Nexbank President John Holt Attends the 2016 Texas Bankers Association Conference to Discuss Community Banking Challenges

Innovative competition in the banking industry is a concern for most advisors, consultants, and community bank leaders seeking strategic opportunities. It’s one of the reasons Texas Bankers Association holds annual merger & acquisition (M&A) and opportunity conferences, which are events to bring banking professionals together in a forum. Nexbank, one of the largest and oldest banks in Dallas, TX was represented by President John Holt, who served as a panelist. As guest speaker he discussed reinventing community banking and perceptions on innovative competition.



The Fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference sponsored by the Texas Bankers Association was held on November 07th, 2016. Banking professionals, including advisors and leaders participated in an open forum discussion about planned opportunities involving branching, growth, performance of merger & acquisition. They also discussed challenges leaders of community banks are experiencing and shared possible opportunities. Nexbank announced on PR Newswire in November that John Holt participated in the panel discussion in New Orleans, LA.



Nexbank is a leading commercial and personal banking institution that was founded in the 1920’s as Heritage Bank, changing its name in 2005. Five months before the conference John Holt announced the institution raised $24 million to support opportunities for growth and development. The regional bank received a BBB+ grade rating for their deposit and senior unsecured debt.



Nexbank is headquartered in Dallas and serves the Dallas-Fort Worth communities providing banking services to corporations, small companies, investors, and consumers. For consumers, the institution offers personal checking account, savings account, and mortgage services. The bank’s institutional services comprise of M&A, corporate advisory, loan, investment banking, and finance. The top performing award winning financial institution attended the 2016 Annual Conference to collaborate with other leaders and professionals on growth and other strategic opportunities.