Michel Terpins Completes Another Stage In The Sertoes Rally

A few weeks ago, Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo, completed a crucial stage of the Sertoes Rally (25th edition). In Prototypes T1, the pair won two stages, and they are currently still in the lead. Not only that, but they are in the top five fastest competitors in the competition.

Terpins and his partner were forced to slow down in the third stage of the competition. This is because they experienced mechanical issues from last Monday’s competition. Regardless of the issues, the pair came in fourth place in Prototypes T1, and they came 10th overall.

Besides doing well in the 25th edition, Terpins and his partner did very well in the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally. In fact, they landed in the fifth position in the overall category. In the competition, Terpins landed his 7th participation.

Shortly after the 24th edition of the race, Terpins gave an interview. He said the second stage of the race was difficult and there were a number of exhausting stretches. He added that the duo maintained a good pace and got good results because of it.

About Michel Terpins

Terpins is a successful rally driver who is from Brazil. He is 40 years old and he is part of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He is known for being passionate about rally and he has taken part in the Rally dos Sertoes on nine occasions. He made his debut back in 2002 and throughout the last few years, he has earned many accolades.

Michel Terpins On Social Media

Terpins is active on social media, in particularly on Facebook and Twitter. On both platforms, he posts stuff related to his career. He also runs a blog, which is where he also writes about what’s going on in his career and what races he will be participated in.

Those who are interested in learning more about Michel Terpins can follow him on social media or visit his official website.