Clay Siegall Advances Drug Therapy at Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall, the founder and President of Seattle Genetics is a Ph.D. holder in genetics. His doctorate studies gave him the insight to start up his clinic with the aim of providing cures and preventing the prevalence of genetic disorders. Seattle Genetics is equipped with modern equipment and well-trained personnel to ensure that the biotechnological and scientific research is a success.

Under his leadership, the company has worked towards developing cures for genetically inherited disorders. He has a large pool of experienced doctors and scientists who ensure that they exercise maximum professionalism in all their undertakings. The company has hence acquired various licenses that authorize the production and sales of their pharmaceutical products because of his excellent managerial skills.

Dr. Clay has engineered the company to operate both as a clinic and a business enterprise. This diversity in operation and service provision has greatly contributed to the company’s growth. In consequence, the company has been involved with pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline. The company has used various immunological therapies to trap the antigens that diseases use to deteriorate the health of these patients. The invention of antibodies through scientific research has advanced the manufacturing of drugs hence improving quality in production and effectiveness of drugs. This antibody, therefore, engulfs the cancer cells before it destroys the human cells.

Advancement in production and having a reliable staff has enabled the company to thrive in the drug markets hence making up to $10 billion each financial year. The company has become the best among all the other biotechnological industries within the United States of America.

Moreover, the company is aiming at expanding the drug therapy research to reach a wide range of customers around the globe. The company also has other branches in Switzerland, Europe where they focus on marketing their drugs and other pharmaceutical products.

Seattle Genetics is committed to reducing the incidences of cancer among citizens of many countries. With this, they have developed a new drug that has gained many customers over a short period hence tripling their stocks in the markets. This has greatly increased their profits compared to the other financial years. The Antibody-Drug Conjugate majorly targets cells that are invaded with Hodgkins Lymphoma. This new drug attacks the damaged cells without necessarily harming the other uninfected cells.

Seattle Genetics has hence become of note in the oncology market because of their new advancements in drug therapy.