Journey into the Life of Accomplished Billionaire Chris Burch

Journey into the Life of Accomplished Billionaire Chris Burch

“The life of an entrepreneur is often as difficult as it is rewarding”, words by J. Christopher Burch. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an entrepreneur who has been an active investor, investing in a number of industries for about forty years now. The year 1976 was the beginning of Mr. Burch’s entrepreneurship career. Ever since he has been a force to reckon with in the realms of innovation and implementation.

His understanding of consumer behaviour and know how on sourcing infrastructure and direct-to-consumer channels has helped him achieve quite a diverse investment portfolio. Mr. Chris is behind the rise of over 50 companies, contributing more and more to the well-being of these companies. He had started a company, C.Wonder, which he sold to another company, Xcel Brands, in 2011. Some of the major brand portfolios Mr. Burch has contributed to include ED by Ellen Degeneres, Cocoon9, Bur+Mah, Jawbone, Poppin, TRADEMARK and Nihiwatu among others.

Nihiwatu, his Indonesian resort, was named number one in the Travel+Leisure’s Annual World Best Awards. On a visit to Nihi Sumba Island, he came across this fascinating land with beautiful white beaches and grandstanding exotic culture. There and then he had this goal of creating a luxury experience which also preserved the islands native beauty. Nihiwatu is a haven that boasts of luxurious accommodations, surfing, fishing, wellness, spa safari and excursions. Here, you are bound to reconnect with the earth and community.

Mr. Chris has played the role of board member for various foundations and co-operatives. Not only has he been a board member but also generously funds these foundations. He continues to use his entrepreneurship skills to conquer and reach new heights in the world of business, working hard to realize his vision for brand new market opportunities and businesses that positively influence the consumers’ lives.

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