The Illustrious And Pioneering Career Of Sheldon Lavin


Transitioning jobs in different industries is not a typical move by the average professional. It requires dedication, passion and the drive to acquire all the necessary skills to execute the new task efficiently. One courageous banking and investment professional, Sheldon Lavin, made a move to be a small business leader in the 70s, leaving behind a successful career and a finance enterprise. Sheldon previously worked as an executive and investor in the banking industry and currently heads the OSI Group, LLC as chief executive officer and chairman. Learn More.

In his previous tenure, he oversaw the financing of OSI’s predecessor, Otto and Sons. After Otto and Sons had attracted an opportunity to supply meat to the McDonalds Corporation, they needed capital to execute the deal. Sheldon Lavin transacted the financing required from the bank and later became a consultant for Otto and Sons at the request of the bank. In 1975, when Otto retired from the company, Sheldon became a partner with equal shares as the sons. A few years later, McDonald’s urged Sheldon to be part of OSI’s business so as to continue growing the business relationship. Sheldon joined the OSI Group full-time and began laying down foundations to expand the enterprise to other countries. By the mid-1980s OSI had gained substantial ground in Taiwan and South America and presently supplies meat to 16 nations. Sheldon owns 100 percent of the firm’s voting control following the exit of the two original partners from the business. He has a deep appreciation for the company’s culture and plans to continue spreading and diversifying the business overseas. Contact Sheldon .

In February 2016, Sheldon received a Global Visionary Award during the 5th annual award celebrations of Vision World Academy in India. The awards recognize enduring business leaders who transform small businesses into giants in their industry. Sheldon received an honor for turning OSI from a little McDonald’s meat supplier to an international company with clients in 16 countries. Sheldon is a council member of Goodman Theatre and Rush University Medical Center. He is the chairman of various organizations including Inner City Foundation and United Negro College Find. He is a trustee of Ronald McDonald House and serves the Sheba Foundation as director and president. for more .