Tony Petrello And His Philanthropy Initiatives

Tony Petrello is a businessman and a philanthropist. He is popularly known for being the best-paid CEO. Tony serves at Nabors industries Ltd as the chief executive officer and as the chairman. Nabors Industries is a competitive company in oil and gas industry, and Tony has helped the company rise to massive growth under his tenure hence his impressive earnings.

Tony Petrello has raised from a humble beginning, and his parents were working-class family. He got a scholarship and attended Yale University where he exercised his passion in mathematics. He graduated in BS and MS. Later on, he joined Harvard Law School where he studied law.

He started his career journey at Baker & McKenzie where he passionately served for over a decade in various positions. He managed to rise to the post of managing partner of the organization in New York office. He later joined Nabors industries ltd as a chief operating officer.

Recently, Tony Petrello hosted Tommy Tune a Broadway celebrity at his home. Tony and his wife Cynthia organized a colorful event for the superstar as he returned to Houston. Tony also hosted 50 other guests who were joined by the Miller Outdoor. Tommy had returned to perform at the Tommy Tune Tonight Event. Over 5,000 fans attended the event. Tommy enjoyed the night as his hosts entertained him.

Tony and his wife are known for their charity and philanthropic activities across the country. He started giving back to the community before he even became the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. After the birth of their premature daughter, Tony and his wife continued their philanthropic efforts in support of charitable institutions.

He has then supported financially scientific researchers and institution in the medical industry. Tony does so hoping to help her daughter improve and have a normal life and other children born with such complications. He has donated over $ 5 Million to researchers to conduct more research.

Carena, Tony’s daughter, was diagnosed with a neurological disorder which has effects on the brain hence hindering her to walk, eat or speak. But unlike most children, Carena managed to chew her food for the first time while she was seven years. The girl is a motivation to her father to keep donating money to find a cure. Tony recently pledged to give $ 2 million to the researchers. The daughter also suffers from periventricular leukomalacia which is common for most premature babies.

Adam Milstein Is Seeking Relief For Jewish People In America

Adam Milstein is a business owner in America. He was originally born in Israel, but he came to America to go to college and never left. One of the reasons why he loves America is because of the safety of the Jewish people. Adam had to worry about suicide bombers every time he walked out of his home in Israel. Sadly, he thinks the thinking of radical Islam is starting to make its way to America.

In an article written by Adam Milstein and published by Jewish News Syndicate, he describes oppression stories he received from Jews living in America. The story that shocked him the most was about a Jew who wanted to march in an LGBT parade. The parade was supposed to focus on freedom of religion, speech, and sexual orientation. The Jewish man wanting to march was asked to leave due to the Star of David appearing on his clothing. This gentleman tried to fight the system, but no one wanted to hear his voice. Adam Milstein has promised to be the voice of this individual.

Adam Milstein also described receiving news stories put out by several American universities that condemned Israel and the Jewish people. He believes Jewish people cannot feel safe in American colleges, or in America in general, until something is done about the current oppression. Adam wants Jews coming to America to feel more than welcome. Presently, he feels Jews coming to America will feel like they are back in an area of the Middle East where they are hated.

Adam is an active writer Jewish News Syndicate. He is also a long-time member of the Israeli-American Council. He has a beautiful family and resides in California. In addition to having a few traditional businesses, Adam has one of the largest real estate businesses in America and the world.

Elizabeth Devos’ Role in Providing Quality Education for All

Born on 8th January 1958, Elisabeth Dee Devos popularly known as Betsy1y Devos is an American businesswoman and politician who is currently the United States Secretary. Before she was confirmed as Secretary, Dee Devos was the chairman of the Windquest group. This is an enterprise and investment firm. Secretary Besty Devos is also an activist and has been involved in education policy for decades. For all this time, Devos has worked as an advocate for children. While representing the children, she focused particularly on ensuring the less privileged children could have access to quality education. Secretary Devos’ interest in education was sparked at an early age by her mother who was a teacher at a public school. The interest grew when she was taking her children to school and noticed that not all children in the United States have access to quality education. Furthermore, she saw the efforts that leaders in her hometown were putting in so as to increase educational opportunities and choices for parents. Ever since then she has been on the forefront to fight for better education opportunities for children.

Secretary Elizabeth served as a mentor for children in the Grand Rapids for 15 years, which according to her changed her perspective about education. It was there that Devos earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Elizabeth has put a lot of effort to ensure that new choices for students to study have been created in at least 25 states across America. EliZabeth Devos is married to Dick Devos, who is an American entrepreneur/businessman and author from Michigan. Together, the two have a family that is devoted to helping people, and they have taken part in many philanthropic works. Secretary Devos is a leading advocate for educational-choice movement and the chairperson of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation.

