All that Needs to be Said about the Dog Food News Article from the Daily Herald

One of the best things when it comes to dogs is going shopping for their treats and food. One of the biggest things on the mind of dog owners is what to feed their pup. Recently, the Daily Herald had published an article on the dog food industry and all the newest things that the dog food companies are trying to do to make sure that every dog is not only happy with their food, but also healthier because of their food. The companies, companies like the Purina company, are starting to add things like real beef, real rice and real carrots to the food that they are putting out into the market.

Apparently, the changes that these dog food companies are making are actually being noticed by many in the public, and that is making the dog food companies want to keep on changing for the better. Changes in food are not the only things that are changing, companies are also starting to change the way that they package their food too, wanting to make sure that their customers have the best and most fresh of food for their dogs. With an increase rate of 45% in the sale of Premium dog foods, it is easy to see how so many people are starting to catch onto the new healthier trend of dog food.


As a brand with a lot of great qualities, Beneful has quickly become the newest sensation in the dog food world. One thing that not many people know about Beneful is that the Beneful line was made by Nestle Purina Petcare. The Nestle Purina Petcare company wanted to make sure that their customers were getting the best of the best, so they decided to make this line to help feed dogs in a more natural way. Loaded with nutrients like proteins, fats, omegas, and vitamins, Beneful can make any owner thankful that they bought their product.

Ingredients that count, great taste and great packaging are just a few of the reasons why dog/puppy owners should try Beneful out. The Beneful Prepared Meals were started up in 2006, and are still just as good to this day. Many owners have tried Beneful, and many have come to one conclusion, Beneful is the best out there when it comes to great tasting and packed with nutrients dog food.

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