EOS Vs Chapstick: A New Revolution In Lip Balm

Most people may know that familiar cylinder tub of lip joy. It is known as chopstick. The lip dehydrator and ultimate lip healer known to most. Most consumers may have only found their chapstick at a local drug store, quite familiarly near the checkout. There was even a splash of flavor involved such as cherry or mint. Then of course there is the original flavor which offers no taste. It was easy then to collect a few and stick them in your purse or pocket for any given lip emergency. It didn’t hurt these mini tubes were almost mere cents to buy, so very easily afford.

The lip beauty game has ultimately changed now. Enter EOS seven years ago, the fashionable round lip balm. EOS lip balm quickly became popular with the celebrity population with celebrities toting their lightly colored ball balms everywhere. EOS stands for Evolution of smooth and it sure to make your lips dance. The shape of the balm has gotten the most attention and has really revolutionized lip care. The tube has now been rethought and the bar was set high. The shape has catered to women as it has been noted most of the consumers in the lip balm industry are women. First introduced to a Walgreens representative, the lip balm company has completely taken over. The products are now being sold at Lucky Vitamin and Ulta. It turns out the shape and the buttery smooth after effects is really what led EOS into victory.