aesthetically attractive is a trait that everyone wish they had. Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of people who walk this earth that is considered aesthetically attractive. On the other hand, people can improve on their appearance in a number of ways and plastic surgery is one of the very best options. Jennifer Walden, founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, has grown into a fan-favorite in this specific industry. Though being rather young, she is still considered to be a pioneer of cosmetic surgery. Walden epitomizes the term female empowerment.

Jennifer Walden is known as a doctor, a philanthropist and a television commentator. She has appeared on countless television shows such as ABC’s “20/20,” CBS’s “The Today Show,” E! Network’s “Dr. 90210” and many more. Walden has also made Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons for 2014. In addition to that achievement, she has been talked about and recognized for her greatness in cosmetic surgery for a number of publications. This includes Austin MD, Cosmopolitan, Self, TexasMD, The New York Times, Refinery 21,, VIVE and Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine. Of course, this short list only scratches the surface, but you should have a better idea of how influential this woman truly is.

After attaining her M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch, she would move to New York City. While in The Big Apple, Walden has studied and has worked under the guidance for some of the top individuals in this field. The affluent Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital was where she obtained her fellowship, and she continued to work here for many years. After about seven years of putting in work, she decided to move back to her hometown of Austin, Texas, to raise her family. Dr. Jennifer Walden is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and she will only continue to fine-tune her craft in the coming years.

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Advanced Treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is an organization that was founded in 1988. As the name suggests, the center is a specialty of treating cancer illnesses. The center uses several types of treatment because each individual required personalized care. CTCA has advanced technology and scientifically tested therapies for treatment. The center also provides services to combat side effects.
CTCA is being managed by qualified and experienced oncologists. Other specialists also work here and they handle various kinds of cancer such as prostate, lung, melanoma, pancreatic, cervical, throat, colorectal, breast, ovarian and lymphomas among others. Specialists at the center have various treatments to treat all these forms of cancer.
The common methods of treating cancer are radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. Treatment is progressing and becoming particular on killing the cancerous cells. Immunotherapy is one of the new treatments that target the cancerous cells. This type of therapy identifies the cancerous cells and makes the body’s defense stronger. It has proven to be effective and more such drugs are being used.
No two patients or types of cancer illnesses are completely identical. The center attends to every patient individually and handles them according to their needs. Patients and their caregivers are actively involved in making decisions and choosing treatment options available for then. Doctors and specialists ensure that they advise patients and let them make informed decisions.
Starting cancer treatment as early as possible is wise. Treatments can have varying impact on patients in terms of how they function, look and even feel. During the treatment, specialists assist patients in dealing with these difficulties. Apart from specialists, family and friends also need to support cancer patients.
Treatment and dealing with the difficulties is not easy for patients. Receiving support helps patients recover and resume their normal lives or adopt to the continuous management of the illness. CACT treated many patients and continues to offer services. Click here

Expert Cancer Care Comes From The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer is a scary word and when you are diagnosed with it you fear the worst. However there is much hope and success when you can deal with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a well-regarded national group that specializes in treatment of cancer. In fact, that is all that they do. They do not treat any other disease but cancer, and their approach are to treat the whole person and cater to the immediate family as well.

Cancer upsets the entire flow of things when it is diagnosed. It not only affects the individual who has cancer, but the immediate family as well. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has five major hospitals located in Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa, and Philadelphia. The treatment for your cancer can all be done under one roof. This way you don’t have to be running around to different doctors all over the place, but can focus your concentration in one locality.

Integrative Care is the definition of the type of care given by CTCA. This means that the traditional methods of treating cancer such as surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, genomic testing, surgical oncology, and radiation are used, but there are other treatments as well. Supportive therapies such as pain management, naturopathic medicine, nutrition therapy;y, oncology rehabilitation, spiritual support, acupuncture, chiropractic care and other supportive therapies.

CTCA uses a team, or collaborative approach where each patient is thoroughly examined at the outset, and then a team of doctors and clinicians put together plan just for that patient. The state-of-the-art technologies and treatment options that have been proven are the best that there can be offered in the medical field.

Time is taken to understand and deal with the needs of you and your family as you progress through the therapies, while managing side effects helping you to remain strong throughout the treatment.

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