Why Use a Reputation Management Company?

Reputation is important to every business in today’s marketplace, the fastest way to grow and harm your reputation is what Google says about your company. For example, if a disgruntled ex-employee puts a bad review on Yelp, now Google is going to show that bad review to everyone who looks up your company. This is where Status Labs comes to the rescue.


Status Labs’ job is to help companies keep a positive image on the search engines. The firsts thing Status Labs does is search engine optimization. During this process, they’re looking for negative or inaccurate information to push down into the second and third pages or further, and promote the positive and accurate information to the first page. They take your homepage and increase its rankings, so it shows up on Google’s first page. Monthly reports provided so you can track the progress.


Status Labs will also improve the suggested and related search results. This keeps potential customers from seeing negative information that you didn’t know was there. By taking control of this information, you’re able to keep your business’s image active.


Content automation technology can make your reputation. This is another service that Status Labs offers. They’ll create blogs, social media accounts, and bookmarking sites that are all positive to reflect your brand. Then all of the sites are strengthened to make them more likely to appear on the first page of Google’s search results. This is all done and maintained by Status Labs, with the bonus that you still own all the properties so you can add or edit content as needed.


Because the visual impression people get when looking at your search results or your web page is a large part of the feeling people get from your company, Status Labs will help improve that feeling to promote a better reputation. The way they do this is by taking down unflattering photos or developing positive pictures.


Status Labs helps promote a positive picture of your company through many technologies. They have site audits, public relations, crisis response, and corporate rebranding in addition to the previously mentioned services. If there is anything negatively impacting your reputation Status Labs is the company to go to for getting rid of that negativity.

Contact Status Labs here: https://www.statuslabs.com/contact/