She also serves as the chai of the American Federation of children and the Alliance for School Choice. Truly, her charitable works range widely. Mrs. Devos is also a member of several boards like the Kids Hope USA and the Mars Hill Bible Church.Dick and Besty Devos Family Foundation was started by the couple in order to help provide quality education and choices to students and parents across the U.S. Her impact in the education system is clear since as at this point, there are 250,000 students in 33 programs across 17 states. Through the years the foundation has expanded programs to several states like Arizona, Virginia, and Indiana. Mrs. Devos has made it possible for many students to get tax-credit scholarships especially in Florida where close to 50000 students are under the program. Mr. Devos hopes that in future, all parents in America will be able to choose the best schools for their children no matter the Z.I.P. code.


The Charity Work of Open Society Foundation of founded by George Soros

George Soros is one of the greatest philanthropists in the world. Soros has supported many organizations and individuals in the world who fight for accountable governments, freedom of expression, transparency and those supporting justice and equality. He focuses mainly on groups and people who have been discriminated for who they are. He has supported groups such as LGBTI people, sex workers, and drug users. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Soros who survived the Nazi occupation of 1944 to 1945, says in an open society foundation that his family escapes the murder by forging identity papers concealing their background. By doing so, they escaped their fate and ended helping other people. It is in this spirit that Soros has become charitable. His charity work began in South Africa during the apartheid in 1979. He gave scholarships to black South African and in the 1980s, he provided photocopiers to an eastern communist bloc that promoted the open exchange of ideas. He created the central university to foster critical thinking after the fall of Berlin Wall. He supported cultural exchange amongst Eastern Europe and west and funded Soviet society. Soros expanded his charitable works into the United States, Asia, and Africa after the end of the cold war.

Soros worked as a night club waiter and railway porter in London and used his wages to pay for his fee. He relocated to the United States and joined the world of finance and investments. He made his fortune in this world and 1970 he launched his hedge fund known as Soros Fund management and ended up being one of the most successful investors in the United States.

The billionaire George Soros has built a kingdom that donates throughout Europe and duplicates political machine powered by not for profit making organizations that have had a significant influence on American politics. According to the Washington Times, Soros donated more than $33 million to support established groups that were the grassroots of Ferguson movement. His financial contribution has turned the one day protest into a 24 hour a day national protest. Soros believes that people should participate in government. Soros who is the founder and director of open society foundation noted that one way of making the society more accountable is helping groups combine research and policy with community organizing. Read this story at about George Soros.

The Open Society has been making donations to groups since it was founded in the early 1990s. Though the groups in the protests have received donations from Soros, they were not directed to protest at the request of Open Society. The protest at Ferguson and Cleveland were spontaneous, and the organization does not have the ability to dictate what others say. The circumstances have gained people’s attention, and the social justice groups involved have seen that such incidents represent a lack of democratic participation and accountability.

Eric Lefkofsky: Philanthropist and Brilliant Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky is a brilliant entrepreneur and philanthropist who hopes to help humanity as much as possible before leaving this earth. While attending the University of Michigan, he graduated with honors and then went on to University of Michigan Law School and received his Juris Doctor. He began his career as a humble carpet salesmen but soon would go on to do greater things. In 1999, he created the internet company, Starbelly, which specialized in promotional products. He later sold it to Halo Industries in the year 2000. Eric then co-founded InnerWorkings, which offered print procurement services for mid-sized companies. He was on the board of directors for this successful company until 2012 and watched it grow, year after year. Eric On Facebook.

Eventually, Eric Lefkofsky would found Tempus, which is a company on a mission to redefine how genomic data is used in clinical settings. The company has built an operating system to battle cancer, and Eric’s goal, as well as the company’s, is that every single patient will benefit from the treatment of other patients who came before. This will happen because of the tools that Tempus is providing to physicians that will help them to learn as more data is gathered. Basically, the bigger the database of cancer patients from the past, the more that physicians in this day and age can provide real solutions for people who suffer from cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky’s philanthropy is widely known, and he supports educational causes, fundamental human rights, medical foundations and causes, and the arts and culture. Among the many organizations that have benefited from his charitable side are the AUSL (Academy for Urban School Leadership), After School Matters, the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, the Human Rights Watch, Medical Missions for Children, The Representation Project, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, the Museum of Science and Industry, and so many more. The world is a much better place thanks to Eric Lefkofksy. for more.