Good, Clean Fun At Beneful’s Dream Dog Park

There’s not a dog owner in the world who doesn’t like to spend quality time with their furry friend. Going on walks and playing fetch is never enough. What we need for us and our dogs are quality dog parks to spend our time. That is why Beneful started their Dog Dream Park in the first place. The Dog Dream Park Program is celebrating five years of creating quality dog parks across this nation. This article covers some of the details about this endeavor. Beneful’s Dog Dream Park Endeavors The kind folks at Beneful have made every dog’s dream a reality. The parks they have created offer a fun experience for both the owner and the dog. They have been doing this program since 2010, and they have created parks in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Georgia. The park that is being built this year will be in St. Louis. Each park has some really unique features. They have obstacle courses, which dogs love to run around. These are great places to train your dog, too. There are tennis ball launching trees, which provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your dog. If you’ve never used one of these parks, you are missing out. They are so much fun to visit, and your dog will be wagging his or her tail the whole time. The people who make great food for dogs also know what dogs like to do with their owners. The planning involved in this project was detailed, and the professional who designed it did a fantastic job. It is a great addition to each community and good, clean fun. Note to the reader: This information was originally reported on PR Newswire. To read the original article in its entirety you can visit the following website: