Marc Beer’s successful engagement at Renovia is bearing fruits

Marc Beer is the current co-founder, chairman, and of Chief Executive Officer Renovia Inc. With over 25 years of experiencing the development and merchandise of pharmaceutical devices as well as diagnostics, Marc Beer has had a relatively successful career in the biotechnology industry. His latest engagement at Renovia, a company he helped co-found with Yolanda Lorié and Ramon Iglesias in 2016, has been a successful venture. The company utilizes biotechnology concepts to innovatively conceptualize and create medical solutions in the form of devices as well as diagnostic procedures that have helped women in the healthcare sector.




Renovia also recently obtained the go-ahead to invest over $32 million in research for medical products and devices targeted for curing pelvic floor disorders among women. The company, based in Boston, will in the new venture be working towards developing diagnostic as well as therapeutic products that would help cure diseases such as urinary incontinence. Marc Beer choice for working with urinary incontinence came after research estimated that the condition affects over 250 million women around the globe.




Despite being a rare medical condition, its prevalence levels are significantly rising with causes of concern being raised that it leads to an astronomical rise in cholesterol levels in the body. Renovia, under the leadership of Marc Beer, has already released its first therapeutic and diagnostic product to the market. The device, Leva, is already in the market after receiving FDA approval in April. It is designed to rehabilitate and train persons with weak pelvic floor muscles that are the main culprit that causes and perpetrates urinary incontinence. The device comprises insertable probes which can actively monitor the therapeutic progress of a patient and is compatible with conventional devices such as mobile phones to help record and track the overall progress of the patient.




Following the positive progress of the company in its bid to find medical cures, other financing companies have expressed their interest in working with Renovia in helping develop and test more therapeutic and diagnostic products and devices. The funding will go a long way to make necessary improvements on the existing Leva device while coming up with new ones that can efficiently address persisting issues.




Speaking in support and appreciation of the investors’ move, the company’s chief executive, Marc Beer stated that efforts would be relentlessly channeled towards improving the universality of the device and the durability of the medical solution that Leva is designed to pose. Among the targeted improvements on Leva include the development of medical probes with active sensor technology which can be remotely monitored by the patients and their medical doctors.




Marc Beer and Renovia Inc. would be expected to roll out other medical diagnostics and therapeutic devices in the near future as the company winds up tests and approval processes. Learn more :