End Citizens United Speaking For The Campaign Finance Reform

The use of money in the political elections has been rapidly increasing in the past few decades, and it has dramatically been negatively impacting the public sentiment and how the government functions as well. Many of the policies that the government has been making implementing seem like are made for the benefit of the corporations that have backed the political parties and political candidates rather than for the interest and the benefit of the people. In the United States, a law was passed by the Supreme Court in 2010 that allowed the individuals and the corporations to spend as much money they want in the elections. Such a decision has to be changed what Tiffany Mueller, founder and the President of the End Citizens United feels.

End Citizens United is one of the leading political action committees in the country that is standing up to defend the interest of the country and overturn the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 in FEC versus Citizens United case. End Citizens United collects money from the people and uses that money to endorse the political candidates that are supporting their movement as well as standing tall and firm against the political candidates who are using the corporate money. End Citizens United wants to spread awareness among the country’s population that the corporations are using their money to influence the elections and putting up the government in the elections that would work for them rather than the people. End Citizens United believes in the power of unity and the people and knows that if the people work together to defend against the force of Big Money, the victory would be theirs sooner than later.

End Citizens United has been trying many unique and innovative ways to reach out to as many people as possible across the nation to create awareness about the illicit use of money by the corporations to influence the elections’ results. End Citizens want that only the political candidates that reject the use of corporate money are elected into the Congress, and are endorsing the political candidates that have rejected the application of corporate money in their election campaign. The outreach of the End Citizens United has been increasing in past couple of years and some of the candidates it is endorsing in the year 2018 are Max Rose, Josh Butner, Sylvia Garcia, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, and many others.

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Losing Your Financial Standing Due To Charity

George Soros goes down in history as our generation’s most influential financial expert. His influence is built from a successful legacy on Wall Street and then his clear work to forward the democratic ideals of our modern society. George Soros is able to do this with the help of a few billions that he can afford to lose.

The $18 billion George Soros donates to the Open Society Foundations is an example of the impact being made. George saw his standing with the top Forbes lists falter. He goes down in ranking and due to financial strategy that specialists are watching. George sells his stake in Facebook and Apple stocks along with ditching out a huge contribution in the billions.

There’s A Certain Trick To Financial Prosperity

The trick to the level of giving we’ve seen with George Soros is grounded on his personal success as a financial expert. The tricks he learned regarding his trade developed George Soros into the world’s leading foreign exchange trader. He’s a trader who managed to use the currency markets to earn himself a billion dollars during one day and one, amazing trade.

The trick that George Soros employs on the trading markets have to do with numbers. There’s a certain power of alchemy that George Soros believes in. He believes that the world is connected in such a way that value regarding all nations can be calculated. His calculations have earned him billions in a lifetime and enables him to give away the same.

How George Soros Was Able To Bring It All Together

The philanthropy being pushed forward by the hands of George Soros brings together a number of elements. These elements are a variety of factors that are leveraged by Mr. Soros and what brings him the power he now has in the world of philanthropy. There’s a good cause that most people have and would at least hope to see succeed in the world.

The level of humanitarian influence in names like George Soros enables him to use his financial standing for a better understanding of the world. We, as a planet, are still expanding into our own knowledge of democracy. The world agrees to the need of this republic government, but all nations are growing in vastly different ways.

The work of Open Society Foundations is what helps as the world transitions and into a better relationship with democracy in whole.

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