Adam Milstein Is Seeking Relief For Jewish People In America

Adam Milstein is a business owner in America. He was originally born in Israel, but he came to America to go to college and never left. One of the reasons why he loves America is because of the safety of the Jewish people. Adam had to worry about suicide bombers every time he walked out of his home in Israel. Sadly, he thinks the thinking of radical Islam is starting to make its way to America.

In an article written by Adam Milstein and published by Jewish News Syndicate, he describes oppression stories he received from Jews living in America. The story that shocked him the most was about a Jew who wanted to march in an LGBT parade. The parade was supposed to focus on freedom of religion, speech, and sexual orientation. The Jewish man wanting to march was asked to leave due to the Star of David appearing on his clothing. This gentleman tried to fight the system, but no one wanted to hear his voice. Adam Milstein has promised to be the voice of this individual.

Adam Milstein also described receiving news stories put out by several American universities that condemned Israel and the Jewish people. He believes Jewish people cannot feel safe in American colleges, or in America in general, until something is done about the current oppression. Adam wants Jews coming to America to feel more than welcome. Presently, he feels Jews coming to America will feel like they are back in an area of the Middle East where they are hated.

Adam is an active writer Jewish News Syndicate. He is also a long-time member of the Israeli-American Council. He has a beautiful family and resides in California. In addition to having a few traditional businesses, Adam has one of the largest real estate businesses in America and the world.

Insurance Company Leaves Former NBA Owners Holding the Ball

In more news from the sports world, a recent insurance spat between the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks, including the businessman Bruce Levenson, has had to take action against AIG insurance group over the companies failure to hold their part of a deal made between the two during Bruce Levenson and company’s tenure as the NBA greats owners.

The entire legal incident is the result of a few choice words uttered by the former head coach of the NBA sports team. The former coach, unfortunately, had some less than appropriate statements published and reported on within the sporting community which led to an outcry among fans and affected groups mentioned. To best limit the damage caused by the misspoken comments, the owners of the NBA team were forced to end the coach’s employment despite having just signed a contract worth millions over several years. The ending of the contract led to an agreement between the two that the remainder of the contract would be paid as a sort of severance package for the now disposed coach.

Believing that the insurance policy Bruce Levenson and his partners had purchased in order to cover this exact thing would be activated and help recoup costs from the unforeseen event, as insurance in theory is solely created to do, the owners went forward with trying to regain their losses from their insurance providers. AIG and the individual providers of the Atlanta Hawks insurance policy had other intentions.

According to, after a spat that involved the company claiming the activation was not triggered among other excuses to discredit the legitimacy of the former NBA owners claims to compensation.

Bruce Levenson, the man leading the charge against the insurance company, has a long and successful career supporting causes and locals within the Atlanta area. Information on this article can be sourced from Wikipedia.

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Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is a leading source of alternative finance. The company targets the rich individuals and small enterprises that are in need of fast money to take care of their daily needs in business and strategy. For the company, nothing gives them more honor that to become a high-end solution to business and strategy. For this reason, its services and solutions for loan have been adopted on a massive scale. No one can deny that we are not in the middle of the harsh economic crisis. As a matter of fact, the increasing prices of commodities and cost of living are a clear indication that the economy is in a bad state. The situation has also worsened the exit of Britain from the European Union.

Equities First Holdings has also seen more traction in the intake of stock-based loans in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For you to get better business during this time, you must seek alternative sources of loans. For this reason, the stock-based loans have been adopted on a massive scale. The services of Equities First Holdings have also been adopted in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For you to secure fast working capital during this season, you must issue your stocks for evaluation. When they are evaluated, you can get an amount between 50 percent and 60 percent of the value of assets. For this reason, you will get a better development capability to state better business in this arena.

The use of stocks as collateral to secure loans is one of the most innovative ways of evading the harsh effects of the economy. During this time, you might want to develop fast working capital using the stocks. For this reason, the loans are characterized by the low-interest rates to help you mitigate the effects of the loan.

Roberto Santiago, the Exceptional Entrepreneur

Overpriced T-shirts and several shopping centers are some of the things that make up a typical shopping mall. However, it takes passion, vision, and massive investments on Facebook for an entrepreneur to come up with a contemporary shopping mall that wows everyone who enters its grand entrance. Roberto Santiago, one of the most visionary entrepreneurs in Brazil has achieved this. He is the owner of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall is located in Joao Pessoa, a city known for its beautiful beaches and unmatched sunsets. The enterprise has significantly changed the face of the city and proved that Joao Pessoa has much to offer for those who are in search of tranquillity.

