Take a Throwback To Your Childhood with Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palettes

Lime Crime is above all else a truly fun brand. While commitment to quality is already their main focus, they don’t take themselves too seriously. Even as the company has grown from a small startup to one of the world’s favorite brightly colored makeup lines they are still always a young and playful company that seeks to consistently delight their fan base.

Delight they did with the launch of the cutest eyeshadow palette you have ever seen. The line Is called the Pocket Candy Palette and not only are the colors absolutely gorgeous – perfect palettes for today’s color trends – but they look like actual Polly Pockets from our ‘90s days! They made me want to get out my old Polly Pockets and pop open the case to reveal little worlds of fun made just for Polly. Princess castles, school houses, even fairy garden worlds that were a whole little play place inside a plastic case the size of a coffee cup. They were so darling and now Lime Crime has brought them back.

The Pocket Candy Palette is made with bright bubbly plastic and even snaps open and close just like a Polly Pocket. True to Lime Crime’s signature staple of not ever wanting to launch a product that fans aren’t truly obsessed with, they started with just three color palettes, giving fans a taste of potentially more to come. The colors are a bright yellow called Strawberry Lemonade, a fun blue called Bubblegum and a hot pink one called Sugar Plum. The colors tend to live in the pink, purple, mauve and brown realm but vary greatly in shade depth and hue brightness.

Lime Crime was founded by beauty icon Doe Deere. She is known to her fan base as queen of the unicorns and even recently released a whole collection dedicated to the unicorns called the Unicorn Queen Collection.

Lime Crime has such a wild fan base due in part to the fact that they go to digital and social media first to engage with fans. They have an entire section of their website dedicated to a “How You Wear It” that showcases user content of real customers wearing their products.