Desiree Perez and her contribution to growth of Tidal

Desiree Perez is not new to the entertainment industry; she owns her own business and knows how to finalize deals that are more profitable for the artist and the business. She is a member of the influential Hova circle and portrays high management skills. Desiree Perez and her husband run Roc Nation sports. And for a long time she has been under the wings of Roc Nations contracts.


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Desiree Perez is a tough negotiator and her own boss. Desiree managed to negotiate for Rihanna Samsung deal and Beyoncé Formation stadium tour. She is not only behind the brains of Roc Nation’s label operations, publishing and management but also Tidal business. The brand has worked with Rihanna, T.I., Beyoncé and Kanye West.


The management of Tidal has changed a lot recently causing the company to stagger as executives have stepped down but the founder Jay-z will not see one of his investments go down. Jay-z brought in Desiree Perez, and are working together to see Tidal successful through new membership.  Check this on

The two have been close associate for close to 20 years. Upon her appointment, Perez has made it clear that music streaming service is planning to be around a very long time. The curiosity from music fans is Desiree’s push to keep the customers interested and creating a pool of more music fans. Have a peek on this site.


Jay-z and Desiree have worked together to finalize some multi-million dollar contracts. She is the person behind those deals and that why more people are signing up for Tidal. Their main concern is the Tidal app and promoting some features like ‘Tidal Discovery’ a curated list of new releases, ‘Tidal Rising’- emerging artist and ‘TIDAL X’-exclusive live performance. The streaming service has been concentrated more on young music consumers and corporate buyers to beat their rivals Apple Music and Spotify. Tidal focuses on new music rather than the existing ones.


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