A Home Based Business, The Traveling Vineyard

A wine guide, who works with the Traveling Vineyard, will connect with people who are interested in having a free wine tasting party for their friends and family. The wine guide is expected to help the host plan for the party, and then run the tasting table once the party has begun.

The Traveling Vineyard provides their award winning, exclusive wines to the wine guide for marketing. The wine guide will take orders from people at the party, log the orders in, and make up to 35% of the profits. The Traveling Vineyard is responsible for shipping out every order, so that the wine guide can move on to their next party.

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There are not any minimums required for the home based business. Each wine guide has complete control of their own schedule. Training and support to grow the business is readily available. In order to get started, an initial fee of $189 is required to supply the accessories and wine necessary for the first two parties. If enough orders are made at the party, the Traveling Vineyard will supply the wine needed for the following party. If there are not enough orders made to earn a credit, the following parties will be $75 for the necessary five bottles of wine. A personalized website is created for each wine guide. The first 90 days are free, after that it is $15.95 per month. A percentage is made, by the wine guide, for all the orders made by their team members.

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