Wengie Vlogs Huge Haul From Marc Jacobs And Topshop

The beauty blogger Wengie is one of the hottest names on YouTube. Since she is so popular around the world, Wengie often gets packages from big companies. In one recent vlog entitled “HUGE Haul!!,” Wengie shows her viewers one of the biggest packages she has ever received in her vlogging career.


This massive package came from the company Marc Jacobs. When Wengie opens the huge black box, she reveals a ton of eyeliners. Wengie says she doesn’t even know what she will do with half of these colored eyeliners.


Wengie says these “eye crayons” are supposed to be waterproof. So, Wengie decides to try one out on her hand. After she draws a line on the back on her left hand, she tries to wipe it out by rubbing against it with her right hand. Amazingly, the black line doesn’t smudge at all.


After testing this eye crayon out, Wengie says she highly recommends it to anyone looking for a great eyeliner that doesn’t smudge easily. She said the worst that happened to the streak of eyeliner on her hand was that it faded ever so slightly.


A few moments later, Wengie asks her fans if they want to see more unboxing videos on her vlog channel. Although Wengie gets a great deal of parcels in the mail, she often doesn’t take the time to vlog them. However, if her fans really want to see more unboxing videos, then she will definitely put a few more on YouTube.


Wengie then talks about a sale that was going on at the retailer Topshop. She shows her viewers some rose-gold rings she purchased at the store for $24. Next, Wengie shows off a gold bracelet she purchased on sale for only $8.


Wengie also bought a couple of pairs of jeans at Topshop that were on sale. The jeans were around $40 each. She says that she really likes how Topshop’s jeans are extremely comfortable and well-designed for short people like herself.


At the end of the video, Wengie shows off a brand new Nespresso coffee machine. She then tries one of the coffee pods to close out the video.