A “Family” Birthday Bash

Page Six has reported that hip-hop icon Jay Z has orchestrated a 50th birthday bash for Juan “OG” Perez. These two movers and shakers have a twenty plus year friendship and business relationship in which Perez and his wife Desiree have quietly managed Jay-Z’s business. According to Page Six Jay Z, Desiree Perez, and other friends kicked off the celebration in NYC over Presidents Day weekend.

The extravagant celebration began with dinner in midtown at Zuma the critically acclaimed Japanese restaurant. Jay Z, Juan, Desiree, Roc Nation executives and close friends dined on fine lobster, steak, and sushi. The festivities then moved to Made in Mexico a club/restaurant in Inglewood for after dinner drinks. Splurging on premier Cognac for the entire birthday entourage.

The Playroom Nightclub was the next lavish destination for this well-heeled band of birthday revelers. It was reported that the more than 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose champagne were uncorked there celebrating OG’s fiftieth. After completing these many champagne toasts the original crew spit up and Jay Z, OG, and four other friends finished out the night together.

An ambitious server at the club posted Jay-Z’s receipt on Snapchat and the story of the Juan “OG” Perez and the birthday bash immediately went viral. Revealing nearly a $100,000 dollar bar tab at the Playroom. Add this to the tab for the dining experience at Zuma, and the elite Cognac consumed at Made in Mexico and it adds up to one unbelievably decadent birthday party.

But these are smart guys. The $9000 bill for Cognac was somewhat offset by the fact that Jay Z is a partial owner of the company that sells the Cognac. Ace of Spades Rose champagne is a brand purchased by Jay Z in 2014. So this birthday bash was truly all in the family.

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