John Goullet Achievements in IT Department

John Goullet currently serves as the chairman and principal in an institution known as Diversant LLC. The information technology expert is also a successful businessman who has started several ventures. Most of his businesses have done very well in the market. Goullet has a lot of knowledge in solutions architecture, networking engineering, application development, mobile development and information systems staffing. This expertise dates back to more than two decades in the IT world. The businessman acquired his Master’s degree in the prestigious Ursinus College in the year 1983. Goullet’s education background has played a key role in his successful career.

John Goullet ventured into the information technology industry when he was still studying in college. At first, he worked as an IT consultant at an institution known as Computer Science Corporation. Goullet also served at Constell Group, based in Piscataway for some time before getting an appointment at TSR Consultants. The businessman also had an opportunity to work at Cap Gemini America for over three years.

After serving as an information technology consultant for several years, Goullet made a transition to IT staffing. The businessman had already acquired a lot of expertise in the industry while working in the different organizations, and he felt that he could run his company. Using this knowledge, the businessman established a company known as Info Technologies. The company was founded to offer staffing solutions to medium-sized enterprises in the United States.

Under John’s leadership, Info Technologies was very successful. The company did very well because it understood the staffing needs of the customers and then finally matching them with the personalities suitable for the positions. The company was recognized in several platforms due to its growth in less than five years. In February 2010, Goullet decided to merge Info Technologies and Diversant Inc to form Diversant LLC.

Diversant LLC has also done well under the leadership of John Goullet. The company is recognized as the largest African-American staffing firm. Goullet and the board of directors of the company have employed a team of professionals who use their consultative techniques to solve the ever-changing demands of the modern consumers. The company has earned the respect of many clients in the world. John Goullet at Facebook .