How Desiree Perez is Pushing Tidal to the Top

Nowadays music streaming industry is the order of the day. It is becoming a major part of life. Whether you are a young person or old person, you can take advantage of the technology because there are many sites today streaming music. All you need is a just internet connection, computer or even a smartphone and you are set to go. The best thing with music streaming is that is easy to use, and anyone anywhere can use it for entertainment. The business has made people millions because it generates income. Tidal is one company that is dedicated to connecting music lovers with artists. It is owned by Jay-Z who is a well-known rapper.


There are big names in the industry such as Spotify, iTunes, and Apple. That is the reason why a new company will face challenges until it works its way to achieving competitive advantage over the giant companies. Tidal began from a humble background, and it faced the difficulties any business would face. Competition is high, and the company had to struggle with a series of leaders stepping down from the leadership positions. Despite the difficulties facing the company, Jay-Z still managed to keep the business going, and as of now, there are new developments that will take the company to the top.  Source:


From a post on, Jay-Z now came up with someone who many people would not think. It is no other than Desiree Perez who has been a businesswoman for over decades. Perez is powerful in that position and she will make it happen, and there is a vast improvement, and Perez is working to ensure that Tidal succeeds. Remember that Perez has led successful projects and she is the mastermind behind the success of Beyoncé tour.

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Tidal has also seen success with the album’s release by Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. Desiree Perez , as she is popularly known, knows to connect music lovers with artists. Music streaming needs such people who can be able to convince customers to love the music. From the new development, one can conclude that Tidal is headed for success and there are great deals on the way for the company. Desiree is all the company needs to succeed.


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