Creepy True Stories We Wish Were Not True


Most people of any age will have heard of at least one creepy story that is true, but there are many stories out there that most people are not aware of.


One of those deep web scary stories does indeed exist. It has been around almost as long as the internet has been. The things found in this hidden area of the web are those that nightmares are made from. People can shop for anything the mind can imagine from exotic foods to murder for hire. To pay for the riskier purchases many users have a supply of bitcoin on hand as this type of currency is harder to trace. The deep dark web could be compared to the real life black market.


They walk among us. some more creepy true stories are that some famous murderers still walk free in society. Pedro López is one such murderer who was convicted of violently raping and murdering well over 200 women in Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. This real life monster is out walking in the world now. Metal Fang, or known at birth as Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, is another real life monster walking among us. This silver toothed bad boy was convicted of murdering 7 people, but it is thought that the body count could be closer to that of 100. Not only did Metal Fang have a taste for murder he also had a taste for flesh. He is believed to have eaten some of his victims while serving some to his friends when they would visit him. There are only two of the many convicted murderers walking free in the world today.


Imagine being a young child running out to play in an outdoor playhouse while at school. Nothing very creepy about that unless that playhouse is filled with over a liter and a half of blood. This creepy true story happened at a school in Australia in early 2012. To this day no body has been found.