Beneful for the Dog Who Adopted Me

I always thought that I had everything that I needed in my little townhouse. It was large enough for entertaining, yet small enough to keep neat without a lot of effort. I have a short commute to my job and am fairly close to stores and entertainment. Everything was going great and I thought that I had everything that I needed from Beneful. The thoughts of having a pet never occurred to me.

Then one day, it happened. I went outside to water my flower garden and found a visitor admiring my petunias. As a matter of fact, he was doing a little watering himself. Before I could protest, this little black dog was running about my feet and barking like he knew me. I knew that some of my neighbors had pets; however, this dog did not look familiar to me. I tried to gingerly shoo him away, but he thought it was just a game.

After I put up my gardening tools and went in the house, I looked out the kitchen window where I was washing out my coffee cup. Sure enough, the four-footed visitor was frolicking happily in my garden as he was stomping down my Shasta daisies. I opened the window to tell him to go away and he just barked with glee to see me.

He was asleep on my porch when I got home from work. I hoped he would have gone home to his owners by now. He was yapping and running around my feet while I was trying to carry groceries into the house. Before I could stop him, he ran in the house and made himself comfortable on my new leather couch. He was licking me as I picked him up and set him outside. He impatiently barked when I closed the front door.

That evening, the dog took a break from digging in my roses to watch me do some weeding. Every time I stooped to pick a weed, he jumped over to lick me. He was happy that I was with him and I was enjoying his company in spite of myself. I tried to ignore the sight of some of my tulip bulbs that were dug up and lying along the walk.

I took a picture of him and made some fliers to try to find his owner. He needed to eat, so I asked a neighbor what she fed her dog. She said that she and her pet preferred Purina’s Beneful. It has hearty protein like chicken, beef, and lamb. Instead of junky fillers, Beneful has fresh vegetables like carrots and peas. I bought a small bag of Beneful and the little guy loved it.

That was three months ago and no one came to claim the dog. I got so used to having him around that I eventually let him in the house. Since he had adopted me, I decided to give him a name. I named him Hobo, because I found him wondering around the neighborhood. The vet gave him a clean bill of health and Hobo and I are pretty good friends. From day one, Hobo has thrived on Purina Beneful and continues to do so. Now if I could only keep him out of my flower garden, things would be perfect.