The Vision Behind Lime Crime Cosmetics New Scandal

Brands tend to come and go throughout the years, but the best brands tend to last for a long time. The cosmetic industry is no different as this industry is currently on product overload. There are literally thousands of cosmetic products that come from the hundreds of brands. Finding a great product could be potentially frustrating, especially if you took a look at the cosmetic isles of most stores. Have you ever heard of Lime Crime? If you haven’t heard then you must know that this brand is changing the game thanks to its brilliant products.

Lime Crime is definitely one of the top contenders on the market now days, and it has steadily been climbing the ranks over the past few years. These cosmetic products will blow your mind away after viewing. Some of the most brilliant and vivid hues are present here. The liquid matte finish of the Velvetine lipsticks look amazing. These innovative lipsticks are highly durable, touch-proof, water-proof, and they’re utterly addictive. Doe Deere has done a fantastic job of turning her dream into a reality. Deere started the brand as a small Ebay business, but since the market was already full, she had to go back to the drawing board. By implementing her own style into the product, this brand’s image soared. In 2008, Deere officially launched the product line to the masses and history was made. One of its hottest product in known as Scandal, and Scandal has lived up to its very name. This lipstick comes in an ultra deep purple hue. It oozes sex appeal, and it captures the attention. Scandal gives you that edge, and it’s perfect for the “punk rocker” type of people.

LimeCrime has shut the industry down, but in a good way. It’s leading by example while causing an emotional stir. The vision of the brand is living up to its own hype and that’s a guaranteed fact.