Enjoy Cheap and High Quality Outfits With Fabletics

Fabletics is a high quality and innovative fitness active wear line for the 21st century woman. This line of women’s wear was co-founded by the famous TV celebrity Kate Hudson and JustFab Inc. The variety of designs offered by this brand all reflect its quality standards from fashion-infused products to workout essentials. With Fabletics, you are spoilt for choice when shopping for tanks, tops, sport bras, tees, hoodies, leggings, jackets, shorts, and pants.



How Does Fabletics Work?



When you join Fabletics as a VIP, the first outfit you get will be priced at a mere $25. You also stand to get discounts when you buy a la carte products. Furthermore, as a VIP member, you are not required to pay monthly fees or buy anything. In case you do not buy anything in any given month you are not charged. The main benefit of joining Fabletics is that you will get outfits customized for you every month.



Once you join Fabletics, you will be taken through a survey regarding the types of workouts you are engaged in, and the style of outfits you prefer. At the start of every month, Fabletics will pick workout outfits for you based on the answers you provided in the survey.



Reward Program



Every time you submit a product review or make a purchase you earn points. Each dollar spent on purchases earns you 2 points. 100 points equals $49.95. You can get reward points by sharing your opinion about the outfits you have purchased. After you attain more than 300 points, you will receive free gear. For 700 points you can get higher valued items for free. You can further redeem 1,000 points, for better rewards.



Return Policy



Fabletics is dedicated to satisfying its customers. For this reason, you can be able to return an item 30 days after purchasing it. Any item that is returned should be new and unused and should bear all the original tags. However, some items acquired by special promotions cannot be returned. There are three return options you can choose from without any charge:



  • Returning an item for credit
  • Returning an item in exchange for another
  • Returning an item to get a refund ( a $5.95 fee will be charged on the refund)


Fabletics, backed by a prestigious Hollywood star, is a non-generic, trendy brand which is both cheap and of great quality. The main benefits of Fabletics include its variety of outfits, its VIP program, its reward program, and its return policy.

Throw Out the Rules, Be Who You Are

Of course, rules are important in life. However, there are times when you can toss out the rules, be who you are, and have fun.

One makeup company that’s not afraid to to expand their makeup horizons is Lime Crime. One look at their color palettes and you instantly see that they aren’t afraid of color. The bright, bold colors are perfect for weekend fun, or special occasions when you want to show off your bold style. If you visit the website, you’ll find great information on combining colors, and some wonderful ideas that you may want to try. One example, is peach hair and the color palettes that go well with it. Visit Lime Crime website at ilovelimecrime.com

The point is, if you love a color such as blue, why not use it? While, you may not want to try out unusual makeup colors when you’re heading to the office, stock on fun weekend shades that you love. Try out new techniques. Be your unique, wonderful, self.

Pick up two makeup bags that you like. This will make it easier to organize your makeup. Designate one bag for your daily makeup collection. This bag can hold your muted colors, and your makeup supplies that follow general make up guidelines about color. The second bag can be your dream makeup bag. This bag can hold all of the colors that you want to try out. When you’re heading out with friends and want to experiment with your look, reach for this bag.

The bottom line is, have fun with your makeup. It’s so easy to become comfortable with a certain look. People get stuck using the same styles and colors year, after year. Makeup should be exciting. It should make you feel good. Remember that makeup washes off, so don’t be afraid to try new colors and new looks. Shake things up with some matte lipstick, instead of the glossy stuff that you usually wear. You may just love it.