Betsy Devos: The Right Pick.

I first heard about Betsy Devos as Donald Trumps pick as secretary for Education. Devos seemed like a fine upstanding woman, with a humble but solid career in public service. I did not understand the amount of backlash she was getting simply because she had been picked to be education secretary by a president who was in a battle with the media.

The attacks against Devos seemed to be part of a tactic by the media to bring down anyone associated with Donald Trump, by any means necessary. So I decided to look into Betsy Devos myself, ignoring the negative bias and spin articles that seemed designed to make me hate a woman I had never met. What I found amazed me. Betsy Devos has had a much longer career in both politics and philanthropy. It is a shame that her name is only coming into public light in lieu of her pick ad Donald Trumps Secretary of Education. Betsy Devos is a woman that deserves to be known for much more than being nominated for a job position by a president that’s currently in a battle with the media.

Betsy Devos has had a long life in politics. She once served 16 consecutive two year terms as a local delegate for Michigan, her home state. After a long and illustrious career as a republican delegate, Betsy choose 1996 to run for the position Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party which she held for 4 years. In 2003 she ran again and this time won unopposed. Not satisfied with local politics Betsy Devos decided to try her hand at the national stage by contributing to George Bushes 2004 presidential run. She was a hit with the republican party and even had President Bush show up at her home for a republican fundraiser. After Bush was elected, she spent two years as the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee and was looked upon by the administration for help with many projects. The DeVos family has had a long and illustrious history in Republican politics, mostly as donors but Betsy decided to change all that by getting involved in grassroots politics first at the local level and then at a national level.

So it’s no wonder that in 2016 when presidential nominee Donald Trump was looking for somebody trustworthy to run the nations education system, he chose Betsy Devos. Donald Trumps bull in a china shop attack on the republican party left a lot of life long republicans feeling bitter and resentful. So when he choose Betsy for Secretary it was because he knew she was someone who could put aside party affiliations and do what was best for the people of this country.

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Venezuelan Oil Minister Will Tour OPEC and Non-OPEC Countries According To Assemblyman José Manuel González

Cash-strapped and food deprived, Venezuela is reaching for a lifeline of sorts. Venezuela’s economy is based in the oil business, and that business went to hell, and it took Venezuela with it. Nicolas Maduro, the fanatical President of Venezuela, recently announced that his oil minister, Eulogio Del Pino, would begin a tour of the OPEC nations and the non-OPEC countries in order to persuade them to raise the price of crude oil. That is another attempt by Maduro to formulate an agreement to limit production, and control the global supply gut. But most OPEC nations are more concerned with keeping market share, according to José Manuel González, the Deputy of the National Assembly for the state of Guárico. González has been lobbying for months to put a national agreement in place to stop the economic disaster that is the result of Maduro’s insane economic policies.

González is not just an assemblyman; he is one of Venezuela’s top agriculture entrepreneurs and the former president of the Chamber of Commerce. González watched Maduro shut down farms and businesses when the oil business was booming. Maduro learned how to do that from Hugo Chavez. Chavez chose imports over domestic food and necessities when money was flowing into the country like water. But the money stopped when oil prices plunged in 2014, and Maduro didn’t react, according to Mr. González. The country ran out of money for imports, and the domestic food market was too fractured to pick up production. Now, people have no food, no medicine, no diapers, no toilet paper and other basics. There is also a limited amount of electricity because Maduro is controlling the use of electricity.

Maduro wants to increase the price of oil to $71 a barrel from the current price of $50 a barrel, according to González. Venezuela is the only oil producing country that wants an increase, but it’s not going to happen. What is going to happen is Maduro is going to be thrown out of office if González and the opposition are successful in forcing him out. All eyes are on Venezuela, and many of those eyes are filled with tears from the unnecessary suffering they see there.