Getting the Most Greenery for Your Money in New York

Based upon a recent New York Times Real Estate article, a Real Estate site, called StreetEasy, turned up 156 condo hits which included precious outdoor space that so many New Yorkers seek, under the $500,000 range. The article about NYC apartments for sale on townrealestate chronicles a list of such properties that will allow its tenants to enjoy the beauty of greenery, flowers and private to semi-private outdoor space. Take a look at what New York may have in store for the potential home-buyer:

268 Berkley Place

Located in Park slope, an apartment within this building came upon the market for $435,000. The unit is comprised of 2.5 rooms, one of which is an eat-in kitchen. However, the combination of a garden, large closets and the price, may just make this tiny home a steal.

150 West 56th Street

While the apartment is a little less than 250 square feet, its owner will enjoy a nice terrace with enough room for a little table and set of chairs.

3135 Johnson Avenue

An apartment in this building has reached the market at $324,900, and boasts a whopping 975 square feet! In addition to having a bedroom separate from the living area, the future owner will enjoy a full kitchen and a completely private balcony to enjoy the view of the city and soak up the sun!

239 West 148th Street

Located in the panhandle of upper Manhattan, a first floor, corner apartment here is selling for $499,999. Unlike the smaller apartments, this unit is almost a house of its own. With 2 bedrooms and 1,419 feet this apartment is definitely a steal. But it’s the 300 square foot private backyard that really puts the cherry on top of this amazing home. Imagine a small garden, a place to picnic and a place to enjoy the stars at night.

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