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In a recent report by Netpicks, forex trading in currency pairs offers traders a loophole to invest in this currencies based on whether the pair prices will go up or down in a decentralized market. These transactions take place via electronic over the counter financial exchanges based in major cities such as Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and many others worldwide. Thanks to this, the forex market is open 24 hours a day. For instance, if London’s financial exchange closes, traders can still trade the currency pairs in Tokyo as the forex market. To assist them in knowing which forex market is open, forex traders can use live signal services and charts provided by Netpicks. Also besides spot trading, traders can now trade via forwarding and futures markets which are often used by business gurus who want to avoid risks.

Characteristics of the forex market:

This is according to Netpicks

– The FX market is highly liquid which is why most traders prefer trading in currency pairs

– Unlike the stock market, the FX market limits traders to few currency pair options. Even though there are more exotic pairs, using them can be quite risky which is why most traders prefer purchasing and selling the already well-established currency pairs.

– Retailers often benefit from the market’s extreme liquidity because the swift price changes often offer them financial opportunities.

Netpicks has always been on the forefront of guiding FX traders which is why its report further goes on to add tips on how to trade in the FX market as shown below.

– As a trader, you should first determine the risk you are exposing yourself by

choosing a particular currency before you make any trade.

– Buy the pair you’ve set your mind on with the mindset that the base currency will become stronger in comparison to the quote currency. While selling you should expect the vice versa.

– Place a buy or sell order but keep in mind. It might lead to a prospective gain or a possible loss.

– Follow the same steps in vice versa when it is time to sell the currency pairs that are now in your possession and check for the profit or loss in the balance section of your trading account.

About Netpicks

Established over two decades ago, Netpicks is a well-known online forex trading education company which also deals with an array of other FX market services ( For instance, the company offers 24-hour live signal trading services which make it easier for both beginners and expert forex traders to navigate the market easily. It continuously updates its charts with the latest currency pairs so traders can get the flexibility they require to buy or sell and at the same time maximize their profits.

Netpicks is based in Texas, Irvin to be precise and since it 1996, the company has helped coach myriads of clients to reach the heights of FX trading. Additionally, Netpicks is one of the largest forex brokers currently, and it is led by a team of well-experienced forex traders which explains its cutting edge success, check