SoftBank’s Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

In 2017, there was an acquisition in the business world that left some investment analysts scratching their heads. SoftBank acquired Fortress Investment Group in a deal that saw Fortress shareholders receive a 39 percent premium on the share price. Those who owned Fortress shares received $8.08 per share when the deal was finalized.

SoftBank and Fortress Investment Group are very different companies. SoftBank was founded in Japan as a computer software firm. In the last few years, SoftBank has acquired several internet startup companies as well as some other tech companies. Before now, SoftBank has not sought out adding an investment company to its portfolio.

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative investment company that has over $40 billion in assets under its management. The company was the first alternative investment company to go public.

Many believe that the reason that SoftBank acquired Fortress Investment Group is due to the fact that both companies have a track record of branching out from their traditional field of business. SoftBank started acquiring telecom companies for instance. For Fortress, they have had to adapt to a number of changes within the financial services industry over the course of the last few years. They have had to diversify there lines of interest to include real estate and private equity investments.

Even though Fortress Investment Group has been acquired by SoftBank, nothing is really going to change as far as Fortress in concerned. Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger who are the principles of Fortress will remain actively involved with the company in their current roles. These three gentleman, along with the staff at Fortress, will continue to look for investments that will provide significant returns for their clients.

Wes Edens of Fortress has stated that he is very pleased with the SoftBank acquisition, and he is pleased that Fortress is no longer a publicly traded company. For him, it will mean not having to discuss the company’s earnings when quarterly earnings reports are issued.

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The Sustained Success of Fortress Investment Group and Its Involvement With Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Any company that remains relevant after many years of operation will doubtless attract many features, media attention and interviews. Companies that succeed have to share their wisdom, ideas, trade secrets and just about any productive tip through these media portals. In the case with the success of Fortress Investment Group, it is through the feature articles from Patch and New York Post that most of their historical highlights are being given the due attention they deserve. Fortress Investment Group is already an established brand. Its reputation for being an outstanding asset manager that spans its operations in private equity, Post-IPO and Late Stage Venture have shaped are rarely disputed.

In the Patch article, it is found that Fortress Investment Group has done enough credible work in its pipeline to be regarded as a force of innovation. In fact, Fortress Investment Group is a trendsetter in innovation. The Patch article also affirms how Fortress has still up to now retained its reputation of being a diversified investment management company that handles an ominous $43 billion under its assets. These assets are from over 1,750 investors coming from the private equity, permanent capital and hedge funds sectors. Fortress is able to serve such clients mainly because of the “strong risk-adjusted returns” strategy that it offers to its investors over the long-term. Fortress right now is given so much trust by its investors that it currently has over 900 people to run its operations. Its headquarters is in New York.

In the New York Post feature, it is revealed that the latest activity of Fortress under the guidance of its shareholder, SoftBank, is to gather about $400 million as a funding to sue companies that are accused of various intellectual property infringement cases. The article also added that Softbank, led by Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son, bought Fortress for $3.3 billion but its principals would still be working for Fortress independently. The partnership between Fortress and SoftBank has proven to generate profitable outcomes that both generate more jobs for the society, and increase the capital resources of companies that need the assistance for expansion.

Christopher Burch Details on his Business Career

Later in 2012, Christopher Burch sold much of his 28.3 percent stake he had in his ex-wife’s fashion brand known as Rory Burch. The stake sold cost 650 million dollars. This made Chris join the list of billionaires on Forbes in the year 2013. Once he sold his share, he was finally able to eradicate lawsuits filed against him and claims which had started to threaten the future of his brand. They had divorced back in the year 2006, but effects of this started to be seen in 2011. This is the same year Chris had introduced C. Wonder that was dealing with clothing and gift chains resembling Tory’s brand, check this on   He sold his products at a lower cost, unlike Tory.

After a while of trouble, they were able to solve their differences, and they settled late in 2012 the same time Chris was selling his stake. However, he was left with a small stake in the business. On February 2013, he sold a stake of 10 percent of his company C. Wonder to fidelity investments. Fidelity paid him 35 million dollars to acquire this stake. He has maintained a majority of the stake to date and has billionaire Len Blavatnik as an investor. Chris Burch has indicated that he wants to push his company beyond borders to the international market. He intends to open more than 300 stores allover the globe in a period of three years.  For more reading, head over to

The man has lots of interests when it comes to investing in firms with potential. He has so far invested in office supply firm popping, manufacturers of phone gadgets known as Aliph that own the Bluetooth handset Jawbone, wireless charging Powermat among other things. His daughters Alexandra and Louisa have joined the family business and have already launched fashion lines. The future for them is bright considering that they have both their parents to coach them on how they will go about the business owing to their experience.

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Touching on a different thing, Burch was raised in Pennsylvania. He has in the past admitted how poor he was in school. He used to be last in his elementary school because he found it difficult to concentrate and read. The teachers used to tell his parents how Burch was always absent minded while in class and this would break his future. Now that we are living in the future, we all know it did not break him. Probably the reason he was always absent minded was that he was thinking about how to start his empire which he already has.   Related article on

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