Born in 1968, Roberto Santiago went for his studies at Pio Marist College, a traditional institution before graduating from the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. Armed with a business administration degree, Roberto Santiago started his cartonnage company. He also ventured into allotment sector which enabled him to acquire skills and relevant experience that molded him into the visionary entrepreneur he is today. Roberto Santiago is also known for his strong passion for sports and has won trophies in motocross and kart championship.

His extensive experiences as a businessman have seen him develop Manaira Shopping Mall to its current position today. His accomplishments as its manager are unmatched. For instance, under his leadership on BlogSpot, the mall has been able to offer diverse options that ensure customer satisfaction. Amusement and fun are the two attributes of this enterprise from movie theaters, electronic amusement park, and audacious bowling alleys. The businessman ensures that the clients get value for their money.

To achieve competitive advantage, Roberto Santiago has ensured that his mall is not only the largest mall in Joao Pessoa but also the greatest mall when it comes to entertainment. The shopping mall features eleven rooms that are well equipped in a fashionable way. The mall also has 3D rooms that offer wider visibility to its customers. There are also bars and gourmet spaces where people can enjoy with their families. Gourmet spaces also provide sophisticated Chefs from Paraiba cuisines that serve mouth-watering meals on Manaira Shopping Mall is a modern and very well-architected enterprise that is always working to ensure it stays ahead of its competitors.

Roberto Santiago has also worked to ensure Manaira Shopping Mall capture international attention through the Domus Hall concert. The show attracts people internationally putting Manaira shopping mall on the global map. Gradually Roberto Santiago continues to show that passion, vision, and unique skills can change things in the business world.

Don Ressler’s Famous Convenience Brands

Don Ressler has some brands that are very famous for the convenience that they offer to their customers. These brands are among the best and are great at what they have to do for people who have different things that they want to be able to do. When Don Ressler first started many of these brands, he worked hard to make sure that he was giving people the chance to do more with what they had. This was somethings that was important to him from the beginning and something that continued to be a great option in each of the businesses that he had and that he operated.

When people join the subscription services that Don Ressler has to offer, they are able to get more out of the different processes that each of them have. This is something that is important to all of the people in each of the different businesses. It is an ideal option for people who love to have new things but who do not want to have to worry about the different aspects of actually purchasing things. There are many ways in which the companies that Don Ressler has are able to do more with the businesses that they have. People can truly enjoy the shopping experience with JustFab and Fabletics.

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When someone joins JustFab, they know that they are going to get the shoes that they want. The company is dedicated to shoes and is something that has taken off since it first began. It is a great addition to any wardrobe and people only have to worry about signing up one time. They don’t need to even think about what they are doing when they sign up because from that point on, shoes will be delivered to their door on a monthly basis.

Fabletics works much in the same way but it is for people who want athletic wear. The clothes that are provided by Fabletics are great for people who are looking for something different. They are intended for people who want to be able to do more with their workout. They are functional and they are fashionable so that people who are working out do not have to sacrifice anything. They are able to get a little bit of everything from the clothes that they have to work out in when they are trying to get fit or maintain their fitness.

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Bruce Levenson Skilled Entrepreneur

The business world requires the use of many varied and difficult skills. Anyone who wants to do well here will need to be aware of many factors such as the use of capital, the kind of employees to hire and the needs of the intended customers. A business person who can successfully figure out how to meet such needs and how to balance all competing interests is a business person who will be able to do well in the marketplace and provide a business that is likely to grow both initially and in the future as well. A skilled entrepreneur can take advantage of the many opportunities the market offers them and use such potential market opoortunities to create a business that is going to do well in the modern world.

One person who understands how to harness such skills and how to use them to creat a business venture that will do well in contemporary society is Mr. Bruce Levenson. Mr. Levenson has been very successful in many varied business fields. His work has included ventures in the world of communications and media development as well as other fields that require careful attention to detail and attention to the needs of customers such as that of sports management. Bruce Levenson on wikipedia has been able to use his understanding of many fields in order to do well in business and show others how they can also do the same.

Mr. Levenson is a native of the suburbs of Washington, D.C. He grew up in one of the area’s many vibrant suburbs where he was given a fine education in many different fields. After graduation from high school, Levenson attended Washington University, a much admired university in the dynamic American city of St. Louis. He returned after graduation to this area in order to attend law school at American University in Washington. Here, he mastered many aspects of the legal system and learned how best to work within it.

Since that time, Levenson has been participating in many different business ventures of all kinds. He has helped found the hugely successful communications firm known as the United Communications Group. This company is noted for providing businesses with access to information of all kinds that is updated and accurate. Many companies have worked closely with the United Communications Group in order to be able to have information about various kinds of industries that can help them make all sorts of business decisions and stay ahead of their industry competitors. Mr. Levenson has also been able to help a basketball team learn how best to reach out to their fans and get access to exciting and fun sporting events.