Chris Burch’s Latest Success, Nihi Sumba Island

The investment capitalist, Chris Burch is taking another calculated risk. These risks usually turn out not to be risks at all, because his risk taking often turns out to be wins. With the case of his latest venture, his luxury resort in the Indonesian islands, the Nihi Sumba Island resort, so far it’s proven to be another winner.

Chris Burch purchased the struggling surfers’ hostel in 2012 with his partner, James McBride, a global hotelier. In the following three years, they rebuilt the hostel turning it into a luxury resort with a penchant for the rustic elements of an island still ruggedly breathtaking in its splendor. Its breathtaking scenery and its enchanting isolation makes it ideal for the mogul in need of rest and solitude, a getaway from a fast-paced lifestyle. Get more interesting facts here on (Wingsjournal).

Nihi Sumba Island is located on a beach that is relatively isolated and is still off the beaten path. When hotel guests arrive they are greeted with an opportunity to stay at one of 27 private villas, with a personal butler. Each room is unique and only steps away from being in its natural state. Three of the rooms are located in tree houses. But remember, this is a luxury resort, the cost of a stay in Nihi Sumba Island ranges from $750 to 1,400 a night. Naturally, meals are included as is the cost of all non-alcoholic beverages.

The resort’s meals are specially prepared from freshly caught seafood and organic fruits and vegetables grown locally. Each dish is prepared to be both a tasty delight and visually breathtaking. The mini bar is kept well stocked with spirits and beers. Nihi makes its own chocolate in an onsite chocolate factory. Guests can partake of these treats by accessing them in the mini bar. Anyone who is not fully captivated by the rustic surroundings can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. Otherwise the guests can get to know the native land with local tours or just take swims in the plunge pool or the ocean, relax with early morning yoga, benefit from the NihiOka spa, drive to the Sumbanese village and buy local crafts, surf or take surfing lessons.

Nihi Sumba Island offers much to the traveler in need of rejuvenation. Chris Burch, CEO of Chris Burch Capital spends much of his down time at the resort when he’s not traveling the world and bringing another business to the market. In the last few years, he has brought Tory Burch, Ed by Ellen DeGeneres, Bauble Bar, Blink Health and Bauble Bar to the forefront of the American market. Following his other businesses, Nihi Sumba Island is yet another success, hop over to