Cancer Treatment Centers of America Announces Collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) has announced it is collaborating with NantHealth and Allscripts in implementing a custom technical solution. When there is a smooth integration of the clinical decision support solution, the Clinical Pathways program informs the cancer treatment process without interfering with the clinical workflow of the physician.

Many oncologists contributed to the creation of the clinical operating system’s interface. The direct interface holds comprehensive data on evolving cancer care. Clinical Pathways combines the latest cancer research, treatment regimens, and complementary therapies into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR. This incorporation allows oncologists to create a list of care protocols at the point of care.

The platform allows access to custom regimens, comparison of treatment options, computer order entry, access to guidelines and related information, supporting clinical data and a real-time functionality.

Clinical Pathways creates accountability and helps to improve quality and efficiency as it reduces variability in care. Patients and their clinical teams discuss treatment options, which provides confidence in the prescribed treatment, appropriate for their diagnosis. It can also expedite insurance provider’s approval as the necessary clinical data supporting the selected treatment technique can be provided.

The integration of the eviti® solution and Allscripts Sunrise EHR for Clinical Pathways lets physicians retrieve information from a Medical Library encompassing over 2,700 of the most appropriate, evidence based cancer treatment regimens covering. Clinical Pathways is open for use with every patient at the five CTCA hospital locations.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospitals serving cancer patients within the United States. It was founded Richard J Stephenson in 1988 and has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida

CTCA relies on an integrative approach to cancer care, which applies conventional treatment methods and integrative therapies to address their side effects. It has been acknowledged for its high patient satisfaction scores and earned recognition from various healthcare organizations.

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George Soros’ Open Society Foundations Becomes The Second Largest Philanthropic Organization In The US

George Soros, the mega Democratic donor, is set to be at the center of social  political debates in the US after revealing that he has channeled $18 billion to his foundation. The massive donation made to the Open Society Foundations is one of the largest transfers of money made by a private donor to a single organization. To this end, the Open Society Foundations (OSF) ranks as the second largest philanthropic organizations in the US after the Bill Melinda Gates Foundations. The hedge fund billionaire founded OSF three decades ago. The company’s first office was based in Hungary. His unique leadership and commitment has seen the foundation expand its footprints to 120 countries.

The vocal democratic supporter established OSF by adopting philosopher Karl Popper’s book, “The Open Society  Its Enemies.” The book promotes democratic governance, respect for human rights free expression. George Soros’ foundation advocates for the above issues as well as accountable governments, and equality and justice in societies. OSF’s philanthropy targets different groups of people who are discriminated against for who they are, including gays and lesbians. In addition, the foundation has developed innovative programs aiming at reducing police abuses. Over the years, OSF has supported numerous initiatives, including developing treatment centers during the Ebola outbreak in 2014 and supporting the groups representing Europe’s Roma people. Most recently, Soros donated $10 million to causes seeking to protect citizens against hatred that erupted after the 2016 elections.

The 2016 election saw the 87-year-old Hungarian spend massively to support Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes. His support attracted a fair share of criticism from the far right. For instance, the right-winged website, Breibart, accused George Soros of trying to make Ireland a “Pro-abortion country.” However, the populace of the country does not hold this view. Eileen Heisman, a leader at the National Philanthropic Trust, said that George is making the right move given the current state of America. She added that unlike the accusations from the far right, George is a transparent man. The vice president of OSF, Patrick Gaspard, mentioned that demand for the organization’s service increased after President Trump’s election. He accused Trump’s commission of integrity violations through voter fraud. This information was originally mentioned on NY Times as outlined and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros was born in Hungary where he lived through the Nazi occupation that left over 500,000 Hungarian Jews dead. He escaped to London and later moved to the US to build his career by working on Wall Street. As a hedge fund manager, George started accumulating wealth due to his expertise in the field. His career peaked in 1992 when he made a $1 billion fortune after betting against the British pound. This success earned the heavyweight investor the title of “the man who broke the bank of England.” He has continued to invest through the Soros Fund Management. Over the years, George has engaged in philanthropic activities. OSF spends approximately $900 million annually. The president of Ford Foundation, Darren Walker, said that for the past 20years, OSF has made an incredible impact worldwide compared to any other foundation. This information was originally published on the Open Society Foundations.

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Walden Cosmetic Surgical Center: Success in Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most fascinating, popular and profitable industries in the world. This industry rakes in billions of dollars on an annual basis. On top of that, the industry uses some of the most advanced technological devices on earth, which delivers a much better end result. Walden Cosmetic Surgical Center has made a name for itself over the past few years thanks to its brilliant array of services. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the founder of this practice, and she puts every bit of heart and soul into the business. Coming from a family of medical professionals, Walden has kept the lineage in order and going strong.

This woman is truly amazing as she has accomplished so much over a rather short period of time. She just so happens to be an author, a media commentator, and she’s one of the top American plastic surgeons in Texas. This medical facility is running on all cylinders and Walden is the fuel. Walden is all about empowerment, and her practice uses some of the most innovative methods to give individuals confidence. Venus Concept, Ideal Impact and ThermieAesthetics are three companies that she works with and serves as a business consultant. After graduating from Anderson High School, she would begin her residency at the prestigious University of Texas Medical Branch. After her residency, Walden moved to New York an obtained a fellowship in aesthetics. This was at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She continued to work in “The Big Apple” for seven years before moving back to Texas.

It would be hard to find another female cosmetic surgeon with so much clout and appreciation. As of today, she has remained true to her craft while providing some of the best cosmetic procedures in the area. Dr. Jennifer Walden and Walden Cosmetic Surgical Center is a match made in heaven.


Tips For How Men Can Stay Healthy

Life Line Screening has released a list of ways that men can address their health strategies in order to be healthy. Chief among these is to reduce the chronic stress in their lives. When a man experiences persistent stress they build up cortisol which weakens their immune systems. There are ways to de-stress such as meditating, listening to music they enjoy, and relaxing in a hot tub.

Hard workouts which includes running and swimming have been shown to increase blood flow to health throughout the body. This increases the amount of oxygen in the blood as well as boosting dopamine levels among other advantages. Men should also check their blood pressure, optimally three times a day. High blood pressure can leave to strokes or cause blood vessels to rupture or become stiff. If blood pressure is chronically high they should see a doctor about getting blood pressure medications prescribed.

Men should get two doctor appointments a year and tell their doctor about any symptoms they have been experiencing. This can include a list or chart of symptoms as well as including how they have been sleeping and what they have been eating. Men should get their cholesterol checked every year as well as avoid food that has a lot of oil and/or salt. Another tip is to get 2000 milligrams of niacin every day which helps to promote blood flow.

Life Line Screenings is a company that provides tests which can detect the early stages of diseases and other health problems. The Life Line Screenings founded in 1993 in Florida and provides screening across the United States and the UK. They have screened over 500,000 people at local events held in senior centers, community buildings, businesses, churches, and other places where a large number of people can get screened.

Life Line Screenings partnered with a number of insurance companies, health organizations, and hospitals. The list includes Ameriplan, MCM Solutions, Carolina Vascular, and other institutions.

They also provide the anonymous health data they collect to clinical research teams which are researching diseases and health issues. In one study there proved to be a correlation between excessive weight and abdominal aortic aneurysms.

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