Hussain Sajwani and Damac Properties

According to Hussain Sajwani, there has been a tremendous growth in Asia that interest him. For instance, the growth that China is experiencing drives his interests. His organization Damac Properties has had its presence in the Chinese markets for some years now, and he is looking forward to extending that presence in the area. The emerging middle class of China continues to rise in terms of value, and this creates an excellent opportunity to access extra investors because currently, that the bilateral relations between China and UAE have increased.

Hussain Sajwani claims that when it comes to his organization, diversity plays a significant role. Diversity to him provides different views, perspectives, and ideas to choose from when it comes to creating strategic plans or making vital business decisions. Hussain goes ahead to say that diversity provides them with a range which is essential for any organization. At his company, they have more 77 people from different countered working with them.

Hussain does not have much interest when it comes to reading about politics. He is always concerned with strategies as well as the changes that may harm his company. This makes him come up with the necessary adjustments that make his organization grow. As mentioned on his website, his organization is ready to adapt to any change that comes from politics that may bring changes to the markets as well to the industry dynamics. He and his company can revise their strategies to exploit the best opportunities at hand while decreasing its exposure to outside pressures.

The idea behind the Damac as well as its success dates back to the founding fathers of UAE. The father believed as well as understanding the value that comes with developing strong, united nation that would act as a link between the west and the east. He claims that he naturally is an entrepreneur and he was aware of the significance that comes with developing your business from home from a young age. When the government of UAE allowed the development of real east industry in the country, he immediately came up with his organization Damac Properties and all has been a success since them. The organization has grown and now seeks to expand to other parts of the world.

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Ryan Seacrest Juggles More Than Most Know

Unless you are not much of a television fan and have no use for conventional radio stations anymore, you have probably heard of Ryan Seacrest. Ryan made his debut for most fans as the hit singing competition, American Idol began on Fox. However, there is much more to the multi-faceted celebrity than most realize.

Recently, Ryan Seacrest moved from his home in Los Angeles, to join his co-host Kelly Ripa on Live!, their morning talk show. He also juggles between producing TV shows like American Idol and a few shows on the E! network. Another one of Ryan’s endeavors is running his own men’s fashion apparel company and skincare line. If that didn’t seem like enough already he also co-hosts a nationally famous radio talk show and has taken over for the iconic Casey Kasum on the American Top 40 lineup.

According to Men’s Journal, it seems impossible for someone to have a personal life with so much on their plate, but somehow, Seacrest does it! Every day, according to Ryan, he adheres to a strict routine that he has set for himself. Every day starts off with Matcha and Coffee and some catching up on the news before riding to work to join Kelly on their morning show. Somewhere in his day, Ryan finds time to head to the gym and work on his fitness. It’s important to him that he eats well and can enjoy a great bottle of wine at a table with his loved ones, that is why he juggles so much at one time and does it so effortlessly!

As a celebrity with so much self-discipline and motivation to make his life as fulfilled as possible, as per the NY Times, Ryan is quite the inspiration for those of us who are looking to do something more with our time. As a man that also suffers from attention deficit disorder, Ryan Seacrest is a great role model for those children who are trying to find a good way to manage their symptoms of the ailment. Ryan has shown that with perseverance, determination, and self-discipline, anyone can achieve their dreams and have the life they’ve always wanted.

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Victoria Doramus Short Life Story

Victoria Doramus in her early days she started showing an interest in communication, besides that she had an interest in arts and history. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado in Boulder, and she studied mass communication and copywriting.

The first job she worked as an assistant media planner at Mindshare Company since 2006 to 2007, she used to form relationships with media managers, discussing deals with media sellers and working with the companies customers to create a branded content.

She later joined the Tendura brand, and that’s where she created a path for becoming an author, and she joined freelance writing and worked for Huffington post and cosmopolitan, and also she wrote and helped in research for few books.

In 2016 it was her first time to go to the Tucson Arizona rehab at the age of 26 after suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. After spending 45 days in that rehabilitation Centre, she could not be able to manage her life, and the habit seemed to follow her everywhere even when she tried to move to new places.

Later that year she joined another rehab in Connecticut for 60 days. While in rehab her mother was dying of cancer and she was her motivation, and she had withdrawal, and so she left the rehab. On January 2017 shew went to Austin Texas in a rehab called Burning Tree where she could have her long-term treatment.

In the rehab, she was dedicated to fighting her addiction to prove her sick mother she can do it, and later she managed to be free from addiction, and the first thing she did was to go home and visit her mum.

Victoria Doramus after her struggle with addiction, now she is living a humble life, eating healthy foods and also working hard.

In her mind she has a plan to start a halfway house in New York City to help the people who are addicts of alcohol and wants to get sober again, this is a sign to give back to the community since there were people who helped her through her recovery journey. Check out Victoria’s closet on