Glen Wakeman Does So Much To Help Entrepreneurs Find The Success They Have Been Seeking

Glen Wakeman is more than familiar with what it takes to be a living success, and he loves to help others find ways to be successful, as well. He has found a way to do this through his company, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC., where he mentors and guides early-stage entrepreneurs, which helps them to get their ideas off of the ground ( Wakeman started out his young life by attending the University of Scranton where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Economics and Finance. He decided to get more schooling and studied at the University of Chicago until he received his MBA.

After finishing up his education, Glen Wakeman decided to work with GE Capital where he remained for the next 20 years of his life. During his time with GE, he lived and worked in 6 different countries, which taught him a lot about doing business on an international level. He worked in many different leadership roles while with the company including roles in its business development departments, general management, and with the management of its overall operations. The culmination of his experience with the company led to him being the CEO of GE Money Latin America. It was in this role that he helped to construct operations for the company that spanned 9 different countries and earned more than $2 billion with 17,000 employees under him.

What many people don’t know about Glen Wakeman is that he is a great writer on top of everything else he does. On his blog, he writes engaging content, and he produces quite a bit of it. In his writing, readers find plenty of information that can help them get their ideas off of the ground and that help them to be better entrepreneurs. Wakeman also mentors early-stage entrepreneurs directly through his company LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. and Nova Four. Many hopeful entrepreneurs have been more than happy with the advise that Wakeman has shared with them, and so many people have found success after the time they have spent with him. This is what satisfies him the most, and he plans on continuing to increase entrepreneurs chances of finding the same kind of success he has in his life.