Eric Pulier: Work hard, Give back, Repeat

Eric Pulier is simply an inspiration. He is a father, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, venture capitalist… the list is endless. He was born in New Jersey and started displaying signs of greatness at an early age. He was already a computer programmer in the fourth grade and by the time he completed high school, he had long started a computer database company.

Eric went to Harvard attained a Bachelor of Arts in English and American literature degree then proceeded on to Los Angeles in 1991 to start building his dreams by founding the company People Doing Things. The company focused on providing healthcare and education sectors with technological innovations. He founded interactive agency, Digital Evolution, in 1994 which then merged with US interactive LLC in 1998.

He has founded, co-founded and funded over 15 companies to date and he doesn’t seem ready to stop. Persistence is his number one driving factor. Some of the companies that he has founded or co founded are MediaPlatformm, SOA software, US Media Interactive LLC and Desktone. He is well known as one of the industry’s pre-eminent technologists and was in VAR Business’ list of 30 e-visionaries.

Philanthropy is at the core of Eric’s work and one of his recognised efforts is a camp for children with chronic illnesses called the Painted Turtle. He has donated both time and effort to give kids with chronic illnesses a fun and relaxing summer camp while still catering to their medical needs. His passion for children is further seen in his work with Starbright World where he incorporated money and his tech skills to build a highly specialized secure social platform for children who have chronic illnesses. This is especially helpful because the children can get to meet and interact with others who are experiencing similar health-related issues.

In the 1990s, he worked with Bill Clinton to give at-need communities low-cost cloud computing solutions. He was also a front-runner in developing multimedia educational platforms intended for home use. A program that is to be noted is the one that educated people with multiple sclerosis teaching them more about their disease.

About Eric Pulier: