See Something Knew You Need to Know About IC System

It is undeniable that IC System has been in existence since 1938 as an accounts receivable company. Jack and Ruth Erickson are the minds behind the formation of this company. They had a guiding principle that based its services to their customers on honesty and ethics. Erickson family has owned IC System for three generations now under the same guiding principle that drives its operations. The kind of innovation and transformation IC System has brought in the accounts receivable recovery industry are mind-blowing. The company was able to replace the computers and typewriters in the U.S in 1968. The company has continued to stick and comply with the set standards such as 501, TCPA, and CEFPB. It has exceptional tools it uses to preserve its reputation as a recognized collection agency.

The company by name IC System is based in Minnesota and the company’s headquarter is outside of St. Paul. The purpose for which it was formed in 1938 hasn’t changed today. It is strongly focused on improving the financial outcome of its clients and consumers. One of its mandates is to ensure its representatives learn how to use practices that are most consumer-friendly and ethical. On the other hand, IC System helps its customers to maintain the relationship they have created so far since creating one requires effort. IC System is keen to ensure its customers what they need and in the anticipated quality (Indeed).

Since 2013 up to 2015, IC System has been awarded the BBB Torch Award each year on matters related to ethics. It is one of the companies that are guided by certain core values when making and interacting with its decisions. Its core values include pride, innovation, performance, integrity and people. Any of its employees who recognizes these core-values and demonstrates them perfectly becomes a nominee for the Core Value Award. The IC System has an in-house committee in charge of charity, which was formed in 1981. This committee is mainly mandated to help the community together using the most dedicated employees. Some of the charities associated with IC System include Toys for Tots, Special Olympics Wisconsin, Relay for Life, ARMing Heroes, American Red Cross and American Cancer Society among others.