Evolution of Smooth: A Vision for Better Lip Balms

The Evolution of Smooth was launched 7 years ago and has completely outdone its competition with veteran brands of lip balm, such as Chapstick and Blistex.

The pastel colored spheres can be found in the most popular drug and department stores such as Racked, Target and Walgreens. Its flavors have been featured in various beauty magazines such as Cosmo and Allure. Big name celebs such as Kim K and Christina Aguilera have been seen with the product as well. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm

In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, co-founder Sanjiv Mehra explains how the company got started, the challenges he and his partners faced and what led to their multi-million dollar success.

Mehra explains that he say an opportunity to create an all natural lip balm geared towards women, since he discovered through extensive research that women were the main consumers of the product. When creating the shape, he wanted to be imaginative, hence the sphere shape. He also wanted to create a lip balm that did not go out of style, but would eventually become a household item.

Mehra explains that several chains rejected his product due to a lack of faith. Despite his efforts and even hiring an experienced sales rep, many buyers felt as though consumers would only continue to use more well known brands.

The team was eventaully lucky enough land a meeting with a female buyer from Walgreens that loved the product and accepted the offer.

Currently EOS lip balm has a large social media following and continue to advertise through beauty blogger reviews and celebrities. They currently sell over a million units of the product every week and other brands are attempting to create their own version of sphere shaped lip balms.

Mehra largely credits his success to understanding how large businesses work. He states that his company practices “big company discipline” and this has contributed to the success of EOS.


Hollywood Stylist Creates New Product

If you know me or follow any of blogs online like totalbeauty.com or my channel on youtube you know how much I love beautiful hair. At any given moment you can find me reading the latest hair blog, watching the latest hair videos or on instagram looking at photos of celebrity stlylist and the new trends in hollywood. I absolutely love it. I’m no sure what started my love for great hair. Maybe it was my mom teaching me to do my barbie doll’s hair or maybe it was simply because I liked changing my hair as a child. I just couldn’t get enough it.
Today, I was checking out one of my latest online obsessions Bustle and noticed that one of heir bloggers had written about her experience with WEN By Chaz. Those who are unfamiliar with Wen it’s a product like no other. It was created by Chaz Dean, a celebrity stylist who wanted to create an all in one system that would help you meet all of your hair needs in one bottle. I saves you a ton of money and time if you ask me because it serves as a one stop shop for all your hair care needs.

Frequently Asked Questions? Visit: http://www.wen.com/faq.html