Sujit Choudhry the World’s Leading Comparative Law Expert

The legal field is quite broad with some laws being different and others sharing the same concept. Comparative law is one them; it focuses on how different countries make their rules. A scholar or a legal practitioner reviews all the systems of various nations and compares them. When a law student learns comparative law, he or she can know the differences and similarities of legal regimes that different countries have. This study is beneficial because governments can learn about each other’s policies and this makes it easy to trade with each other. For business individuals wishing to grow their enterprises and expand to other countries, learning comparative law is paramount. The comparative law study is also very vital for lawyers who travel from their countries to foreign countries to represent business owners in legal transactions.  Check this.

The comparative law helps an individual to understand the constitutions of other nations, criminal justice systems that other countries use, and the policies that govern businesses in foreign countries. Though the bill of rights is universal, it is important to study comparative law to understand the rights of citizens in every nation.

There are many experts in the comparative law sector, but Sujit Choudhry is well known. He has been in legal practice for a long period working for the best law firms in the world as a whole. His career began at the Canadian Supreme Court and later decided to get into teaching law as a professor. He started tutoring law at the University of Toronto where he was and still the dean. During his time at the University of Toronto, he increased his knowledge of comparative law, and also shared what he already knew with other law professors he worked with in the university. See

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After being a professor at the University of Toronto, he moved to the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law in the United States. He has a lot of knowledge in this field, and this has earned him a promotion to head the institution as the dean. Based on, Sujit was the first Indian American in the university history to hold this prestigious position. He has helped many countries that were struggling with the comparative law in aligning their related requirements, which include Sri Lanka, Jordan, Tunisia, and Egypt among others. His knowledge of comparative law has brought positive impact in the world.  Click this related site.

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