The Greyhound Diaries: The forgotten Lives of the Americans

The Greyhound Diaries was a master project that lasted over a decade, involving more than 100,000 miles traveling spree via the American wide-range operating buses ‘Greyhound.’ The travel involved gathering stories, songs, pictures as well as memories and life experiences of most of the Americans that were traveling by the Greyhound buses. Greyhound was drawn from the 1930 WPA-era projects that tried to get an inner image of how the American society was struggling to cope during the crisis times spawned by severe economic depression. Doug Levitt, the brainchild behind the project, talks of how a larger population of America is still struggling to make a living.


The Diary generally tries to demystify the widely held opinion about the American society. With the travel covering over 2,200 destinations across America, Doug Levitt finds out defining aspects of the tiny towns that are not majorly covered in the mainstream Media. Focusing on concepts like the great depression of 2008, Levitt admits that people were disillusioned to believe on the mild effect of the recession to Americans. Places like Washington were somehow recession-proof, yet some experienced the full debilitating effect of the depression. The recession was caused by subprime (mortgage) crisis, yet there was an untold story of sub-subprime crisis across America. Some Americans were caught in an awkward situation that they couldn’t even imagine being able to buy a home.


The Diary summarizes the sidelined institutional issues in America, and how the societies tend to cope with struggling life. The project has resulted to numerous songs, stories, one-man shows, published writings, photo exhibits as well as web series being produced to elaborate the real experience of Americans.


About Doug Levitt

Levitt is a man of noble status who had to lower his ego to establish what a common American goes through. Born to a former Washington D.C. city council-member and mayor candidate, Levitt earned his master’s in International Relations at the London School of Economics. He later became the London-based correspondent for several news outlets including CNN, Fox News, and The WSJ among others. He later switched career from foreign correspondent to singer-songwriter where he has released several records.