A Splash Of Color With Gooee LEDs

Nobody thinks much about what residential lighting could be, because most people are used to the boring same old when it comes to lights. On to see, off for darkness. What some people may not know, is that with Gooee IoT enabled lights and sockets, the lighting possibilities in residential spaces are about to become infinitely more interesting.


Imagine one day a mom decides to throw a barbie doll inspired party for her daughter in the living room with all of her little 3 year old friends. The decor is good, but it needs a little bit of an extra kick, so out comes the tablet and in seconds the room is filled with a flood of pink light. One of the unique capabilities of WiFi enabled LEDs is that they come with a full spectrum of color, allowing the user to adjust color temperature and intensity from whatever fixtures they choose. Warming up or cooling down a light setting is great for mood lighting, setting an ambiance, or even coordinating with an interior decoration or design change like wallpaper or upholstery. Spontaneous lighting for parties is also included.


Of course this WiFi enabled lighting serves it’s practical purposes as well, turning on and off when people leave and enter rooms automatically with human detection sensors saving money and energy resources, but LEDs do have their fun and spontaneous side too. and all of it can be yours by switching to Gooee LED bulbs.

Gooee Smart Lighting