Chris Linkas Discussed Advantages of Investing Early

Preparing for your financial future is always a big job that requires a lot of careful consideration. When you are looking to improve your finances, one of the best things that you could do would be to take advice from financial experts. One person that has continued to provide great financial advice is Chris Linkas. Chris Linkas is a finance professional that has more than 15 years of investment experience. In this time he has worked in a wide range of different divisions for several different major investment banks and corporate finance firms.

Chris Linkas also recently provided advice to younger professionals, which includes encouraging them to start investing when they are still in their 20s (Discogs). His advice pointed out several unique benefits that come when you are in your 20s and do invest regularly.

One of the main advantages of starting to invest when you are in your 20s is that you can take advantage of compound interest. Compound interest can have a major impact on your total savings by the time you reach retirements says Chris. Those that wait even ten years to start saving for the future will have to save far more to catch up with their peers by retirement. The sooner you start saving the more you will be able to take advantage of compound interest.

Another advantage of investing when you are in your 20s is that you will be able to take more risks mentioned by Chris. One of the best ways to make a big return on a stock is to invest in companies that provide a lot of growth potential. While these stocks can provide you with great returns and rewards, they also come with a lot of risk. Because of this, older investors often are not able to invest in these stocks due to the higher level of risks.

Finally, starting to invest when you are in your 20s is a good idea because it will set good habits based on Chris. If you are able to set good habits when you are young and in your 20s, it will likely set you up for years to come in the future.